What is the 5 Top Wisdom For Success?

by Shamsul
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What is the 5 Top Wisdom For Success?

The world is full of people with tons of experiences; some succeeded, and some failed severely. There is one thing common in both types: they all learned something to improve. We all deserve to learn 5 Top Wisdom For Success, but if you keep the below-given points in your mind, your journey can be better than others, which had no guidance.

1- Only Sky Is the Limit or Maybe Not:

Each day someone will tell you that whatever you want to be is too tough and it’s too late to start now, but if you are sure about your aim, you will love working for it each day, even if it takes more than it took anybody to do the job. If you are sure about your goal, nothing can prevent you from achieving it until you are determined. There will come so many points in your working career when you think that your recent progress is enough and you can stop as your actual goal is too far away but sit at those very difficult instants and think why you actually started it all, and you will find all the motivation needed. The sky is the limit only for those who need an excuse for giving up.

2- Choose Passion Over Profit Any Day:

We all heard that if we worked what we love, then we would not be working but enjoying each day of our lives and it sounded too cool to believe, but now it sounds more practical than anything else. Also, we all have something we love doing; we can use that skill of ours to earn a position and the money. If we pivoted our life around our passion, then we might not earn the best profit, but with the passage of time, we will get more experience, interest, and developed knowledge of what makes us feel better. We can eventually use that to earn an excellent living. An incredible amount of living earned by doing what makes us happy? This is what true success sounds like.

3- Understand The Difference:

Between Working Hard And Wasting Energy, Don’t Take All Steps Simultaneously:

Success is not a miracle that you can pray for, and it will just happen. You have to work for it. The most common misunderstanding our young generation has is that they engage their selves in all the possible activities and jobs that will lead them to success and thus end up getting tired physically and mentally. Hard work has more importance than talent because it has no expiry date, but you cannot overdo it. Just like everything else, it also has a limit. Youngsters think that they have all the enthusiasm and every task has to be done as soon as possible. While this is much appreciated thinking still, there is a fine line between hard work and keeping self-care prior. 

The history is full of such names that had to give up because they invested themselves more than what was required, and now no one knows their name. You can do better because you surely deserve better.

4- Seek Excellence and Not Perfection

Perfectionism is a cage made for limited minds to be trapped inside their own thoughts. As a successful person, you need to learn that you have to let some things go, even perfection. You have to work for excellence and once you achieve it, you should move on. Waiting for perfection is like waiting for one extra serving when your stomach doesn’t need or want anymore to have.

If you cannot liberate yourself from the thinking of having perfect, then you are stuck in a loophole that will lead you to nowhere but the starting point. If you have to recruit someone for any job or choose as your team partner, business partner, or even life partner, keep this statement in mind for a healthy personal or professional relationship.

5- You have to be the Job Creator Not the Job Seeker:

Before starting your own venture, it is good to earn some experience in the same field under a mentor, but during such days, your focus should be on polishing your abilities, not on making it your future. Just because it was your start doesn’t mean it also has to be the same until the end. 

No matter whatever market your business/ goal wants to attract, you have to make contacts and grow your network as early as possible and even if it is late, it is never too late to start. Think of your recent job as a chance to grow yourself, your capabilities, and the network.

Remember that you have to quit one day as a job seeker and start working as a job creator and when it is the right time, you have to build what you always aimed for. The start will be rough, tiring, depressing, and discouraging, but it will last longer but your success will. So, stay focused and keep learning each day.

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