What is Sustainability? Want to Know the Details

by Shamsul
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What is Sustainability?



Sustainability means meeting our needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. It consists of a broad concept of policy in the world. There are three main pillars of Sustainability i.e. social, economic, and environmental. Sustainability is a noun, while to sustain something is a verb. Originally, Sustainability meant making use of natural and renewable resources so that people can rely on them for their needs in the long term. Sustainability plays a very important role in development because the loss of Sustainability can lead to many issues. The dominant issues because of loss of Sustainability are loss of biodiversity, climate change, biogeochemical fluxes, climate changes, plastic pollution and other types of pollution.

Economic Sustainability means that everyone should safeguard, use and sustain the resources for optimal use, reuse and recovery over the long term.

Social Sustainability means developing successful sustainable places that promote well-being by keeping in mind what people want and need from the places they work and live.

Political Sustainability allows the fulfillment of the resources’ needs and political goals without compromising future needs and goals. Transformation and development play an important role in the sustainability process. Everyone should look for those steps adopting which they can easily manage Sustainability. For example, one can achieve environmental Sustainability by decreasing the pollution level in society.



Environment means the conditions or surroundings in which an animal, plant, or person operates or lives. The natural world is considered an environment as a whole and is affected by human activities. The environment surrounds persons, animals, plants, or things and has serious impacts on them. Survival depends upon the environmental conditions to a great extent. Environmental Sustainability is very important for the survival of living organisms because if the environment is not sustainable, then the organisms will move towards the worst conditions.

An ecosystem can count as an environment because organisms that live in the ecosystem will have all the essentials. In any environment, there is the sum of nonliving and living organisms which are related to each other. Animals, plants, and humans do need sun, water, sunlight, air, and many more things like them to make their stay possible in the environment. The environment is not the same everywhere as the different organisms prefer to live in different environments according to their body types and needs.



Environmentalism means the concern related to actions aimed at protecting the environment. There are so many movements that are trying to protect and improve the quality of the environment by doing changes to those human activities, which can cause harm to the environment. There are so many adaptations made for the sake of the protection of the environment. Various environmental issues are essential to be resolved and so many environmental agencies are working on solutions to these issues. The spreading of awareness about the Sustainability of the environment is really necessary as it helps make things better. Sustainable development of resources is important for an eco-friendly environment as it can allow organisms to live on the planet for a long time.


Environmental Activism:

Environmental Activism encompasses a broad way of working of organizations and individuals. It works in social, political, conservational, and scientific fields, highlighting the concerns related to environmentalism. These organizations and individuals are collectively known as part of the green movement or environmental movement. Environmental activists can reduce the danger to environmental Sustainability in so many ways. People need to make those things that are good for the environment, and they can be reused or recycled again and again by using the minimum amount of energy.

Environmental Activism is very important because it gives awareness to youth, and youth is the treasure of every country or nation. Youth can urge others to save the environment from big disasters. The youth activists matter a lot because they can go from town to town to give knowledge to people. Youth can use their minds to create things that are good for Sustainability. For example, by replacing plastic bags with paper bags because plastic is not easily biodegradable as the paper is. 

Sustainability of the environment is also very important in SDG goals. SDG stands for sustainable development goals, and there are almost 17 SDGs. SDGs are also known as global goals because they are not specified for one or two countries. They are for the whole world or

Environment science is now introduced as a subject to spread awareness about the environment and study the effects of different things on the environment in detail. There are so many scientists or engineers doing environmental jobs and playing their role in Sustainability very well. Environmental agencies are present in every country where people are working for the betterment of the environment because the survival of organisms is not possible in a bad environment.


Sustainability Initiatives:

Sustainability Initiatives are a must to take because it is useless to waste resources. Conclusion: there are so many initiatives that must take so that life on the planet can become easy.

1. Air pollution is the biggest problem of time because there is so much smoke and other pollutants that it has become difficult to breathe in normal air. Air environs us from all sides. There is a project that filters the air from ions and pollutants before releasing it out. Some scientists are working on smog free project, which means the air pollution can now be changed into jewelry. The rings can be made from the smog particles which are compressed from air.

2. There are some parts where the energy production is very less or not at all. In these places, the electricity can be produced from the autonomous solar balloon and this photovoltaic balloon is known as Zephyr.

3. The green building is a great initiative for the environment because trees can help to keep the environment clean. They are very environmentally friendly and they do give a nice look.

4. Growing trees in deserts can help keep the environment cool and is now possible by technologies. It can be used for regions where climate conditions are very harsh. All resources in deserts are made efficient for plant or tree growth.

5. Herb gardens in supermarkets are a great idea as they can help the environment and the customer. The customers are provided with freshly produced herbs and vegetables that are good for their health. On the other side, the plantation is beneficial for the environment.

6. Food is important for survival and it is important to take care of food resources. Demetra makes food preservation possible now, and thus, food wastage is minimized.

7. There should be trash bins present in the oceans because aqua life is essential. So many water bodies are lost every year because of water pollution. There should be a technique used which reduce water pollution. Scientists are working hard to introduce something which can reduce water pollution.

8. Agriculture techniques are useful for crops, and for the environment. You can adopt to obtain high-quality food.

9. The usage of plastic should be reduced so that the environment can be safe. When it goes into the water, the plastic causes the death of animals in the water. Moreover, plastic cannot be degraded easily.

10. The energy should be created from all possible resources so that there is no lack of energy and all the resources should be in use.

11. People should use public transport instead of private cars because it saves your money and there is less emission of toxic gases in this way.



It is not the duty of one or two persons to keep the environment clean and neat though it is everyone’s duty to make their surroundings clean so that they can live in a hygienic environment. There should be some laws and regulations for environmental protection. The Canadian environment is maintained by an act which is known as The Canadian Environmental Protection Act and which was established in 1999. It is one of the most important laws there because it is related to the well-being and health of Canadians. These environmental acts help to provide clean air, water, and land. They try to reduce the risks exposed to the environment by doing implementations. In most countries, there is a separate minister and department for the environment that makes decisions according to environmental conditions.

It shows the importance of the environment for everyone. The environment can be preserved by reducing harmful human activities. There should be severe punishments for those who try to harm the environment or use unhealthy sources of energy because it can cause severe side effects for a long duration. The wildlife, human life, and plant life i.e. everything on earth is getting disturbed because of a lack of environmental stability and Sustainability.


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