What is Giphy? Have You Found Your Desired GIF

Giphy - Grow Your Brand

by Shamsul
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What is Giphy? Have You Found Your Desired GIF

Giphy is a popular internet-based search engine and database that enables users to discover and exchange short looping videos without any sound. These short videos are similar to animated GIF files. Founders Jace Cooke and Alex Chung noticed the growing visual communication trends during a breakfast conversation. They pondered how to execute it efficiently and thus created the ideal for their business. In Feb 2013, they launched Giphy, which attracted around 1 million users within the first week of its launch. The number stabilized at approx. 300,000 users according to Alex Chung.

The hard work of Cooke and Chung finally paid off when Facebook acquired Giphy for $400 million in 2020. Moreover, GIFs are perfect for businesses, SEO, illustrators, and artists seeking to differentiate themselves from their competitors.


History of Giphy

The reason behind the creation of Giphy was to develop a visual search engine database that could replace words and convey emotions in the form of GIFs, as envisioned by its founders, Jace Cooke and Alex Chung. After conceptualizing their idea, they compiled a database of approx. 15,000 GIFs and launched the Giphy website. Over time, both the users and database have expanded significantly. As of 2020, up to 700 million users reportedly accessed over 10 billion GIFs daily on the website.

Users enter a keyword into the search bar to find a GIF and select from the available options. Once they have found their desired GIF, they can either copy and paste it into a text message or share it on different social platforms.

What is the primary purpose of Giphy? Its primary goal is to serve as a search engine exclusively for GIFs. Cooke and Chung coined the term “Conversational Search” to describe relevant content by using a search box within their messaging applications, allowing them to express their emotions precisely.

GIFs have gained whopping popularity in social expressions, like emojis. They are intended to convey the user’s current emotions effectively. Compared to emojis, GIFs are more dynamic and expressive since they eliminate the need for guesswork in interpreting the message being conveyed.

A significant number of Gifs shared through social media and text messages are mute, repeating clips featuring a scene or character from a movie or TV show. This makes it simple for the recipient to understand the message being conveyed easily.


Can you use Giphy to Grow your Brand?

Yes, you can use Giphy to grow your brand. However, you should know the following things in order to take advantage of it.

  • Take Into Account the Latest Trends

Which GIFs are trending? When looking for a relevant topic for your company or brand, which GIFs catch the eye the most? This will inspire you to download and create GIFs that resonate with your objective and audience. This is the ultimate objective of GIF-based marketing.

  • Analyze the Demand and Competition Levels of Various Options

You will find numerous topics on Giphy with minimal competition. Why is this the case? Many marketers have yet to leverage the incredible advantages that Giphy provides fully. In terms of strategy, GIFs can be evergreen and consistently compelling. However, it is crucial to identify which GIFs are trending on Giphy and which are not.

  • Select Appropriate Keywords

It is key to make sure that your engaging, life-changing and story-telling GIFs are easily discoverable by your target audience. If you are unable to use appropriate keywords while creating a GIF, your target audience may not be able to locate it. Giphy is a wonderful platform to begin with in this regard.


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