What is ChatGPT? Its Uses and Examples


by Shamsul
OpenAI ChatGPT
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What is ChatGPT? Its Uses and Examples

ChatGPT is a highly innovative AI-Based language model. The developer of this AI-based language is OpenAI. It is a powerful chatbot that can provide answer any query or question using artificial intelligence technology. From computer to physics, chemistry, math, and everyday problems, this chatbot can answer any question. It also has the ability to generate lyrics, blog posts and HTML pages. It is perfect for solving college-level tasks without any stress.

In this guide, we will tell you how you can use it with examples. You will also discover how to get right of entry on this amazing platform. We will also cover its pros and cons along with its future.

Let’s move further!


What is ChatGPT?

Basically, ChatGPT is a conversation AI chatbot capable of knowing natural human languages and able to generate impressively accurate, human-like written texts.

This is the cutting-edge evolution of GPT text-generating AIs:

According to the president of OpenAI, more and more people are signing up for this platform. It reached almost one million users within five days of its launch. Due to its amazing features, many people were stunned after seeing its immaculate performance. But, they have given mixed reviews about ChatGPT.

Its older version GPT-3 was designed to generate formatted text in a variety of formats and languages. ChatGPT is the latest model of it and particularly designed for use in conversational artificial intelligence and chatbots. It gives a very accurate response in the form of providing consistent and appropriate data.

ChatGPT is also used to translate, summarize, and write texts along with generating answers. When it comes to building conversational artificial intelligence systems and chatbots, ChatGPT is one of the unbeatable platforms because it interacts with users in a consistent and natural way.


Who Developed ChatGPT?

This latest artificial intelligence is one of the new chatbots from OpenAI. It is instituted by Elon Musk which is an independent organization. Elon Musk co-founded this startup with the investors of Silicon Valley. The purpose behind creating this chatbot was to help humanity.

But, the CEO of Twitter dissociated himself from this startup. The model of ChatGPT heavily relies on reinforcement learning which decides how to respond in a natural and consistent way. When someone input questions, the model responds on the basis of gathered data and knowledge. In this way, this chatbot generates answers and coherent responses.

“We need to better understand the governance structure [and] revenue plans for the future,” he said.

“OpenAI was launched as free software and not for profit. Neither is true yet.”


How ChatGPT Work?

It is a chatbot based on (Generative Pre-training Transformer) GPT.

GPT is a large database trained language model, which one can use to carry out various tasks like:

Text generation,

The translation and

Understanding questions

Now, users can get help from this platform to get answers they are looking for. This model is developed to use in virtual assistants and chatbots. The main purpose was to provide help to users.

According to the developers, this model of ChatGPT is created to provide consistent responses with ease. It also admits mistakes and rejects wrong requests.

The updated application has the ability to generate amazing content for sites, answering questions, and offering recommendations along with developing automated chatbots.

According to Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, ChatGPT was “a latest demo of what’s possible”.

As a result, you will have an assistant who gives you advice, talks to you and answers your queries.

Soon they will complete tasks for you and help to explore new knowledge. These advantages of ChatGPT make it a wonderful platform.


Is ChatGPT Free?

For trial, ChatGPT is totally free to use. However, its developers are getting feedback in order to advance the service so that they can launch its paid service. If you are interested to use ChatGPT, then you need to do the following things:

•          Visit the ChatGPT site.

•          Create your account.

•          Click on “Personal Use”.

•          Select the function and then get on “Q&A”.

•          Click to open.

•          Write your query or question.

•          Hit the send button and wait for the reply.

NOTE: A paid offer already exists today regarding the use of the ChatGPT API which is based on the number of words generated but also on the type of AI you wish to use (the most advanced model called Davinci being of course the most expensive)


How to use ChatGPT?

No doubt, ChatGPT is one of the most natural and powerful artificial intelligence chatbot platforms. Both beginners and experts can use this platform to generate suitable responses.

Here are the simple steps to follow to access Chat GPT:

Create an account at chatgpt.com. Once you complete the registration, you will get a free account containing pre-trained models and everything you need to start building your chatbot.

Use the dashboard to create your own custom templates or modify existing ones to suit your business and customer needs. You can select pre-trained models, customize user inputs, and monitor the quality of the output as it develops.

Connect the bot to Facebook Messenger, Slack or other platforms with just one click so it’s available to customers and employees in the digital workplace they prefer.

Evaluate the effectiveness of the bot by performing continuous testing to constantly improve the customer experience and ensure that the chatbot correctly answers questions posed by human and non-human users while also adhering to your company’s privacy policy.

By following these simple steps, you can take full advantage of the features offered by ChatGPT, get ready quickly and easily to generate a great customer experience with bots!


Can ChatGPT Replace Humans?

In the opinion of experts, ChatGPT can reduce the work of teachers, journalists, programmers, and writers. People will easily get their desired content from ChatGPT without worrying about anything. Programmers can fix bugs and other coding issues in any computer using this fantastic platform.

Its ability to write like humans can also impact journalists and play writers. But, this platform is not so expert in critical thinking and other ethical situations. So, successful journalists are on the safe side. However, there is a chance that it can give wrong answers too in certain situations.

After all, it is just a machine or chatbot. It can’t be like a human. So, the risk of getting wrong data or information is one of the pitfalls of ChatGPT.

So, it is hard to predict the future of ChatGPT. Only time will tell the future of this platform. Based on this data, it is hard to say whether it will steal your jobs or not.


How to Start Using ChatGPT?

If you don’t know how to access ChatGPT, then you should read this paragraph. It is very simple to access the site. Right now, it is free for everyone. You just need to sign up your account to start using this platform.

First of all, browse the ChatGPT site and create an account. After registering your account, you can start using ChatGPT. It doesn’t require any special skills to use this amazing platform. Just write your questions and get answers. In simple words, ChatGPT is open for everyone and it is free. However, the company is planning to develop its paid version with enhanced features. Write chat.openai.com and you will directly reach to the website where you can submit your questions to get the most suitable answers in a natural way. You can get the lyrics of your favorite song using ChatGPT. Isn’t it amazing?

It is a platform where you can query anything with the help of conversational artificial intelligence. It means ChatGPT can perform anything other than just creating song lyrics. You can have a complete conversation with this fantastic platform. It knows everything and as a result you get instant response from the platform. By reading these things, you have enough understanding about using ChatGPT. It’s the right time to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of ChatGPT.

Advantages and Few Weaknesses of ChatGPT

Without any doubt, ChatGPT is one of the most innovative innovations of this century. It can produce texts and codes that nobody can do with ease. It provides quick answers to complex and difficult questions. Plus, it portrays answers in a professional and natural way.

But like its predecessors, this technology has so many limitations. And its developers are very well-aware of these defects.


Benefits of ChatGPT

•          When it comes to true understanding of language and computer programs, ChatGPT is very excellent. On the basis of this data, it provides instant solutions or answers.

•          ChatGPT can literally write mathematical equations and can solve different types of problems.

•          With ChatGPT, you can have a smooth conversation with artificial intelligence.

•          By registering your account, you can use ChatGPT without fulfilling any difficult demands.

•          Due to its smooth and promising performance, ChatGPT can offer quick results.

•          You can manage your content formation process with the assistance of ChatGPT by considering it your assistant.


Weakness of ChatGPT

•          When compared to humans, ChatGPT carries a specific tone whether the details are correct or wrong. It has the ability to produce correct answers, but sometimes it can make mistakes. It is hard for ChatGPT to identify which answer is real or which one is fake.

•          You will find a specific repetition in sentences and phrases if you frequently use ChatGPT. As a result, the chances of creating duplicate content are possible.

•          Sometimes ChatGPT doesn’t know how and what to answer. This is because of its shortcomings. You have to change or rephrase your question to get the right answer.

•          Due to its free service, the site crashes sometimes due to over-trafficking. This can bring delays or downtime.

However, ChatGPT is successfully attracting users and trying to achieve its final look. So, it can be influenced. That’s why it is not possible every time to get the desired answers.


Uses of ChatGPT

The ability to solve complex math problems and to generate computer codes and programs of ChatGPT is exceptional. The following uses of ChatGPT are enough to describe its popularity:

1- Address Several Development Problems

Whether it’s your college assignment in computer or anything, ChatGPT is capable of solving a plethora of complicated problems and the credit goes to artificial intelligence (AI). The biggest pitfall of this tool is that it can generate indelicate content sometimes. It can write incorrect computer codes only because of development problems.

This is an assignment you might find in an undergraduate computer science course in college!

It is therefore quite impressive that you can solve this problem in seconds thanks to AI.

Based on this, StackOverFlow (a famous development forum) has banned all the ChatGPT-created responses as they find it inappropriate.

2- Write Amazing Content in the form of Blogs

Soon you will see a huge change in the blogging field just because of ChatGPT. This tool will make a huge impact in the blogging industry because of its AI writing capability. Creating fresh content in the form of a comprehensive blog post will be easier with artificial intelligence like ChatGPT.

It can also create stories and outlines for your blogs. So, don’t underestimate the power of AI. However, there are a lot of improvements to be made in this tool to produce satisfying results. So, it seems possible to create an entire blog with this smart technology. According to some experts, this kind of generated text is amazing but some people find it very ordinary. It is hard to explain your unique perspective and experience in depth through this tool

There is no need to generate blog posts from ChatGPT from start to finish, but use it to restructure your blogs. You can explain your unique narrative but make it beautiful using this. Your originality won’t compromise in this scenario. If you want to generate complete articles using artificial intelligence, we recommend trying Jasper AI which offers a free trial to users. It is important to know that ChatGPT has limited data. It shows that it can’t answer every question. For example if you ask ChatGPT about the current weather, then you will not get your answer. However, it can answer most of your questions.

3- Offer Awesome Textual Results

The main purpose of ChatGPT is to provide answers in the form of texts. So, it has textual variety in the form essays, articles, program codes, stories and the list goes on. In simple words, it offers innovative and useful ideas. It also offers a great opportunity to users to create new content by exploring. You will be able to find fresh narratives with unique angles that can bring unlimited advantages and opportunities. On the other hand, it has some limitations as well as it can only create around 500 words. For example if you want to create a site using ChatGPT, it can easily do it but the limitations are also there.

If you want to get detailed answers, then ChatGPT can’t produce detailed answers because of its character limit.

4- Finding Information

If you trust, you can use ChatGPT. It is a great platform to get answers to your difficult questions without the help of any search engine.

Remember that ChatGPT’s AI is trained with data from the events typically before 2021.

This means that you will not get the answer of the current weather as she does not know anything about it or for other recent trends. However, it can provide all types of factual information preciously.

5- You Can Get Help Related To Texts

You can also generate different types of essays, program codes, blog posts and many more with it. You can come up with new ideas and topics only because of this AI-based platform. The major advantage of this platform is that you can discover new and innovative ways of getting knowledge.

As an example, ask ChatGPT to generate an HTML page for a startup:

ChatGPT realizations are limited to roughly 500 words.

If you ask to create a complete website content for your business, she can do it, but the character limit applies.

Using the same example as before but asking it to provide me with a modern page with lots of details, ChatGPT will enforce this limit by producing incomplete code.


Should You Use Artificial Intelligence To Write With ChatGPT?

ChatGPT has been growing with the passage of time. It is getting better and better with time. These days, you can effortlessly create blog posts on any topic or subject using artificial intelligence. Just find the subject you want to write on and you are good to go if you have access to ChatGPT. But, you can’t heavily rely on artificial intelligence when creating content for your online business or site. AI-generated content can create trouble for you in many ways. This kind of content doesn’t have experience, creativity and a unique narrative. Moreover, this type of content could be boring and uninformative for users, which is a big no-no.

When they find your content misleading or uninteresting, it will not be good for your business. Furthermore, it can also generate factual or inaccurate content. It is another drawback of this tool. So, overdependence on this tool is not good for users. Successful or seasoned writers should avoid using this platform because of these shortcomings. But, you can take advantage of ChatGPT in many ways.

ChatGPT Download for Windows and Mac

This is a simple app that activates ChatGPT in your menu bar.

Download: ChatGPT App GitHub


Final Thoughts ChatGPT

You have a clear understanding of ChatGPT and its pros and cons. Now, you know how you can use it in your favor. ChatGPT is one of the most remarkable achievements. It is one of the latest conversational artificial intelligence technologies that can create unique and amusing textual content in a natural way. ChatGPT is amazing in different ways, but it’s not perfect. It has several limitations that need to be addressed. It can generate incorrect data which can create trouble for you. Keep in mind that this technology is in its starting phase, so don’t over-relay on it. Always check AI-generated content with a plagiarism detector in order to reduce the risk of any problem.


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