What is A Magic in Catchy Title (Headline)?

Catchy Headline

by Shamsul
Catchy Headline
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What is A Magic in Catchy Title?

The importance of catchy titles no one can deny it. You need to focus on the blog headlines to catch the attention of the net users.

A Catchy Title (headline) Should:

Draw attention

To arouse interest

Encourage read more


Keep his promise


How to Write a Catchy Title (headline)?


1. Be Concise

A title should be short, between 6 to 12 words. Also, try not to exceed 90 characters. Use short, simple words. Your title should contain as few adjectives, prepositions and adverbs as possible.


2. Engage the Reader

Your title should promise the reader something.

Promise him an advantage to satisfy a need or a desire

Promise to avoid an inconvenience, a problem

Generally speaking, a headline should “sell” the text. For this, the ideal is to write it:

1- In the form of questions

2- In the form of a declaration

3- In the imperative form

4- Speaking directly to readers

5- In the form of testimony


3. Contain One or More “Powerful” Words:


Some words have a power of attraction that arouses interest. Here is a list according to the type of motivation:

Safety: assured, genuine, known, certified, safe, professional, reliable

New: new, revolutionary, latest, urgent, innovative

Money: value, only, economical, reduced price, good deal

Curiosity: amazing, exciting, incredible, fascinating


How to Write a Good Blog Post for Your Content Marketing Strategy?

Content Marketing requires a number of skills, but writing is still one of the pillars of this exercise.

Writing an effective blog post takes simplicity.

When the style gets too heavy, when the twists and turns take on more importance than the content, you lose your reader.

Content Marketing isn’t just about blogging. Indeed, many get lost in writing and produce content without triggering a lead. For your content to be of quality, it must have a clear objective that is identifiable for your reader.

Ask yourself what reaction you want to produce or what action to encourage. What do you want to trigger after reading your content in your audience?

An act of purchase?

An emotion or a reflection?

Signing up for a newsletter?

A download?

Sharing or following on social networks?


Need Help or Advice in Content Management:

Would you like more advice? Do you have good practices to share? Express yourself in the comments.

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