What Are The Ideal Structure For Good Teamwork?

Good Teamwork

by Shamsul
Good Teamwork
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What Are The Ideal Functional Structures For Good Teamwork?

There is no doubt that a good team always takes care of its each and every department. The Ideal Functional Structures For Good Teamwork brings better results to the company. For instance, a project management team working for an engineering construction project with different workmen is representing the employer, main contractor, construction professional personnel, consultants and multiple subcontractors working at and for the project.


Functional Structure: 

It is a simple or complex structure that any business, organization, or workplace uses in order to organize its workforce or employees. Each employee is grouped according to their area of expertise and knowledge, skills, and experience in such a structure.


Ideal Functional Structures for Good Teamwork:

Each organization has a different goal and so the functional structure varies accordingly. It is hard to apply one rule to all, but some elements are crucial for the success of any teamwork.

Organizations or businesses usually consist of a president, finance, employees, and other product or service handling departments. These all can be divided in

Information technology department

Marketing department

Project management department

Finance department

Logistics department

Research Department

The whole purpose of any organization’s functional structure is centered on the common goal of skill development of employees, reduced operational cost, and enhanced clarity and productivity. These are undoubtedly crucial, but a good team always takes care of its each and every department on arequired basis. So, if we take the example of a project management team working on an engineering construction project with a wide-scale workforce, its practical and ideal functional structure can be classified into HR, marketing, engineering, risk analysis, and finance teams.

First of all, you need to understand that not every employee has to participate in the project. Due to the cost-effectiveness concerns, there might be some simple construction needs where the HR team will not be included. A brief introduction of each group, its role in a functional structure, and the success of teamwork are explained below.


Project Manager:

It is more like the head of the team rather than the part of the team. He/She might be the owner of the whole construction group or can be separately hired for the job. He decides on almost all the main issues and might even have more control than investing partners or company owners. The HR team does the paperwork and estimates, but the project manager’s decision is the last statement. Every other team’s work has to be approved by the project manager. Although he is not answerable to his employees, their coordination decides the success of any task.


HR Team:

The human resource team deals with the recruitment of any employee. It keeps track of paperwork, employee’s progress, and training etc. If there happens any on site or off site issue between the workforces, then it’s the responsibility of HR team to resolve the issue and maybe fire someone if necessary. This team also keeps track of performances, appraisals, growth, achievements and even the birthdays of every employee. This is what keeps every block in its place.


Finance Team:

The importance of a finance team in the construction business is, if not above all, equal to any other critical team. When assigned, every project has a specific budget; this is where we need a finance team. This team finds out how a project can be carried out under a given budget (while providing satisfactory material and structure) and keeps track of the profit needed to pay the workforce.

This team almost takes care of any kind of money transfer during the project, either big or small and sometimes might have to work with or as a logistic department too depending upon the scale of the project assigned.


Logistic Department:

This kind of supply chain department takes control of any machinery, construction materials and damaged products. It takes care of any material or tool required for the job. Contractors often have their own supply chain contacts and deal directly, so separate hiring is unnecessary.


Marketing Team:

Word of mouth is an excellent business strategy, but proper marketing is required for further bookings and contracts. This team contacts and responds to any such deals and finds methods of spreading and introducing the work into the related market. This can be done by arranging events, making social media advertisements, social media accounts, telecommunication advertisements, and any other way, but this is basically the quality of your work that will be a deal maker or breaker at the very end.


Engineering Team:

This is the second most important team in the constructor business (the first one will always be the finance team) and consists of the main contractor, subcontractor and any workforce directly dealing with the construction and reporting to the contractors. This team makes the framework and discusses the needs and demands of the hirer. Anything between the materials provided and finally constructed buildings etc. has to be approved by this team directly.


Risk Analysis Team:

This team can either be a part of the engineering team or can work separately. It takes measures and runs qualitative and quantitative research on the effectiveness of other teams’ progress and construction actions (especially the logistics and the engineering). If it disapproves of a particular design or framework, work has to stop until this team is satisfied with alternatives.

Such structures further vary according to the company size, environment, strategy and actual goals, but this functional structure is the backbone of any construction team.



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