Want to Tell You Love Him? 56 Loveable Ways to Let Him Know

Say, "I Love You"

by Shamsul
I love you
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Want to Tell Him You Love Him? 56 Loveable Ways to Let Him Know

We feel insecure when we want to tell someone we like or love them. This insecurity increases in relationships. You feel perplexed when you want to show your innermost feelings or thoughts. It can be difficult if you have a relationship with someone and want to tell them that you love him or her. Whether your bond is extremely strong or weak, you feel difficulty. Well, it is human nature. But, if you love someone and want to tell him, then there are hundreds of loveable ways to let him know. These ways are the perfect alternative to these three magical words “I love you.” You try to show your partner that you love him through simple acts of kindness and respect.


Should you Tell Him That You Love Him?

Honestly speaking, you have to face many challenges in a relationship. You always need clarification about whether to say I love you or not. You must show patience and courage if you are in a relationship. The most important thing in the whole scenario is timing. First, you must determine whether your feelings are 100 percent true or pure. If you are sure that your feelings are pure, declare your love for your partner. The following ways are ideal for telling your lover for the first time that you love him:

Just after making out (having sex)

When you are feeling self-doubting

When you are feeling possessive

At a wedding of your mutual friend

On the first date

If you date often, you can easily tell him that you like or love him. It depends on your comfort level and level of understanding. When you feel comfortable with the guy you are dating, you can easily express your real feelings. But, if you are dating formally and don’t argue much, this is not the ideal situation to declare your intimate feelings.

If your relationship is romantic, it is easy to express your innermost thoughts. But things are different if your relationship is non-romantic. Different stages in a relationship can show you what time is excellent to declare true love.


Can you Tell Him You Love Him First?

Well, you can say I love you first to your partner. But men should say it first. According to research, men fall in love with their partners faster and express their innermost feelings earlier. However, men usually prefer a physical relationship over a romantic relationship.

It is a fact that love makes you weak. For example, if you ask any couple who has been dating for a longer period of time, they will say the following phrases:

It isn’t very easy.

It’s 50/50.

It is “give and take.”

It’s a compromise.

Investing in an emotional relationship is hard for both men and women. You have to invest equally to make your bond or relationship more robust.


What is the Right Time to Tell Him You Love Him?

There is no exact time or specific rules when expressing your feelings for someone. You can make rules about your relationship based on your comfort level and understanding with your partner. If you are serious about him, tell him. According to several types of research, women take more time than men to express their romantic feelings. But do not rush or take an immediate decision. Avoid the following things if you are going to express your feelings for him:

Do not express your intimate feelings when you are around his best friends.

Not to tell him you love him when he is in embarrassing situations or places.

Do not declare your pure feelings when he is at work.

Express your innermost feelings to him when he is alone so that he can give you all his attention. Declaring your feelings can put you in a confusing or vulnerable situation. So, it is better to text a little note or send a message. But, it is ideal for expressing your true feelings in person. If you have successfully told your boyfriend or lover that you love him, you should communicate your feelings and pure love in the following ways.

Give Him Your Utmost Attention. It is a fact that women are good at multitasking. Men are not good at multitasking. So, when you pay attention to your man, he will realize that you like or love him.


1- Wear Those Things He Gifted You

Wear them if your boyfriend gives you gifts such as clothes, accessories, or anything. He will love you more when you wear the items he gifted you. Moreover, try to be presentable because men are visual.

2- Cook His Favorite Food

According to research, men like those partners who make their favorite food or meal. The reason behind it is that they like to taste and aroma.

3- Make Yourself Presentable

If you want to make your relationship healthy and strong, then you should take care of yourself. It will appeal to your partner to love you too.

4- Suggest to Spend Some Personal Time Together

You can give suggestions to your partner. Suggest they nap, chill out with friends, or relax at home. Your partner will realize that you like him.

5- Appreciate His Looks

If you want to show your admiration and love, then admire his looks.

6- Ask for Advice on Different Matters

Give value to his opinions and suggestions. Ask for his advice on difficult matters.

7- Thank Him Often for Little Things

You can thank him often for the small things he gave you. He will surely appreciate and recognize your efforts.

8- Hug Him for Seven Seconds

It is a perfect way to keep your partner intact with you through physical touch. Hug him often for more than seven seconds. Trust us; this small thing will do magic for you and your relationship.

9- Indulge with Him in a Quick Round of Sexual Role

There are several benefits of indulging in a quick round of sex. This thing increases their mental pleasure and your love for them. If you are comfortable, then you can make out.

10- Give Him Freedom

Please do not interfere with his personal time, and give him time to vent.

11- Give a Passionate Kiss to Him

Just like a seven-second hug, a passionate kiss is a nice way to express your love and intimate feelings.

12- Hold His Hand in Public

A sudden touch and holding his hand in public will give him more confidence that you really love him.

13- Sit in a Relaxed Position with Him

Men love to snuggle, whether you believe it or not. You can intermingle together without any expectations or pressure.

14- Play His Favorite Games with Him

Try to play his favorite games with him. He will definitely admire this effort.

15- Show Him That He is Respected

Showing appreciation is a good method to tell your boyfriend how much you respect and love him.

16- Do Something He Likes

If you want to show your lover that you care about him, then do something he loves to do. Watching his favorite movie or sports with him is the perfect way to show your concern.

17- Tell Him He is Handsome

Tell your partner that he is handsome and intelligent. Admiring his intelligence will make you loveable in front of him.

18- Show Your Interest

Talk to him politely and romantically. Do something unusual to show your interest. Instead of asking, “how are you” ask something different.

19- Give Him Affection

A soft physical touch is enough to show your feelings if you are uncomfortable saying something. It could be a lingering kiss, a tight hug, or a snuggle.

20- Give Him a Special Gift

You can give him a special gift that he is craving for. It could be a watch, tie, or something else.

21- Help Him Out in Different Matters

You can offer help to him with a job or project he is currently dealing with.

22- Give Him the Control

Allow him to control things and situations in his own way. Do not complain about his preferences and choice. He will admire your patience and love when you give him the remote.

23- Give Him a Comfortable Zone

Men usually take some time to change from home male to work male. Try to give him a comfortable zone by making space for his style. Moreover, don’t hit him at any cost with anything.

24- Know His Needs

Sometimes, a little act of kindness can help him a lot. You should identify his needs in order to make him comfortable by fulfilling his requirements.

25- Admire Him

A man starts liking you when you admire him. They want to get admired. It boosts his self-esteem. In this way, he can focus on the positive things and your love is one of them.

26- Don’t Make Fun of Him

Don’t make fun of your partner in public or in front of someone. If you do so, he will think that you don’t respect him. So, don’t do this thing at any cost.

27- Know His Favorite Sport and Player

If you truly love your partner and want to show your true feelings, then love the sport and player he likes. He will consider it that you are trying.

28- Do Not Question His Masculinity

Don’t try to control your partner. Stop instructing him and let him to do whatever he wants to do.

29- Support Him

Support your boyfriend and his dreams. This little effort from your site will make a huge difference in your relationship.

30- Give Him Space

Sometimes, there is no need for proverbial actions. Silence is enough to communicate. Give your man some space and freedom.

31- Support His Friend Circle

As a woman, you should understand that men love to spend with guys. It recharges them. So, you should support your partner if he wants to chill out with his friends.

32- Fulfill Your Promises

You can show your boyfriend how important he is to you by fulfilling your promises.

33- Appreciate His Jokes

It is in the nature of men that they want to make their friends laugh. So, it would help if you laughed at his jokes to show interest.

34- Be on Time

If you are in a relationship with a guy, always be on time if he is picking you up.

35- Smile While Looking at Him

You can smile at him often to show that he matters a lot for you.

36- Give Him Priority

Give your man priority in every matter. Remember important dates such as his birthday. You can change your schedule for him if you can.

37- Celebrate His Accomplishments

As a partner, you should celebrate your partner’s success. Tell others about his success and make him proud through your actions and words. He will consider that you are happy with his success.

38- Tell Him You Are Happy With Him

If your lover or boyfriend tries to keep you happy, tell him. It will make your bond stronger.

39- Make Eye Contact Often

In order to develop an unbreakable bond with your man, make eye contact. It will increase your love for him and he will easily understand your feelings.

40- Make an effort with His Friends

You can show your man that you want to be in his zone by hanging out with his friends and admiring them.

41- Show Gratitude

Showing gratitude to your man will make him happy. Acknowledge his efforts and show gratitude for everything he gave you.

42- Compare Him

Honestly speaking, no one wants to be compared. So, do not compare your man to him with anyone.

43- Flirt with Him

You both are young and sexually active. So, there is no need to feel shame and flirt with him often. Whether you are together or not, flirt with him often. It is easy to show your true love intimately.

44- Show Him You Miss Him

If your man is not around you, you can text him. A simple text of “I miss you” is enough to show him that you are thinking about him.

45- Do Different Things Together

Whether it’s housework, shopping, or anything else, do things together. You will enjoy each other’s company and your love will increase for each other.

46- Focus on His Positive Things

Please do not focus on his negative traits. Focus on his positive things and attitude.

47- Ask for Help

When you ask your man for protection, he will do everything to protect you. So, don’t hesitate to ask for help or support.

48- Make the Big Move

Men usually stay on the same line at the start of a relationship. They feel afraid to take the big move. So, if you have courage, you must take the first move. You can ask him first whether it is about sex, dinner, or a relationship. This factor will reduce his pressure. But it depends on your chemistry.

49- Spare Time for Him

You can cancel your unnecessary plans or that extra gym session for him. Rearrange your timetable for him and this will directly hit your man.

50- Appreciate and Love His Family

Never criticize his family. If you are indulging in this kind of situation, then try to handle it diplomatically. Criticizing his family is just like blaming him. Respect his family and relatives.

51- Don’t Interfere Him

Interrupting your boyfriend is not a good thing. If you really care about him, then don’t interrupt him. You can disagree with him but don’t try to interrupt him. Give value to his opinion.

52- Say Sorry When Mistaken

If you are mistaken, then you can apologize first without feeling anything. Saying sorry will make your relationship stronger.

53- Show Trust in Him

If you care about him, then trust in him. If he is late, then don’t dubiously look at him. You can ask the actual reason in a loveable and nice way.

54- Show Pride in Him

Tell him that you feel proud to be with him. You can convey it in any way, whether on social media, family function, or at work.

55- Identify His Likes and Dislikes

You must figure out your partner’s likes and dislikes to convey your love to him. Then, you can do those things that he likes a lot. Avoid doing those things that he doesn’t like. He will automatically feel that you really care about him.

56- Celebrate His Birthday

Little things can create a big difference. Remember important dates and events such as his birthday. Wish him and celebrate his birthday with him. This small thing can increase your love for each other even more.


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