Want To Succeed – Follow The Lead of Leaders

by Shamsul
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Want To Succeed – Follow The Lead of Leaders

If you want to succeed, it is important to understand how all successful people do and follow the example of leaders.

What techniques they use, how they behave, and how they implement them.

Why do some people become undisputed leaders while the majority of the population stagnates without any hope of improvement?


Why Did All These People Become Leaders in Their Field?

While it can be valuable to learn from successful leaders and study their approaches, blindly following their lead may not guarantee success for everyone. Each person has unique strengths, goals, and circumstances that may require a personalized approach. However, some general principles and strategies can be beneficial when looking to succeed.

To succeed, as Zig Ziglar, America’s #1 motivator, said in his famous book You Can Reach The Top: “A study of three hundred world-class leaders, including:

Franklin D. ROOSEVELT,

Sir Winston CHURCHILL,

Clara Barton,

Helen Keller,

Mahatma GANDHI,

Mother Teresa,


and Martin Luther KING, Jr

They revealed that 25% of them had significant physical disadvantages, while 50% suffered from childhood abuse and rape or were raised in poverty.

Learn from Leaders:

Study successful leaders and their journeys to gain insights into their strategies, decision-making processes, and leadership styles. Understand the principles they prioritize and the values they uphold. This knowledge can serve as a foundation for developing your own leadership style.

Use the Strengths Within You To Succeed

As you read about leaders’ journeys, you’ll discover how they transformed their past disadvantages and problems into considerable strength and how they became world-class leaders.

The reason is very simple: while the majority of human beings have reacted negatively to difficult situations, they have been able to respond positively to the negative things that have happened to them.

They chose their reactions, and that made all the difference.

Not what happens to you matters in the end, but the subsequent reaction.

Bill GATES, the man who was 11 times successively and to date 12 times the richest in the world with a fortune estimated at 56 billion dollars in 2011 according to FORBES, did he not say that:

“If you perceive an unpleasant situation not as negative, but rather as the need to change something in your life, you learn from it and you win.”

They knew how to choose their reactions, and they changed their future.

But they seem to have been able to choose them only when they began to have high self-esteem, to have an unshakable confidence in themselves, and to continue to believe intensely in their dreams to succeed.


Recognize Your Own Strengths, Skills, and Passions:

Focus on honing and leveraging these attributes to your advantage. Successful leaders often excel in areas where they have natural talents and genuine interests.

In any case, this is what the many biographies studied have revealed to me.

Why do you follow the example of leaders?

Indeed, I have been analyzing human beings who have been able to show themselves extraordinary by their results for several years.

And never, ever, has any of them achieved anything extraordinary without first believing in their own abilities to succeed.

Their second purpose is to help you permeate your mental field. So, in times when you are tempted to give in to despair, all you have to do is remember one of them to regain “the hair of the beast.”

For this, I strongly suggest reading all the stories once, then rereading one every week for at least one year.

If you do, you will find that when confronted with difficult situations, one of these stories will come back to you automatically, without effort on your part, and instill courage in you.

Their third and last goal is to make you want to seek methods, principles, techniques, and tools that will allow you to acquire and develop indestructible confidence in yourself, in your dreams, and in your abilities to achieve them.

But you won’t have to look far (tiring yourself, spending time and spending money doing research on the internet, in libraries, …) because you will find, throughout the stories, a very important motivation that will help you surpass yourself.


To Inspire You with Examples from the Book:

When reading these examples, you will realize that it is all about the practical aspect (many books, whose subject is self-confidence, invite you to have high self-esteem without giving you the tools practical and easy to use to achieve your goals) and in the transmission of a method that helps you achieve your dreams.

It is the method used voluntarily or unconsciously by all beings who have known phenomenal success, which many self-confidence books do not offer you either.

You will realize that this method has not only been detailed but also that practical examples come to help you reinforce your understanding and that, in the end, a guide is offered to help you take it in hand yourself.

One of the secrets of success is to be inspired by those who succeed.

To help you, I suggest you discover here “Be inspired by the journey of great leaders. “ a guide in which you will discover the journey of 18 great leaders.

Do you want to “succeed and be a great leader”?

The solution. => Take action now and follow the example of the leaders. Also, do practical work to succeed!

Set Clear Goals:

Define your personal and professional goals. Having clear objectives provides direction and helps you prioritize your efforts. Create both short-term and long-term goals that are challenging yet attainable, and regularly reassess and adjust them as needed.


Develop Self-Awareness To Succeed:

Understand your strengths and weaknesses and continuously work on self-improvement. Cultivate self-awareness to recognize areas where you can grow and seek personal and professional development opportunities.


Build a Support Network:

Always seek help from your supportive network of mentors, peers, and advisors who can provide guidance, feedback, and different perspectives. Engage in meaningful relationships and seek mentorship from leaders who can provide insights and support your growth.


Take Calculated Risks To Succeed

Successful leaders often take calculated risks and embrace opportunities for growth. Consider and calculate a situation’s potential risks and rewards and make informed decisions. Be ready to move out of your comfort zone and learn from both successes and failures.


Embrace Continuous Learning:

Stay curious and commit to lifelong learning. Be open to new ideas, seek knowledge from diverse sources, and adapt to changes in your industry or field. Invest in personal and professional development through courses, workshops, reading, and attending relevant events.


Practice Effective Communication To Succeed:

Develop strong communication skills, including active listening, clarity, and the ability to articulate ideas effectively. Successful leaders have the ability to inspire and motivate others, build strong relationships, and collaborate effectively.


Enrich a Growth Mindset:

Cultivate a mindset that embraces challenges, sees failures as opportunities for learning, and believes in continuous improvement. Be adaptable, flexible, and open to feedback and constructive criticism.


Maintain Ethics and Integrity To Succeed:

Maintain high moral standards and integrity in all your actions. Trust, transparency, and honesty are crucial in building credibility and fostering positive relationships.

While following the lead of successful leaders can provide inspiration and insights, it’s important to adopt their strategies to your unique circumstances and aspirations. By leveraging your own strengths, setting clear goals, embracing learning opportunities, and cultivating your leadership style, you can make your own path to succeed.


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