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PESTLE of Berkshire-Hathaway
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PESTEL Analysis of Berkshire Hathaway

This PESTEL analysis of Berkshire Hathaway will highlight the macro business factors that influence its performance. The full form of PESTEL is political, economic, social, technological, environmental, and legal factors. Berkshire Hathaway is a prominent conglomerate holding company. It is headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, United States. It is basically an insurance company that invests in various portfolios.


What is PESTEL and Why is it Important?

PESTEL is a strategic management tool that helps companies to make informed decisions. Berkshire Hathaway managers can use this tool to benchmark the company’s position by making the right moves. The impact of PESTEL factors is grave on businesses including Berkshire Hathaway. They have to face different challenges on a regular basis because it works in a very saturated business environment. Factors like political stability, economic upheavals, social norms, technological advancements, environmental concerns, and legal tensions can easily disrupt the profitability of the company. Keep reading to learn more!


Political Factors | PESTEL Analysis of Berkshire Hathaway

Political intervention and political stability are two important factors that can impact the company’s business. Both local and national governments are responsible for the smooth functioning of Berkshire Hathaway. The governance system and government policies also play a big role in the smooth working of the company.

  • The company operates in several countries so it has to manage and maintain regulations and laws in those countries. The United States and other countries have changed their regulations for multinational companies regarding venturing into other countries in the insurance sector.
  • The new policies from the US government can strengthen the insurance sector by favoring investors. The development of the financial sector is totally dependent on government policies and strategies.
  • Berkshire Hathaway has exploited several policies in its favor such as lower taxation policies. Based on this move, the company has earned maximum profits in recent years, enabling it to invest in research and development. Any change in taxation policies can impact the company drastically.
  • The current US governance system is suitable for the financial sector and investors. It is quite stable which is ultimately good for businesses like Berkshire Hathaway. They should predict trends by closely monitoring the governance system and its policies.
  • The change of government also has a huge impact on the working and business of the company. A new government always brings new policies to facilitate local as well as national businesses. Such policies from the government can make or break the company’s revenue.
  • Pressure groups, protests, and other non-government groups can also create trouble for Berkshire Hathaway. They play an important role in the policy-making of the financial sector. The company can contribute well by fulfilling the needs and demands of the customers. As a result, it can easily achieve its corporate as well as community goals.

Economic Factors | PESTEL Analysis of Berkshire Hathaway

Economic factors such as exchange rate, disposable income, labor conditions, interest rate, taxation rate, and inflation rate have such a huge impact on companies like Berkshire Hathaway.

  • In the United States, the financial sector or market is highly efficient. It gives Berkshire Hathaway a perfect opportunity to grow and expand internationally.
  • The economic condition is very stable in the United States and will stay stable in the future. This kind of stable economic environment gives expansion opportunities to the company. The United States government also supports investors investing in new ventures and markets.
  • The skill level in the United States is very high. It strengthens the company’s financial position because they hire skilled and qualified workers that play their roles in achieving the company’s goals. Berkshire Hathaway can exploit this factor in order to improve its services and business efficiencies.
  • The US economy is quite stable after facing the tough era of recession. However, any fluctuation in the inflation rate can make or break the company’s overall performance.
  • The strong financial position of Berkshire Hathaway allows it to invest in new markets and industries in order to gain a competitive edge.
  • A volatile exchange rate can also hurt the company’s investment plans in the future. It can impact its short as well as long-term investment plans.

Social Factors | PESTEL of Berkshire Hathaway

Every country has its own regulations and culture for running businesses. However, the social factor can’t be ignored in any condition. Social factors help to identify Berkshire Hathaway’s customer preferences and spending patterns. Moreover, laws related to health, safety, and employment are also some of the crucial factors in this matter. In other words, the company should understand the societal norms of the country in which it operates.

  • The increasing liberalization in society regarding health and safety is very concerning for companies. Berkshire Hathaway should stay away from them because they can damage the image of the company at a global level.
  • People in the United States love to use essential services. This shows that their leisure interests are very high which is good for the company’s growth. It will give a perfect opportunity for Berkshire Hathaway to invest in other customer-centric products and services.
  • In order to improve the brand image and change public opinion, the company should consider social media and mainstream media. They can help to change the company’s image in a smooth and easy way. Berkshire Hathaway can exploit this factor to market its company and services globally.
  • Migration factors can create a nuisance for the company in the future. The overall migration rate in the United States is very high which is alarming. It increases the risk of brain drain. It is imperative for Berkshire Hathaway to make an effective policy regarding migrated workers.
  • The majority of people in the United States have a good perception of the company. The population in the US is a combination of young and old people. Berkshire Hathaway can make effective services in order to cater to different segments of customers.
  • The education or literacy rate in the United States is high. It means they have educated and skilled people. The company can take advantage of this factor to hire qualified people. In this way, they can expand their business operations in other markets or countries.

Technological Factors | PESTEL Analysis of Berkshire Hathaway

With the passage of time, technological advancements are growing and disrupting industries. Being a financial company, the company should stay up-to-date with all the technologies in order to enhance its operations. Using the latest technologies, the company can streamline its customer services, manufacturing processes, and supply chain networks.

  • The company can boost its supply chain network using innovative technologies. It will strengthen its market position and competitive advantage.
  • The US government fully protects intellectual property rights and patents. This factor attracts other companies to invest in the financial sector of the United States.
  • Berkshire Hathaway should not ignore 5G and its impact. They can speed up their business operations using 5G technology. In this way, they can enhance the experience of users.
  • The trend of the transfer of technology is not so favorable in the financial sector. This is because of intense competition in the industry.
  • The rising use of smartphones is another big advantage for the company. It can enhance its online offerings to cater to tech-savvy customers. This factor will allow the company to stay ahead of the competition.
  • Berkshire Hathaway can invest in new technologies that can help them to manufacture low-cost products. As a result, they can earn more profits, ultimately boosting their financial position globally.

Environmental Factors | PESTEL of Berkshire Hathaway

Environmental factors and sustainability have become very important for companies in recent years. Pressure groups and environmental institutions are putting pressure on companies to reduce their carbon footprint. Berkshire Hathaway is also trying to follow environmental laws and regulations. Climate change is another big concern. If the company does not follow these laws, it can upset eco-friendly people.

  • Steady pressure and scrutiny from the environmental agencies are causing extra expenditure that is hard to maintain for Berkshire Hathaway.
  • The company should focus on recycling in order to reduce its carbon footprint.
  • It is necessary for the company to make an effective policy regarding waste management. The government has designed strict rules and regulations in this matter.
  • Berkshire Hathaway should include the Paris Climate Agreement in its environmental policy. This will help the company to avoid unnecessary pressure from environmental agencies.
  • Customers in the United States have become more aware of the environment and climate change. They should show professionalism in this matter by following environmental norms.
  • More and more businesses are investing in renewable energy technologies. Berkshire Hathaway can also invest in renewable energy sources to get the attention of climate-conscious customers.

Legal Factors | PESTEL Analysis of Berkshire Hathaway

Being a multinational insurance company, Berkshire Hathaway is highly susceptible to lawsuits, controversies, and legal actions. Before venturing into new regions, the company should closely understand that country’s legal system.

  • The US government safeguards intellectual property rights and has a complete mechanism for it. So, it is a favorable working environment for companies like Berkshire Hathaway.
  • Data breaches and protection are also very crucial. The country has a strong mechanism to protect companies against hackers and data breaches.
  • The judicial system in the United States is very powerful. It makes the country a perfect place for businesses and investors.
  • The employment laws of the country can impact the business of Berkshire Hathaway. However, every country has different employment laws and trends.
  • It is imperative for Berkshire Hathaway to follow all the health and safety laws in order to run its business operations smoothly.
  • The company should follow the trading rules of different trading organizations such as the European Union and the World Trade Organization.

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