Want to Kiss Your Partner For The First Time? 12 Secret Ways

Want to Kiss for the First Time

by Shamsul
First Time Kiss
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Want to Kiss Your Partner For The First Time? 12 Secret Ways


If you like someone and want to kiss for the first time, then it is really a difficult situation. Your first kiss can make or break your relationship. A kiss is the best option if you are involved with someone romantically and want to show your intimate feelings. That’s why you should plan your first kiss. Your first kiss determines your sexual chemistry with your partner. Well, it is natural to feel nervous. But this guide will tell you 12 secret ways to kiss your lover for the first time.

Most people totally destroy this special moment because of their nervousness. So, you have to be confident if you will kiss your partner for the first time. If your partner is nervous too, then you should go for a subtle kiss. If your partner is comfortable, then you can make your first kiss as passionate and intense as possible.


Why First Kiss is So Important?

A first kiss is always a special moment for every couple. It is a moment that you will never forget. It is essential to give your relationship a new direction. But most people put so much pressure on the first kiss unnecessarily. You should enjoy this moment because it is a new beginning for you and your partner. Your first smooch will help you uncover a love for each other. When you kiss for the first time, you are actually asking him/ her for his consent. In short, there is no need to put so much pressure on the first kiss and make it passionate and special.

How to Kiss Your Partner for the first time?

If you made up your mind to kiss your partner, then it is great. We understand it is not that easy, but you can make it memorable by keeping the following secrets in mind.


Focus on the Hygiene

If you don’t want to destroy your first kiss, then you must pay maximum attention to your oral hygiene. Of course, it is your first time, and you have to make it memorable. First, brush your teeth properly and use high-quality mouthwash. Do not eat garlic or onion if you are going to make a special moment. When you smell nice, your partner can never stop kissing you.


Make it Subtle

You know you will kiss your partner for the first time, so chill. You have to plan your kiss meticulously to make it natural and passionate. Please don’t force it because it will make your partner uncomfortable. You have to touch your partner when you both are ready. You will automatically know that this is the right time to do so. Make it comfortable and loveable.


Be a Slightly Flirty

How can you tell your partner that you are going to kiss them? Well, it is easy. You can send flirty signals to your partner that indicate that you love him/ her. Be a little flirty and emotional. In this way, your partner will easily understand your intention. You can also touch your partner playfully before kissing. A passionate hug and closeness can do the right trick for you.


Look How Your Partner Response | First Kiss

Sometimes, we think so much and destroy everything. Avoid this kind of situation and look at how your partner responds. You can make your strategy accordingly. You must pay maximum attention to your partner’s behavior and body language. If your lover avoids eye contact and looks confused, this is not the right situation.


Make Eye Contact

Before the kiss, make eye contact with your partner. It is necessary to find out your partner’s actual intention. Strong eye contact before the first kiss can help you make it comfortable. When you lock eyes with each other, you can easily read each other’s minds. In this way, you can decide whether to do this or not. If your partner avoids eye contact, then it means he/ she is not interested.


Take Your Partner’s Consent

Well, it is essential to get permission if your partner doesn’t know your intentions. You will kill the moment if you try to force or push it. Honestly speaking, if your partner is also into you and you take their consent, it would be great and respectful. If your partner is not into you, then you can easily get your answer.


Move Closer to Your Partner

If there is any chemistry between you and your partner, then you can do it without any problem. If you aim to kiss your partner for the first time, you should move your head closer to them. If your partner is not interested, then pull your head back.


Tilt Your Head a Little | First Kiss

When you move your head close to your partner, give a little tilt to your head. In this way, you can make a way of kissing each other without any nuisance of knocking your nose.


Part Your Lips

As you move in, try to part your lips against your lover. This is imperative to make your kiss slightly touchy and passionate.


Breath Through Nose

If you kiss your lover for the first time, try to breathe through your nose instead of your mouth. Your first smooch should be passionate and smooth. However, you can also breathe through your mouth softly if you cannot breathe through your nose.


Move Your Hands Carefully

When you touch your lover, try to move your hands carefully. You can touch their back, shoulders, face, or neck while kissing. Do not touch sensitive body parts if this is your first kiss. Combining your hands will give you a sense of sensuality and can arouse you as well.


Make It Enjoyable | First Kiss

No doubt, the first kiss is always memorable and exciting. Instead of putting yourself and your partner under pressure, make it smooth and enjoyable. There is no need to overthink because overthinking can kill your special moment.



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