Want to Grow Blog Traffic This Year? 3 Top Social Media Platforms for Bloggers

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by Shamsul
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Want to Grow Blog Traffic This Year? 3 Top Social Media Platforms for Bloggers

If you want to grow blog traffic easily and quickly, then it is possible. In this modern era, various social media platforms can help bloggers grow their blog traffic easily. Bloggers can use these platforms to create nifty marketing strategies. Promoting your blog using social media platforms can help to increase clicks, build awareness and interest.

Don’t know where to start? How to do this? Fret not. We are here to help you. For new bloggers, blogging could be difficult. But you can start with the basics to promote your blogs. There are certain strategies that you can implement to make this process successful. We are going to uncover all the tactics in this blog so that you can learn without any hassle. These tactics will help you to grow your blogs using social media platforms.

Without wasting your time, promote your blog on every social media platform and create maximum impact by driving maximum traffic.


How to Select The Finest Social Media Platform To Grow Your Blog?

Before making any strategy, you should keep the following things in your mind:

  • Understand each social media platform and determine which is suitable for your content.
  • Are your followers or readers exploring it?
  • Are your followers using your content to get information?

When you compare different social media platforms with each other, you will find out that each platform works differently. For example, TikTok is only for entertainment and general inspiration purposes. It is not suitable for serious content or blogs.

On the other hand, social media platforms offer amazing marketing features to bloggers which ultimately help them to grow their blogs or websites. So, don’t waste your time on those social media networks that do not give the desired results. Let’s find out which social media platform can work best for your blogs:


Best Social Media Platforms to Promote a Blog

The following tips will help you find the best social media platform to promote your blog.

  • You should target LinkedIn if your blog is about B2B. You can find your potential readers on this social networking site.
  • If your blog is about food or recipes, Yummly is the perfect place for you. However, you can post this kind of blog on Facebook and Instagram.

How to find the potential audience of your blog?

  • First of all, you need to do a little bit of research to find your potential audience on social media networks.
  • Focus on your competitors because they can help you figure out what’s trending on social media.
  • Post different types of content on different social media networks and gather all the data. In this way, you can find out the interest and demands of people.
  • In order to attract readers on social media, text, titles, and visuals can create a big difference. For this purpose, you can do A/B testing.
  • On the basis of the collected data, you can plan your social media strategy.
  • You can try different analytics plugins such as Google Analytics to understand your traffic sources.

Important Social Media Platforms to Grow Lifestyle Blogs’ Traffic

There are various social media platforms that can help to grow your blogs. But, some platforms are very crucial.

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram

If you are wondering why Pinterest is not on the list, then it is not a social networking site. It is basically a visual search site. Facebook and Instagram are two heavyweights when it comes to driving website traffic. But, each social media platform has a different audience and results. However, you can get your desired results from any of these social media platforms. But, the condition is that your target audience should be on that platform.

You must read the following paragraph if you are eager to know how to target each of these platforms to set up your blog.


Important Ways to Grow Your Blog with Social Media

After your research about the target audience on social media, you have a clear idea about your audience or readers and their usage behavior. You need to create a blog that can be shared on social media. Then, monitor how your blog performs by using different analytics.


Make Your Blog Ready for Social Sharing

It is necessary that you have a plugin installed for social sharing. It allows your followers to share your blog or content. Moreover, you should check out whether the plugin is operating properly or not. If it is showing problems, then change your social sharing plugin immediately.


1- Ways to Promote Your Blog on Facebook

Facebook Groups can help to drive amazing traffic. If you have a Facebook group, you can share your blog in it along with blogging tips. Like this, you can promote your blog in other Facebook Groups.

On Facebook, there are three important places that you can consider to promote your blog.

  • Facebook Group
  • Facebook Page
  • Personal Profile Timeline

Facebook Groups can help to drive amazing traffic. If you have a Facebook group, you can share your blog in it along with blogging tips. Like this, you can promote your blog in other Facebook Groups. Due to this reason, Facebook is considered one of the most suitable social media platforms for bloggers. You can generate traffic through Facebook Profile, Timeline and Facebook Page as well. These sources can help to drive traffic on a permanent basis. You can also repost your blogs on Facebook with more amazing features such as visuals, titles, or text. It will help to generate additional traffic for your blog.


Promoting Your Content After Publishing Your Content

After publishing your blog or content on Facebook, now is the time to promote it. You can share your content on your Facebook Page. The following things will happen when you publish your content on Facebook:

  • Your feature image will appear in your blog in a Facebook post. We recommend adding visually appealing images that can convey your message or meaning. There is no need to add heavy and boring images.
  • You can write an interesting brief to get the attention of your readers. You can start with a problem, question, or an interesting fact. Don’t forget to add a CTA at the end so that your users can get the solution.
  • The first thing you have to do after publishing your content on Facebook is to share it on your Facebook profile. You can manually set the time so that your followers can get the notification when they are online. It is imperative to find the best time for posting. You can take the help of your page’s analytics in this matter.

Don’t post too many blogs in a single day because it can annoy your followers or friends on Facebook. Moderation is the best solution in this regard. For your blog’s visibility, Facebook Groups can play an important role.


2- How to Promote Your Blog on Instagram

Another suitable social media platform for bloggers is Instagram. Instagram can help to generate maximum traffic for bloggers. Not only for bloggers; Instagram is also good for other businesses and brands for promotional purposes.

Another suitable social media platform for bloggers is Instagram. Instagram can help to generate maximum traffic for bloggers. Not only for bloggers; Instagram is also good for other businesses and brands for promotional purposes. For example, food bloggers can also attract readers by posting recipes and nutritional facts. In short, it totally depends on you what you want to post and grow. However, Facebook and Pinterest are still ahead of Instagram when it comes to generating traffic.

But Instagram is a good option to have a presence. That’s why you should invest your time and resources into this social networking site. On the other hand, several bloggers generate enormous amounts of traffic from this platform. So, you should give it a try!

Add Blog Link to Your Profile

By adding your blog link to your Instagram profile, you can easily get maximum clicks and traffic. You can’t imagine the power of this simple social media hack for generating blog traffic. This is because Instagram does not allow users to add clickable links. So, you can only add clickable links to your profile.

It is important to write a catchy caption for your posts that contain the URL of your blog. Adding a link to your post is the most important factor. For Instagrammers, visuals are very important for attracting users. We recommend using relevant, eye-catching, and attractive photos to get the interest of your readers. Moreover, if you are not interested in visuals, then you can use text. This is important in some cases where you can’t illustrate the message.

Grow Blog Traffic Using Instagram Reels and Stories

Instagram Stories are very helpful for bloggers to promote blogs. You can use a sticker to add your blog link to your story. But, some bloggers try different methods to promote their blogs. Here’s a sneak peek of how Instagram Stories can work for you:

Add images that can spark the interest of your followers. You can add some context to your Instagram Stories with relevant hashtags. You can also add a screenshot to your story with relevant hashtags.

These are some useful ways to get blog traffic on Instagram. These things make Instagram a valuable place for bloggers and brands.

Tip: Make your Instagram Stories interesting and visually beautiful using Canva.

Instagram Reels

Like Instagram Stories, Reels are also very crucial when it comes to generating blog traffic. They are trending everywhere right now. This is one of the best ways to get people’s attention at this moment. But you need to create attractive and entertaining reels. It is very difficult to create awesome and creative Reels, but if you have content, then you can easily make any type of Reels. You can get Reels ideas from various blogging channels available on Instagram. You can also ask for help from social media experts. If you are a blogger, then you should learn how to create creative Reels that can promote your blog.


3- Ways to Promote Your Blog on Twitter

If you really want to grow your blog on social media, then Twitter is another social media platform for this purpose.

If you really want to grow your blog on social media, then Twitter is another social media platform for this purpose. It is a crucial platform for bloggers to promote their blogs. There are some reasons to choose this platform. First, it is fleeting. Tweets fleet with the passage of time and then lost. You have to tweet regularly so that your followers can see it and click on your link. These days, people are utilizing Twitter differently. This is because of its changing policies and algorithms. According to a recent survey, people use Twitter to get the latest news. No doubt, Twitter is a leading social media network, but it has different hurdles in its way.


How to use Twitter properly to promote your blog?

You can tweet your blog or posts on Twitter, but it is very overwhelming. If done correctly, you can get your desired blog traffic from Twitter. The following two ways are essential to promote your blogs:

  • Sharing Your Post from Your Website

You must have installed a sharing plugin to share your post directly from your website. You can easily do it by watching videos on YouTube.

  • Writing a Thread That Highlights the Key Problems of Your Post

You have to add almost two bullet points in this section. Add a call to action so that your followers can read the complete post. According to experts, this tactic is getting more and more popular.

It is a great way to give valuable information to your followers.

  • First, set the problem or context.
  • Share your experience about the problem.
  • Give valuable tips.
  • CTA so that your followers can read the full post. It is like a magnet that you can add to your post.

How to Post Blog on Twitter

There are several ways to post your blog on Twitter. However, you can tweet directly from your blog. But you have to use the right image and title. If your plugin is not working properly, then you can also add it manually along with your blog link. If you add visuals to your tweets, then they can help to promote blog traffic without any hassle. Don’t forget to add two trending hashtags to your post so that they can perform better. For this reason, you have to find the relevant hashtags. It may require some time but it is important for your post.


Repurpose Blog Content to Spark Interest on Social Media

If your goal is to promote your blog post on social media, then there is no need to design your content too much. Don’t waste your time designing your content too much. Just convert longer content into shorter formats and see the magic. It will surely get the attention of your target followers or readers.

At this place, we recommend using Canva Pro which makes it easier for bloggers to repurpose their content according to the need of social media platforms. Just take a one line or tip from your blog and design it using visuals in the form of a chart or a quote. Resize it according to the standards of different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or anything in between. You can also schedule your blog or content directly to your accounts on social media platforms.


How to use social media to drive blog traffic?

Instead of wasting your time on the wrong social media platform, you need to find out the best social media platform suitable for your niche or which can help to drive traffic to your blog. You can perform different tests such as A/B testing to figure out which works best for you. After finding the platform, concentrate on that platform and prioritize your work.

If you have selected Facebook, then make sure that you are using the right features in the form of visuals. They must be fantastic and interesting. Write the best captions for your blogs so that they can attract your potential readers. You can also repost old blogs if they are still relevant and interesting.

If you have selected Instagram, then you should focus on Instagram Stories and Reels. Reels and Stories are two awesome tools of Instagram that can make your blog popular. They can help you to get the right traction needed for your blog.

But, if you have selected Twitter to promote your blog, you must constantly build awareness for your blog. It is a fleeting platform that requires regular monitoring and posting. This is because of its changing algorithms and policies.

All in all, every blogger should try out these powerful social media platforms to promote their blogs. They just need to learn some basic tactics for this purpose. Moreover, every blogger should consider SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It is a powerful tool that can’t be neglected, especially for bloggers. You can achieve your desired blog traffic when you optimize your content or blog for SEO. There are several search engine optimization experts that can help you in this regard. Now, it is clear to every blogger how to promote a blog on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms.


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