Vitamin D Deficiency | What You Need To Do?

by Shamsul
Vitamin D
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Vitamin D Deficiency

Are you aware that vitamin D deficiency can cause various disorders to the human body. Correcting this type of deficit is essential to staying in good health.

What is Vitamin D Deficiency?

Vitamin D is an essential vitamin that has the ability to dissolve in fats vitamin that play many roles in our body. It is particularly important for:

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immune system

healthy bones, teeth and cartilage

blood clotting

nerve transmission

hormonal regulation

muscle contraction

The human body synthesizes it naturally each time we are exposed to sunlight. Only a small proportion comes from food. If vitamin D intake is insufficient, a deficit sets in, leading to the appearance of dysfunctions. A study estimated that around 50% of the world’s population lacked this vitamin.

Why Are We Lacking in Vitamin D?

The key reason of vitamin D deficiency is low exposure to sunlight, which does not give the body enough opportunity to produce it. This is why northern populations are more prone to this type of deficit. People with dark skin also have more difficulty synthesizing it. A diet that is not varied enough or an illness causing poor absorption of nutrients during digestion can also be responsible.

At the same time, the human body has more difficulty producing this vitamin with age. Due to the hormonal upheavals they encounter, pregnant and menopausal women are also more likely to present a lack. Finally, babies who are often protected from the sun and whose metabolism is still immature are more prone to deficiencies.

Vitamin D Insufficiency | Symptoms and Consequences

Due to the different actions of this vitamin in our body, Its deficiency can manifest itself by:

increased fatigue

muscle weakness or even pain, including cramps

a higher risk of fracture and osteoporosis

a greater tendency to depression

an increase in bacterial and viral infections

growth disorders in children and adolescents

In addition, vitamin D deficiency and weight gain are sometimes linked because it is more difficult to find the motivation to do activities. For the same reason, symptoms such as dizziness or headaches may also appear. Deficiency in this vitamin and more fragile hair are also a duo that we frequently encounter. Finally, various research carried out in recent years highlights the role that this vitamin insufficiency plays in the development of breast cancer.

How Can You Correct A Lack of Vitamin D?

Expose Yourself to The Sun!

The first reflex in case of vitamin D deficiency is to expose yourself to sunlight as much as possible. Maintaining adequate level is recommended for at least 15 to 20 minutes daily. Exposing your hands and face as little as possible in winter is important. Staying outside wearing gloves and a balaclava will not allow the body to synthesize this vitamin correctly!

Foods That Contain D Vitamin

To supplement your intake in the event of low exposure to the sun, you can consume foods enriched with vitamin D designed by manufacturers. Naturally, you will find this vitamin in fatty fish (salmon, mackerel, herring, sardines) and offal. Dairy products are also available, particularly butter, eggs, dark chocolate, and certain mushrooms (porcini mushrooms, chanterelles, morels).

Food Supplements Based on Vitamin D

Supplements, particularly those based on vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol), offer an excellent way to replenish your vitami stocks. Be careful, however, not to exceed the recommended doses, as an overdose over too long a period can cause hypercalcemia, which is dangerous for heart and kidney health.

You will find a 100% vegan Vegetable vitamin D3 food supplement to meet your needs since it is made from boreal lichen.

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