Unlock Your Emotions | 4 Helpful Strategies

by Shamsul
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Unlock Your Emotions | 4 Helpful Strategies

Caught in a daily life where everything moves too quickly, many of us suppress our emotions, for fear of confronting them. It is a counterproductive reflex because we cannot learn to control them by continually chasing them.

Fear, anxiety, joy, disappointment, surprise, anger, we are all affected by various emotions. For some, it is easy to identify, question, and tame them.

This exercise is extremely difficult for others, so much so that it seems tempting to ignore them so as not to confront them.

Those who have experienced this technique probably know it better than anyone. Suppose we can indeed silence the emotions buried inside us for a while. In that case, they always end up manifesting themselves at one point or another, sometimes through the body when the mind has tried hard to repress them (somatization).

It is, therefore, essential to start by accepting your emotions, even the most tortuous, to be able to unblock them. How to go about it? We give you 4 tips.

1- Listen to Yourself and Free the Floor:

To understand your emotions, you must first listen to yourself. This involves introspection but also speaking. If those around you can be a caring and reassuring space to confide in when the mind is too foggy or too full of negativity, those close to you do not always have the necessary distance (nor the shoulders) to welcome this speech.

In this case, it is best to seek help from a professional, such as a psychologist or psychiatrist. Using alternative medicine (sophrology, hypnosis, magnetism, reflexology) can also be an excellent way to unload emotionally.


2- Expressing Yourself Through Artistic Activities:

Speaking is not the only way to express one’s emotions. It is also possible to unlock them through artistic activities. Painting, dancing, singing, playing an instrument or even pottery, taking refuge in this type of activity is an opportunity to refocus, take time for yourself and enhance your self-esteem.

This is also the usefulness of art therapy, a psychotherapy technique that uses art as a pretext to express emotions without resorting to verbal communication. A cathartic exercise that aims to improve overall well-being.


3- Write Down Your Thoughts:

Whether you write down your thoughts in a diary, jot down a few snippets of sentences in a notebook, or embark on a large writing project, writing is a great way to be at home. Listen to your emotions and learn to tame them.

It is indeed a time of calm, where we face ourselves and can express all the thoughts that cross our minds without fearing how they will come out or be perceived. A space of freedom that allows us to connect with ourselves in the rawest and most authentic way possible.


4- Do Meditation:

Numerous studies have scientifically proven stress, anxiety, and suffering and the benefits of meditation on physical and mental health. Although it is not always easy to “empty your mind”, this gentle practice is ideal for promoting concentration.

There are several ways to meditate, such as mindfulness, which consists of paying attention to the thoughts and emotions that inhabit us without trying to judge them. Emotion yoga is another meditative practice that aims to achieve emotional detoxification through targeted postures.


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