Top Universities in the World Offering Online Degrees – 2021

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Top Universities in the World Offering Online Degrees – 2021


There are many top universities in the world that offers online bachelor’s and master’s degrees. They offer multiple degrees and you can also attend lectures online. Many aspirants and students feel confused about choosing the right university. That’s why we decided to mention top universities that offer online degrees. To be very honest, there is no internationally recognized university that gives online degrees. On the other hand, there are some regular universities that offer various online degrees in different programs.

We selected the institutions featured in the QS Ranking, that give ten or more bachelor’s and master’s online degrees. We will discuss these universities in detail but also provide degrees in more than 10 disciplines. These universities are mentioned in the QS Rankings list. We also compile a list of programs that these universities offer, so you can get detail about your relevant subject. We also discuss the types of online programs offered by these top universities so that you can get more detail. You can easily choose the subject including online engineering degrees, education degrees, business degrees, and medical degrees. Scroll down to check out the list of online universities and programs.


Top Universities Providing Online Degrees:

University Online Degree

University College London:

They offer twenty fully online programs including online medicine degrees, teaching degrees, and many more. It is a reputed and reliable international university.

Columbia University:

Columbia University offers twelve fully online programs including business degrees, education degrees, and so on. It is one of the top universities in the world.

University of Edinburgh:

It is another globally recognized top university that offers 66 fully online programs such as social sciences degrees, law degrees, medical degrees, and more.

Johns Hopkins University:

This university offers multiple online programs in different disciplines like business degrees, computer science degrees, engineering degrees, natural sciences degrees, and many more.

The University of Manchester:

The University of Manchester offers 32 fully online programs to students in various disciplines such as business degrees, medical degrees, engineering degrees, and so on.

Northwestern University:

It is one of the most trusted universities that provide online degrees in more than 12 programs. They offer degrees in social sciences, medicine degrees, education degrees, etc.

King’s College London:

This university welcomes students by offering 25 totally online programs such as law degrees, social sciences degrees, medical degrees, and many more.

University of California, LA:

Get an opportunity to receive an American degree by enrolling in this university. They provide more than 10 online programs including engineering degrees, and the list goes on.

University of Sydney:

With 28 completely online programs, this university offers different degrees like medicine, engineering, etc.

Monash University:

It is one of the most reliable universities that give the opportunity to get an online degree without any problem. They offer 33+ online programs in various disciplines such as teaching degrees, medical degrees, and so on. They offer both bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

University of Texas, Austin:

If you are interested in computer-related degrees, then you can choose this university because they are really suitable with more than 10 online courses like engineering degrees, computer science (CS) degrees, and more.

University of Glasgow:

This university gives the opportunity to students to study different subjects in order to obtain an online degree. With 22 online programs, they offer business degrees, medical degrees, and education degrees to brilliant students.

Georgia Institute of Technology:

As the name depicts, this university is famous for IT-related degrees. With more than 21 online programs, they offer engineering degrees, business degrees, and many more. What more could you ask for?

University of Sheffield:

This university is best known for its online medical degrees because they have qualified teachers and staff. However, they also offer 24 more programs including engineering degrees, law degrees, education degrees, etc.

University of Birmingham:

If you haven’t found any university that offers your relevant degree, then you will surely find your degree from this university because they offer an extensive range of programs. They provide 67 completely online degrees such as design degrees, social sciences degrees, education degrees, and more.

University of Leeds:

The University of Leeds offers more than 12 online courses including humanities degrees, engineering degrees, and medical degrees. In addition, it is one of the most reputable universities on the QS Rankings list.

University of Nottingham:

With more than 15 online programs, it is another famous university that is best for those students who are looking for online degrees in humanities and engineering degrees.

University of Southampton:

From online computer science (CS) degrees to online medical education degrees, you can select the University of Southampton. Plus, they offer online degrees in more than 12 programs and disciplines, so you can easily find your relevant degree or course.

Boston University:

Boston University offers online education degrees in several disciplines including social sciences, natural sciences, and business degrees. They offer online degrees in 39+ programs which is really good news for students.


So are you ready to get an online education degree? Choose any of these universities and start studying right now. Well Wishes!


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