Twitter SWOT Analysis | SWOT Analysis of Twitter

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SWOT Analysis of Twitter
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Twitter SWOT Analysis | SWOT Analysis of Twitter


Twitter SWOT Analysis (2020)


Company:  Twitter, Inc

Founder:  Jack Dorsey, Biz Stone, Noah Glass, Evan Williams

Established:  March 21, 2006

 CEO:  Omid Kordestani

Head office:  San Francisco, California United States

Type: Social networking service, news

Area served: Worldwide

Available: Multilingual

Users: (May 30, 2020) = Monthly active users – 330 million

Daily active users – 145 million

Industry: Internet

Employees (September 2019):  4,600

Annual Revenue (2019):  US$ 3.46 billion

Net income | Profit (2019):  US$ 1.47 billion


Products or Services:  Vine | MoPub | Periscope


Twitter SWOT Analysis | SWOT Analysis of Twitter

In the modern age, social networking sites are everywhere. Twitter is one of the popular social media site and micro-blogging platforms that allow online communication through tweets. From zilch users to more than 330 million users in 15 years, you can gain knowledge from Twitter’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.


Twitter’s Strengths:

Extremely Powerful:

The biggest power of Twitter is its hashtags feature. This feature is very powerful offered by any social site. Hashtags can activate the community, bring down the government, and deal with injustice. Twitter has proven its authority by running the #MeToo movement and #FakeNews. It also shows unanimity in the wake of a boy’s nuggets under #NuggetsforCarter.

Faithful Customer Base:

The loyal customers of Twitter will never think about any other platform for expressing their thoughts and feelings. Twitter is the leading social media site with 166 million daily active users in quarter 1, 2020.

Powerful Market Share:

When we talk about market share, Twitter is the leading social media and micro-blogging platform in the world. And its market share is expanding day by day.

Popular for Marketing and News:

Today, Twitter becomes an official communication channel. You can convey your message easily and quickly with a simple tweet. According to Statista, 67 % of the business depends on Twitter for dealing and marketing. From the White House to famous celebrities, everyone is using Twitter for communication.

Firm Financial Position:

Twitter has gained a lot of maturities from time to time. In FY 2019, Twitter earned a record-breaking $3.46 billion in annual revenue.

Broad Product Portfolio:

Twitter has many achievements in the form of joint ventures and acquisitions. These companies have improved Twitter capabilities. Some of the leading achievements are given as:

  • Periscope: live video streaming.
  • Magic Pony: machine learning.
  • Gnip: API aggregation.
  • MoPub: mobile advertising.
  • Lightwell: conversation initiatives.
  • TellApart: advertisement
  • TweetDeck: dashboard application.
  • TapCommerce: targeted advertisement.
  • Pioneering and Fun Features:

Apart from hashtags and retweets, Twitter offers innovative and fun ways. These features provide the latest information and permit customers to reply and express their thoughts.

Brand and Name Identification:

Twitter has a strong brand name and recognition. Everyone knows what it is and what it does. It rightly conveys the company’s message and mission.


Twitter SWOT Analysis | SWOT Analysis of Twitter

Twitter’s Weaknesses:


Twitter is struggling to modify its algorithm to keep happy its customers. Most of the customers are not happy with fake tweets, harassment, abuse, and Twitter’s search functionality. Twitter needs to address these problems otherwise it may lose its proportion.

Overdependence on US Market:

While Twitter is a worldwide social media platform but it mostly relies on the US market. We mentioned some breakdowns that show the difference in annual revenue from several regions:

  • USA: $1.9 billion.
  • Japan: $537 million.
  • Rest of World: $978 million.

Total = $3.45 billion

Overreliance on Ads:

A huge number of Twitter’s profits come from advertisements. In FY 2019, approximately 87 % of annual revenue comes from ad services, and the remaining 13 % comes from data licensing services.

Lack of Diversification:

Twitter is only focusing on expanding its reach and social media networking. But they introduce no diversity and innovation to make it more attractive and useful. If a new site offers new technologies and variety, it may hurt Twitter’s name and customers.

Weighting Operational Costs:

To fight with competitors, Twitter spends a lot of money and burdening its operational cost to increase the number of customers and data centers. These investments and spending can threaten the overall profit of Twitter.

Bogus Accounts:

According to Twitter, almost 5 % of its daily active users are spam accounts. If the ratio of these accounts is increasing on daily basis, it can damage the reputation of Twitter.

Data Security Concerns:

Twitter fails to protect user’s data and private information. They unconsciously hand over customer’s data to advertisers but apologizes in Sep 2019.


Twitter SWOT Analysis | SWOT Analysis of Twitter

Twitter’s Opportunities:

Online Store:

Like other social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram, businesses are now marketing their products on Twitter. There’s a potential to grow business on Twitter and it becomes a big online market to sell products directly to customers.

Feature Development:

Twitter should improvise their policies and offer different generations to grow the business and market. For example, offering features such as TikTok to attract Generation Z.

Suggest Remote Working Solutions:

Twitter should adopt working models of Zoom and Microsoft Teams. They should offer remote working solutions and allow users to work from home safely.

Jump into Music or Video Streaming Services:

With a great number of followers and revenues, Twitter should enter in music or video streaming services by purchasing operating companies in the market. These mediums help Twitter to grow its reputation and profit.

Expand Customer Satisfaction:

Twitter can increase its revenues and reputation by solving these given problems:

  • Abuse/ Harassment.
  • Fake accounts and news.
  • Look after the honesty of election-related conversations.

Pay Attention to Mobile-Based Ads:

Most of the consumers access Twitter through mobile devices. In order to generate revenues, Twitter should think about mobile-friendly ads. This is only possible when Twitter targets emerging markets.


Twitter SWOT Analysis | SWOT Analysis of Twitter

Twitter’s Threats:

Hard Competition:

New and old competitors like Facebook, Snapchat, and TikTok can steal followers from Twitter. This is a severe threat to Twitter and can damage the revenue and followers’ strength.

Censorship of Freedom of Speech:

Government and military, or dictators hate any tool that can put in danger their reputation and government. There’s always a threat that the government can ban Twitter due to its freedom of speech. According to the New York Times, Twitter is officially blocked in China. Chinese Police officials are inquiring and arresting Twitter consumers.

Sponsors’ Pressure:

Conflicts and fights between sponsors and management are always terrible for business. Elliott Management Crop is Twitter’s leading investor who is forcing the company to remove Twitter’s current CEO, Jack Dorsey.

Unequal Power to Influence:

According to research, only 10 % of Twitter consumers are accountable for 80 % of the total tweets. This kind of unequal distribution of power can damage the company’s name.

Influencer Quitting the Platform:

According to the policy, an influencer can leave the company and join the other company. This thing will also lead to the mass movement of consumers and break Twitter’s revenue or fan-base.

New Taxes:

The European Union is aiming to impose new taxes on tech media and firms. If Twitter is incorporated in the list, huge portions of its revenue go in the form of tax.

Authoritarian Laws:

The regulatory authority can impose strict laws and regulations on companies to improve the security and rights of the consumers. These laws and regulations can direct to mass migration from Twitter.

Twitter has Lost its Cool:

Twitter is considered as a one size fits all platforms. Without any modification, Twitter has lost its cool. In the presence of TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram, Twitter Twitter’s future looks dim and doubtful.


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