Want to Know the Top Anti-Inflammatory Food To Stay Healthy

by Shamsul
Anti Inflammatory Food
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The Top Anti-Inflammatory Food To Stay Healthy

If you are looking to get information about the top anti-inflammatory food items that keep you healthy. Which foods to favor? Which ones to avoid? We will inform you about everything in this post.

Inflammation, What Is It?

Without going into complicated scientific explanations, inflammation is a natural reaction of the body to aggression. The latter can be physical (wound or burn), bacterial or viral and is generally controlled within a few days. Sometimes, however, the inflammation persists, becoming chronic inflammation, which in the long term promotes the appearance of inflammatory diseases such as diabetes, arthritis or cancer.

As you will have understood, the reaction in itself is not harmful, but its duration over time is. In order not to maintain this process, we can already act on certain factors such as lack of sleep, stress and tobacco consumption. Also, food plays a crucial role in inflammation because it can nourish and reduce it. This is the goal of the anti-inflammatory diet.


What to Eat As Part Of An Anti-Inflammatory Diet?

In order to prevent and relieve chronic inflammation, you must start by pampering your body at all levels. For this, we stock up on essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, omega-3, dietary fiber and probiotics.

Also, the anti-inflammatory food diet favors organic and local products and gentle cooking. Papillotes and steamed or stewed recipes will be your best allies.

The Best Anti-Inflammatory Food Items

Fruits and Vegetables

We can never repeat it enough; consuming enough fruits and vegetables is the key to eating well. Their richness in vitamins, antioxidants and dietary fiber makes them more than beneficial foods for the body. Cruciferous vegetables and red fruits act most effectively on inflammation, even if it is not necessary to focus on them. The key is to have a large number of colors (and, therefore, varieties) on the plate.


Foods Rich In Omega 3 | Anti-Inflammatory Food

If omega 6s feed inflammation (which, we remember, is not harmful in itself), omega 3s counter it when it is no longer necessary. An ideal omega 6 to omega 3 ratio is between 1:1 and 4:1. However, our current diet contains more omega 6 than the recommended dosage. To reduce this gap, it is, therefore, necessary to consume more foods rich in omega 3 such as olive or avocado oil, fatty fish (salmon, mackerel, sardines, herring, etc.), seeds and oilseeds. These are all anti-inflammatory food items.



In addition to spicing up any recipe, spices have many benefits. They are excellent for digestion, stimulate the immune system, help regulate blood sugar… In short, we have everything to gain from eating spicy food.

As part of an anti-inflammatory food diet, favor turmeric, saffron, ginger and chili. Consume the latter two fresh, if possible, rather than powdered, as they contain more nutrients.



Legumes provide a significant portion of protein as an alternative to meat, well known to vegetarians and vegans. Rich in fiber, they are satiating and can be used as starch. They are exciting in the case of the anti-inflammatory food diet because their glycemic index remains low.

Our tip: if you don’t want to bother with soaking pulses, you can buy them already cooked in jars.


Whole Cereals | Anti-Inflammatory Food

Unlike white, refined cereals, which are to be avoided, whole grains are excellent for fighting inflammation. Thanks to their fiber content, they contribute to the proper functioning of transit and regulate the intestinal flora. We, therefore, do not neglect rice, bread, and pasta, but we prefer them in full version. All are best anti-inflammatory food items.


Dark Chocolate

Good news for chocolate addicts, chocolate has many health benefits. Cocoa contains flavonols from the family of antioxidants, which promote blood circulation and have anti-inflammatory food properties.

Of course, this mainly applies to dark chocolate, which contains a large proportion of cocoa.


Mineral Waters | Anti-Inflammatory Food

Mineral waters containing bicarbonate actively reduce inflammation by restoring the body’s acid-base balance. Ideally, we try to integrate a glass or two into our daily water consumption.


Fermented Foods

Miso, tempeh, sauerkraut… So many fermented foods are rich in probiotics to strengthen our microbiota. The latter is mainly responsible for the functioning of the immune system, which is itself responsible for defending the body against inflammation. So that’s a good reason to try homemade fermentation with seasonal vegetables.


What Are The Foods To Avoid?

Unlike the foods mentioned above, some foods contribute to the development of inflammation. This is particularly the case for ultra-processed products; high in saturated fat; with a high glycemic index, but also red meat, sweeteners and certain food additives. Aggressive cooking (frying, barbecue, etc.), which tends to degrade nutrients and generate toxins, should also be limited.


Are There Any Contraindications To an Anti-Inflammatory Diet?

No, and that is the advantage of this type of diet. It is suitable for everyone and is very easy to adopt. Finally, it is a question of eating a balanced diet by choosing quality ingredients. On the other hand, the anti-inflammatory diet indeed provides a lot of fiber. If you are not used to ingesting so much, it can trigger intestinal disorders for the first few days. In order to avoid this, go gradually. No need to change your habits overnight. Gradually increase your consumption of anti-inflammatory food items.


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