Top 6 Social Media Trend for This Year

by Shamsul
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Top 6 Social Media Trend for This Year

Want to prepare your social media strategy for this year? We have rounded up the hottest social media trend for 2023 that you should include in your strategy. You have to understand the key aspects of these trends in order to plan your social media strategy. According to social media managers, 2023 will be a great year when it comes to social media marketing. You can take advantage of these trends to make your social media strategy exciting. But, don’t forget to set your goals. Your brand and audience are two important factors in the making of social media strategy. Do you want to get more predictions and tips? Keep scrolling to unearth!


Social Media Trend # 01

Brand Authenticity, Responsibility and Transparency

Your brand’s authenticity and social responsibility are very crucial when it comes to creating social media strategy. Your ideology should align with the customers’ desires. It is necessary for a brand’s growth at a large scale. According to recent surveys, online customers want ultimate authenticity and transparency from social media brands to avoid online frauds or scams. Many customers expect from brands that they should take care of their political, economic, social, technological, legal, and environmental factors. This term is referred to as PESTLE. The public or customers strongly condemn fake news and frauds.

Due to this reason, every brand should work really hard to create a solid social media image. They should set high goals and social standards to present themselves as a prestigious brand. Therefore, customers support authentic and transparent brands. This simple but important trend will grow in 2023.

For example, Ben & Jerry is one of the leading brands in the world that addresses different global problems. They give insight to their customers about sustainability and ethical practices. They also give their opinion on social and political issues, such as women’s rights and racism.

If your brand is going to adopt more ethical practices, then you should navigate the latest social media trends. There is no need to follow exaggerated or fake claims. You can share your behind the scenes with your audience in which you can show that how your products are manufactured. You can also show your sustainable practices through this technique. You can show your bonding with your employees to your audience. Moreover, take a solid stand on important issues that are very important for your customers or followers. By using your social media platforms in this way, you can create a big impact on your audience.


Social Media Trend # 02

Understand the Metaverse

Metaverse is going to change our social media life in 2023 according to the PR Daily, Talkwalker and Forbes. It mainly focuses on AR and VR in which you can create avatars for showing your identity. It is basically a type of format war between various social media platforms. More and more brands are experimenting with this social media trend such as:

  • During NY Fashion 2022, Bloomingdale’s initiated a complete virtual store for users.
  • NIKELAND is an initiative of Nike where users can play sports games.
  • The biggest automotive company Ferrari launched its 296 GTB model before creating its physical form.

The term Metaverse could be new for some users, but you can experiment with it very easily so that you can get comfortable with Metaverse. To understand this thing, you have to implement AR and VR into your social media strategy. AR and 3D services or products can benefit your brand so much and increase conversion rate according to Shopify.


Social Media Trend # 03

Multi-Sensory Social Media

According to social media gurus, the thing that will make a big trend in 2023 is multi-sensory social media. This is basically an integration of various formats such as text, audio and video. These formats will provide a quality and immersive experience. If you provide a more engaging experience to your customers, they will become your loyal users. For example, Instagram is offering background music to still images. On the other hand, Meta is investing heavily into the Metaverse.

By editing your content on social media, you can offer high quality content to your users. Audio, video, music, polls, and captions are some of the greatest examples. That’s why multi-sensory social media is very important.


Social Media Trend # 04

Super Apps

The trend of super apps will create a huge impact in 2023. Apps that contain various features such as messaging, audio, video, payment, and entertainment are called super apps. WeChat is the only app that offers all the above-mentioned services. In short, all your needs can be fulfilled in one place.

TikTok is another app that offers so many services. This app has created a big mark in the short video platform world. Meta is trying to make WhatsApp more than a messaging app by adding various amazing features. WhatsApp is offering payment services in certain countries. Try to offer your customers multiple features to give them an amazing social media experience.


Social Media Trend # 05

Use Social Media for Customer Service

These days, many businesses and companies are incorporating customer service into their strategies. It shows that social media is one of the great ways of communication with your audience. You can respond to their customers and their queries. You can also solve their problems by communicating directly with them. Here are some benefits of including customer service in your social media strategy:

  • By incorporating customer service into your social media strategy, you can make your customers’ life easier. You must have so many followers on social media, so you can give them a great way of communicating with you with great customer service.
  • Facebook offers different customer service features in the form of inbox, chatbots, and automated messages. In short, it simplifies your customer service.
  • A great customer support or service allows your brand to grow quickly. It also helps to build transparency and trust. Ignoring your customer questions and issues will negatively impact the growth of your brand.

To make your customer service successful on social media, you should do the following things:

  • Train your managers.
  • Keep your DMs open for visitors.
  • Create a separate and dedicated customer service on different social media platforms.
  • For PR, keep your customer support public.
  • Discuss your services and products with your users.

Social Media Trend # 06

TikTok and Other Short-form Video Platforms

When it comes to short-video platforms, TikTok is one of the leading platforms. TikTok is going to be the number one platform due to its short-video feature and other engaging features. It will see the maximum growth this year. It can also help to increase ROI and brand value. According to experts, TikTok will become a leading social media platform in 2023.

In order to get benefit of this trend, you should create videos on TikTok. Don’t forget to exploit Instagram’s Reels and YouTube’s Shorts. Both platforms are also getting traction these days due to their engaging features. So, you must incorporate TikTok and other short video platforms into your social media strategy.

If you are looking to improve your social media strategy, then you should incorporate these trends into your social media strategy. Moreover, improve the quality of your content to get the attention of users.


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