Top 10 Stock Photo Websites for Professional Blogs

by Shamsul
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Top 10 Stock Photo Websites for Professional Blogs

Without any doubt, words are very important when it comes to conveying your message. But an image can also convey your message. We are saying this because you should include beautiful visuals in your blogs. That’s why we will discuss the 10 best stock photo sites for lifestyle and business blogs. You can’t create photos to include in your blogs because it is time-taking and creative. So, you can hire a photographer for this purpose. For example, if you are a food blogger, then you can share your recipes and hacks in the form of visuals very easily.

Using stock photos will save you time and money. You can find countless royalty-free stock photos to use in your blog posts. These will help you explain your main points in an easier way. Most of the stock photos need a membership but some are totally free. We will also explain the pros and cons of both paid and free stock photos.


Paid vs. Free Stock Photos

Identifying the pros and cons of free and paid stock photo sites is important. If you have successfully started a blog, you can give it a professional and engaging look by adding visuals. They work like a magnet for your blog posts. For self-hosted sites, find reasonable tools and resources to create professional-looking blogs. We always want to save money. That’s why we go for free options. Well, it is excellent to choose free stock photo sites. Whether you go for paid or free stock photo sites, your ultimate goal is to uplift the appearance of your blog. Below, we have mentioned some reasons why you should go for paid stock memberships and photos:

  • Only a few bloggers use paid stock membership images in their blogs, so you can easily stand out from the rest of the bloggers. On the other hand, the exposure of paid photos is much higher than royalty-free photos.
  • If you get a bundle of photos, then you can easily maintain the look of your blog on your website. This will allow you to create an impact on your clients.
  • When you compare the quality of paid and free stock photos, you will find a huge difference. The quality of paid stock images is better than free stock images.
  • Paid stock images can be zoomed in for special visuals. Plus, they can offer multiple purposes to users because of their high quality and top-notch resolution.
  • Paid membership stock photo sites are well-organized, professional and inviting. It allows users to find the content they are looking for.
  • If you have a membership, then you can easily find high quality photos at any time or whenever you need them.
  • Paid stock photos are unique than free stock photos. It makes them slightly special when compared to free stock images. No one can use paid stock photos unless they are members.

Yet, you can use free stock photos in most of your blogs, especially if you are new to this business. But, free stock photos come with certain restrictions and limitations. We recommend using paid membership stock photo sites to improve your blog posts’ look.


Drawbacks of Using Free Stock Photo Websites

One of the biggest advantages of using paid stock photos is that it protects you from legal nuisances. You can face a copyright strike if you use stock photos without payment. Many photographers use devious methods to offer free images. When someone uses that photo, they claim copyright infringement. You can purchase paid stock photos for just a few bucks. So it will keep your pocket and budget. Due to this reason, you should always go for paid stock photo sites. You can get high quality photos in just a few dollars. Does it hurt you? Instead, it will protect you from several legalities. Moreover, don’t forget to give photo credit to the photographer and also include a link to the image you picked.


How Can You Use Stock Photo In Your Blog Posts?

Honestly speaking, there are so many uses of stock photos. We have given a few:

  • It can support your branding and marketing efforts. You can use stock images on your about page, home page and more. Remember to align them with your brand’s color palette.
  • You can use stock photos as feature images.
  • To explain important points in your blog post.
  • To add spaces between long and text-heavy blogs.
  • To add some beautiful visuals to your content.
  • To attract your potential clients.
  • To include in your digital products such as eBooks and online courses.

So, you have got several reasons to buy stock photos. One high quality image can create all the difference. It allows you to make your blogging highly attractive and productive.


Top Stock Photo Sites for Lifestyle and Business Blogs

If you are on a budget, the following 10 stock photo sites will be very helpful for you. Use them as an investment because you will attract so many people, which will help you earn money. We have divided them into paid and free stock photo sites, as given:


Best Paid Membership Stock Photo Sites

Sometimes your blog requires something special from you. Want to make your blog posts highly unique? We recommend purchasing a series of creative photos that work with your blog’s color palette. In this way, you can easily maintain the same color or theme for your brand and personal branding. You may not get the desired photos from free stock photo sites. So, you need more than free stock photos for your purpose. The following paid membership stock photo sites are very affordable. So, check them out!


Ivory Mix

You can easily purchase a stock of 10000 images from Ivory Mix as a member or an individual. It is considered one of the most affordable stock photo sites. If you are a female blogger, then you can easily get feminine photos such as lifestyle, business, home décor, and many more from this amazing site. Well, it is just not a stock photo site. You can get so many other services such as Canva templates, content planning tools, and caption prompts from this site. On creating your account, you will get more than 550 stock images as a welcome gift.


Styled Stock Society

It is another favorite paid stock photo site of bloggers. It is specifically designed for female entrepreneurs because it has so many high quality images. From lifestyle to décor and so on, you can get everything from this site. It will help you to make your site truly eye-catching and professional. Plus, it is very affordable and easy to use. You can easily maintain your brand’s color palette by getting a membership to this site. You can get your desired photos without wasting your time. Other than stock photos, the site also has Canva templates, caption templates, and stock videos.



You will definitely fall in love with this paid membership stock photo site because it is purposely created for women. From the angles to colors and designs, this site stands out. It has well-arranged shots that you can use in your blog posts to enhance their beauty. It has seasonal images, which will help you find the photos you want. The site offers 10 free images to new users upon creating an account.


Pixi Stock

When it comes to the most popular feminine stock photo site, Pixi Stock won’t disappoint. It is ideal for bloggers, entrepreneurs, coaches, and consultants. The website provides a membership package of more than 10000 photos for your blog, site, and social media accounts. It also offers Canva templates that will help you create attractive digital assets without fuss. What we like the most about this site is its neat and clean look. As a result, you can make your site classy and professional by choosing photos from this site. From health to décor, beauty, home, wellness, business and finance, there are so many categories to choose from.


Oh Tilly

If you want a paid membership stock photo site, Oh Tilly is the best with high-resolution images and templates. It means you can find every photo you need to elevate the look of your blog post or site. They have many categories, such as flat lays, wellness, office, lifestyle, and self-care. Plus, they are growing their inventory with new and attractive stock photos. Sign up now and get a few free stock photos.


Best Free Stock Photo Sites

There are plenty of free stock photo sites on the internet. We have discovered the five best free stock photo sites for our readers:


The interesting thing about this site is that it has more than 3 million high quality images. It will give you a great option to upgrade your website glance quickly. These images can be used for both commercial and non-commercial purposes, but don’t forget to read the terms & conditions. Without any doubt, Unsplash is one of the most helpful stock photo sites. New bloggers should check this out RN!



We recommend updating to Canva Pro because it offers so many exclusive perks to users. Like the above site, Pexels is another popular free stock photo site with a huge database. They also have stock videos along with stock images. You can use photos without risk for commercial and non-commercial projects. It is a simple and affordable way of modifying your blog.



At Kaboompics, you will find thousands of high-resolution photos in different categories. This site has old European flair photos with a stunning collection. That’s why it is our favorite free stock photo site. Use free stock photos on your social media accounts, blogs, and lead magnets to boost traffic.


Raw Pixel

From templates to PSD mockups, PNG elements, photos, and vector graphics, you can get everything from Raw Pixel. The site has more than 1 million photos and templates. Plus, they are totally free. Isn’t it amazing? You can also find special and raw photos on this free site as well. You are allowed to use the photos in your blogs and other situations.



This royalty-free stock photo site is one of the leading platforms because of its huge inventory of 2.6 million images, sounds, vectors, videos, and illustrators. You can easily use them in your projects, situations, and blogs. This site has a mixture of both good and cheesy stock photos. Now, you can elevate the look of your projects or blogs effortlessly by picking stock photos from Pixabay.


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