Top 10 Most Popular Foods Items in the World

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Top 10 Most Popular Foods Items in the World


Being a human, you need the energy to perform everyday chores. Food items like vegetables, meat, dairy, or anything in between are a permanent part of our diet. They provide power to the human body to keep us alive. Eating the right food in the correct quantity is necessary to stay fit and healthy. The impact of your diet is huge on your lifestyle. As an adult, you must take 1600-3000 kcal/day. We will focus here on the Top 10 Most Popular Foods Items in the World. We have picked them based on their average global calorie intake. The food items we will mention are prevalent and consumed in every continent by humans. So, let’s get started!

1) Wheat | Most Popular Foods


Wheat is the world’s most popular and consumable food, with an average calorie supply of 544 kcal/day. The annual global production of wheat is around 766 million tons. The total global human calorie intake share is approximately 18.5 percent. 

The biggest wheat producers are China, India, France, Russia, and the USA. Bread, pizza, pastry, pancakes, breakfast cereals, noodles, pasta, and cakes are some popular wheat-based dishes in the world.


2) Rice | Most Popular Foods


Many people are rice lovers. Rice is the second most popular food in the world, with a share of the total global human calorie intake of 18 percent and an average calorie supply of 528 kcal/day. Its annual global production is 756 million tons. China, Bangladesh, India, Vietnam, and Indonesia are the world’s biggest rice producers. Rice pudding, sushi, boiled rice, steamed rice, fried rice, risotto, basmati, and paella are some of the most popular rice-based dishes.


3) Corn | Most Popular Foods


The annual global production of corn is approximately 1.2 billion tons, making it the third most popular food in the world. China, the USA, Ukraine, Brazil, and Argentina are leading producers of corn/maize. Nachos, cornbread, polenta, popcorn, raw corn, tacos, and tortillas are some of the most lovable corn-based dishes.


4) Pig Meat | Most Popular Foods

Pig Meat

Pork/Pig Meat is the fourth most popular food in the world. Its annual global production is around 121 million tons. The biggest pork producers are Vietnam, Russia, China, Brazil, and the USA. You can make ham, sausages, pork tenderloin, pork chops, bacon, lard, and pig roast with pig meat.


5) Potato | Most Popular Foods


People have been eating potatoes for centuries, one of the world’s most popular food items. The annual production of potatoes is nearly 368 million tons. 

The top five leading potato-producing countries are Ukraine, China, India, Russia, and the USA. Some famous potato-based dishes include French fries, mashed potatoes, hash browns, gnocchi, gratin, kopytka, and poutine.


6) Poultry Meat | Most Popular Foods

Poultry Meat

Whether chicken, duck, turkey or any bird, poultry is the sixth most popular food in the world. According to a rough estimate, its annual global production is 128 million tons. India, China, USA, Russia, and Brazil are some of the most notable names in the production of poultry items. Some poultry-based dishes include foie gras, roast goose, chicken wings, fried chicken, chicken tikka masala, roasted turkey, Peking duck, and chicken nuggets.


7) Cassava | Most Popular Foods


Cassava/Manioc is the seventh most popular food on Earth. Its annual global production has crossed the 278 million tons mark. Banh khoai mi, tapioca, Cassava cake, kabkab, cooked Cassava, and deep fried Cassava are some delicious –based dishes in the world. Nigeria, Indonesia, Brazil, DR Congo, and Thailand are some prominent names when it comes to the biggest producers of Cassava.


8) Cattle Meat | Most Popular Foods


The annual global production of cattle meat is around 342 million tons. India, China, USA, Argentina, and Brazil are some top names in cattle meat production. 

Goulash, beef tenderloin, Pho, meatloaf, steaks of different types, hamburgers, and flaki are some incredibly mouthwatering beef-based dishes.


9) Eggs | Most Popular Foods


Eggs are the world’s ninth most popular food item based on consumption. Moreover, it is loved by everyone. Its annual global production is approximately 82 million tons. The biggest producers of eggs are Indonesia, China, USA, Mexico, and India. Scrambled eggs, cakes, pancakes, omelets, and boiled eggs are some popular egg-based dishes.


10) Sorghum | Most Popular Foods


Sorghum contains around 25 species, among which a few are the most popular foods on the Planet. The annual global production of sorghum is around 62 million tons. China, USA, Sudan, Ethiopia, and Nigeria are some of the significant producers of sorghum in the world. Jolada rotti, Drop, maltabella, cooked sorghum, pilaf, and jowar bhakri are some popular sorghum-based dishes.


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