Top 10 Greatest Actors

by Shamsul
Greatest Actors
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Top 10 Greatest Actors


Today, we are going to discuss the top ten male actors in the world that rules the cinema with their acting skills and blockbuster movies. In this list, we have listed Oscar winners, silver screen heroes, and all-time favorite superstars. Are you eager to know about the greatest actors? Scroll down to see the list of the top ten greatest actors.

1- Tom Hanks:

Tom Hanks (Thomas Jeffrey) is a famous American actor and director. He is best known for his movies and remarkable roles in movies like Forrest Gump, Philadelphia, The Green Mile, Cast Away, Saving Private Ryan, Captain Phillips, and so on. Tom Hanks is one of the most versatile actors right now. He puts ultimate efforts into their movies and roles to bring out the best.

During the shooting of Cast Away, he lived on the island to explore that how he would live and eat on the island. This kind of effort is really appreciable for actors. Moreover, he also loses weight and then gains back for his role in Forest Gump, only he can do this kind of role with pure dedication. In his movie Big, he acted like a child literally which is a pure acting skill. There are a lot of movies in which he shows his acting skills and that’s why he is at number one in the list of greatest actors.

Tom Hanks can play any kind of role and this thing shows the versatility of the actor. He has done a marvelous job in various genres like Saving Private Ryan is a modern war epic, Sleepless in Seattle is a modern romantic film, Toy Story is the greatest animation genre, Forest Gump is modern Drama, and Big is considered as a greatest classic movie. He also won an Oscar for his movie Philadelphia. There are other movies like You’ve Got Mail, Apollo 13, Road to Perdition, and so on. He is nominated for five academy awards for playing phenomenal roles in movies like Saving Private Ryan, Forrest Gump, Philadelphia, and Big.

That’s why Tom Hanks totally deserved the number one spot in this list. He is the most multitalented actor in cinema history. His movies are a work of skill and art because of his hard work and acting skills. He can play any type of role like funny, World War 2 captain, mentally disabled person, and the list is unlimited.

2- Jack Nicholson:

He is an American actor and director with more than 60 years of working in the industry. He played many leading and supporting roles in different genres like psychopathic, anti-heroes, romance, and satirical comedy. In different movies, he played the role of an eternal outsider who revolts against the societal structure. He was born in 1937, but still, he is considered an all-generation actor. Just like Sir Freeman, Sir Caine, Sir Lee, and Sir Ian, Jack Nicholson is also an actor who is considered for his unending roles that’s why he is often regarded as ‘’eternal’’. One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest is the masterpiece of his acting that surely forces you to love him.

His role in this movie was just flawless and the movie is also a must-watch. His role in As Good as it Gets, Shining, The Departed, and Chinatown are pure representations of acting skills. In my view, he is just phenomenal. There are several great actors like Al Pacino, Gary Oldman, Daniel Day-Lewis, Robert De Niro, and others also remarkable, but Jack Nicholson has a separate fan base. It is really hard for new actors to manage a place in the industry especially in the presence of these heavyweights.

Jack Nicholson is known for his versatile and psychopath roles in the movies such as Cuckoo’s Nest, The Departed, and The Shining. In the presence of Johnny Depp, Marlon Brando, and Jared Leto, Jack Nicholson is one of the greatest crackheads in the industry. If you want to watch the best movies of Jack Nicholson, go for Easy Rider, The Departed, The Shining, One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest, As Good as it gets, etc. So there is no comparison of Jack Nicholson with Johnny Depp and Al Pacino. Al Pacino is a great gangster and everyone knows that he is matchless in this genre. Jack Nicholson stands number 2 in the list of greatest actors.

3- Robert De Niro:

Robert Anthony De Niro Jr. is a famous American actor, director, and producer. He was a part of the Godfather II as a young Vito Carleone. He won the Oscar for this role as a best-supporting actor. If you haven’t watch Godfather movies, then watch all the parts on a priority basis. He is another versatile actor known for his best roles in various movies. Actors like Robert De Niro, Tom Hanks, and Jack Nicholson are really versatile due to their roles and acting skills, so they don’t need any kind of ranking because they ruled the people’s hearts. You can watch his acting skills in movies such as Raging Bull, The Godfather II, Taxi Driver, GoodFellas, The Untouchables, Heat, and so on. There is no need to say much about Robert De Niro because these movies are enough to show the caliber and performance.

That’s why we choose Robert De Niro as number 3 in the list of greatest actors. Leonardo Di Caprio and Johnny Depp both are more than average actors but they are not comparable with Brando, Nicholson, Hanks, and DeNiro. Moreover, you can’t ignore Harrison Ford, Morgan Freeman, and Denzel Washington.

I can’t even imagine that no one can play the roles better than Robert De Niro has played in his movies. From the chilling role in Cape Fear to Gangsta performance in The Godfather II, statement performances in The GoodFellas and Taxi Driver, these characters are remarkable and fascinating. DeNiro is best known for his dialogue delivery and emotions that make him a versatile actor. In short, Rebert is a legendary actor.

4- Johnny Depp:

Johnny Depp II is an American musician, actor, and producer. He has won many awards including the Actor Guild Award and the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor. Johnny Depp is best known for his loopy roles and dark roles in various movies. He is also considered a versatile actor among the various actors. In terms of acting, he is very promising and agile but in my opinion, he is not sexy. He can play different types of roles such as funny, boyish, sad, happy, psycho, and the list goes on. Johnny is one of the best actors and many people love him. He can also sing and the way he sings in Sweeney Todd is just remarkable.

It is very clear that Johnny Depp is a diverse actor. He is best known for his movies like Pirates series, Public Enemies, The Tourist, Finding Neverland, Alice in Wonderland, and Secret Window. I am a big fan of Hollywood movies and recently come across this man. In my opinion, he can play any kind of role and people know him as Captain Jack Sparrow. They can impress anyone with their stunning acting skills and due to this reason; he is 4th on the list of greatest actors.

5- Al Pacino:

Alfredo James Pacino is a renowned American actor and director. He has received many honors and awards due to his famous roles in Scent of a Woman, The Godfather series, The Devil’s Advocate, Scarface, and so on. His acting skills are just unmatched and this is the reason most of his movies are on the list of top 100 movies of cinema history. He is also known for his theatrical performances and he is the best. Many of Al Pacino’s movies are older but they are worth watching. His gangsta roles are really matchless and unforgettable. According to some cinema lovers, he is an all-time favorite and greatest actor in the world.

His movie lists are consist of various diverse roles that are enough to show the caliber of Al Pacino. He impresses every time with his performance and catchy acting. I don’t think that any other actor can play his role better than himself. In terms of acting, Al Pacino is not less than DeNiro, Brad Pitt, etc. In my opinion, Brad Pitt is one of the finest actors we have ever seen. You can’t ignore the movies Twelve Monkey, Troy, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and so on. It is really hard to categorize or rank Al Pacino because of his fabulous acting and dramatic performances. He stands number 5 on the list of greatest actors.

6- Leonardo Di Caprio:


He is my all-time favorite American actor and producer. He started his career with a TVV commercial in the late 80s. Hollywood industry is crowded with notable actors and Leonardo Di Caprio is one of them. In any genre, you can fit him in any role and he delivers the best of his best. I think we all are familiar with his famous movie ‘’Titanic’’ which is a perfect example of acting skill and art. It was really challenging for young actors to make a position in the presence of Tom Hanks, Robert De Niro, Jack Nicholson, Daniel Day-Lewis, and Marlon Brando, but Leonardo Di Caprio has proved himself and secures a place in Hollywood and now considered as the greatest actor.

He has won an Oscar for his role in ‘’The Revenant’’. Moreover, he is also known for his movies like Wolf of Wall Street, Shutter Island, Blood Diamond, The Departed, and other movies. Recently, he donated 120 million to a foundation that is working hard for protecting nature. He delivers his best and adds some definition to their roles. According to experts, he is the best actor of all time and considered the most talented actor. Leonardo Di Caprio started from a very young age and worked with many legends such as Tom Hanks, Jack Nicholson, and the list goes on. We have just watched Inception and we are totally shocked after seeing his wonderful performance. This man deserves more awards and honors because of his stunning acting skills. He captured the number 6 position in our list of greatest actors.

7- Marlon Brando:


He is an American actor, activist, and filmmaker. He is considered the most influential and greatest actor of all time. Marlon Brando introduced realism to the film industry through his acting skills and performances. No one can beat the level of Marlon Brando in acting that’s why he has an upper hand as compared to other actors like Jack Nicholson and Daniel Day-Lewis. He took every role very seriously and that’s why he is considered the best actor in the cinema industry. He cracked every role he played in his movies like Julius Caesar, The Wild One, Apocalypse Now, The Godfather, A Streetcar Named Desire, and The Waterfront. These films are great due to the powerful acting of Marlon Brando. I know this generation likes Depp and DiCaprio but believe me if you watch the movies of Marlon Brando, you will be surprised.

He also won the Oscar for his role in The Godfather but he refused to take the award. According to various notable actors like Russell Crowe, Paul Newman, and Anthony Hopkins, MARLON Brando is far better than many actors. He is an actor who is best known for his acting in Streetcar, Godfather, and Waterfront are a masterpiece of his acting. His facial expressions and gestures are everything. This thing shows the acting capability of an actor. He stands number 7 on our list of greatest actors.

8- Morgan Freeman:

He is an American actor, narrator, and director. He is best known for his leading and supporting roles in countless movies. Morgan Freeman has won the Academy Award for his supporting role in Million Dollar Baby and also nominated for various movies like Driving Miss Daisy, The Shawshank Redemption, and Street Smart. He is also known for his narration in movies, commercials, and books that are really mesmerizing and distinctive. In my opinion, his voice is enough to win an Academy Award. He has done so many remarkable and memorable performances that you can call him a magician. In my view, Hanks and Freeman both are best and famous for their versatility and improvisation.

It is really hard to beat their acting performances in both classic and modern films. To be very honest, Morgan Freeman is the greatest actor in history. From The Dark Knight to Now You See Me, The Shawshank Redemption, and other movies, he is just matchless. He definitely deserves a spot in the top five lists but this rating is based on your voting, that’s why he is at number eight in the list of top 10 greatest actors. He deserves more awards and honors due to his outstanding performances in several movies.

9- Daniel Day-Lewis:

He is an English actor and won 3 Academy Awards for Lincoln, There Will be Blood and My Left Foot. Lewis is the best actor we have ever seen and he proves his skills through their impact performances and roles. He never disappoints in any type of role and acted seriously which is the biggest strength of DDL. He always impresses with his performance every time and he is willing to make more performances. Daniel Day-Lewis has already won 3 Oscars due to his commitment and passion for acting. He can do anything for the demand of role such as gain weight, grow a beard, etc. This kind of thing attracts the director and they feel honored to cast him in their movies.

We are also a big admirer of his acting brilliance and method acting. You will be shocked after seeing his performance in The Crucible. It is completely unfair to compare DDL with other actors because every actor has a different method of acting and level. He has done a marvelous job in plenty of movies including Gangs of New York, Lincoln, My Left Foot, There Will be Blood, and beyond. These actors do not care about money because their target is to entertain people with their acting. He works really hard for his roles and adds perfection to their performances. He is at number 9 in the list of top 10 greatest actors.

10- Samuel L. Jackson:

He is an American actor and producer. He gained popularity in the early 90sdue to his performances in movies like Jurassic Park, True Romance, Pulp Fiction, Django Unhained, The Hateful Eight, and Jackie Brown. His role in the Avenger series is also remarkable. He also played a wonderful role in Kong Skull Island. Moreover, he is a great actor indeed and famous for his versatility in roles and performances. He is the start of the show in various movies and worked in several action movies.

Samuel L. Jackson’s voice is one of the most recognizable voices in Hollywood. According to filmmakers and producers, he is best for any kind of role and work with ultimate passion and hard work. He is a great acting talent in cinema history and every movie of his is really worth watching. Now, he is in his 70s but looks young and fresh. He is the greatest actor of all time and done marvelous performances in movies such as Pulp Fiction. That’s why he is at number 10th in this list of greatest actors.


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