Top 10 Free WordPress Plugins for Blogs

Free WordPress Plugins

by Shamsul
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Top 10 Free WordPress Plugins for Blogs

Creating an amazing blog is a fantastic thing. You can share useful and informative data with others through blogs. Before indulging in this hobby, there are some things you should know. How can you make your blogs successful? How to optimize blogs and offer better experiences to visitors? WordPress plugins can help you in this matter. This article will list the 10 best WordPress plugins of 2023.

The good news is that these WordPress plugins are totally free, so anybody can download and install them with no problem. It is a great opportunity for new bloggers to give their blogs a little oomph without upsetting their bank statements.

You can rank your blog higher on Google ranking by making it fast-loading and captivating. It will also help to catch your users’ attention without annoying them. And you don’t need to spend a penny because they are free. What else could you ask for?



Regarding plugins for blogs, Autoptimize is the best option right now. It is a free version for WordPress plugin that is very easy to install. This free plugin reduces the size of your page and, as a result, appears quickly on the browser. This plugin offers so many benefits to bloggers. First, it increases the speed of your site by exploiting caching scripts, minifying and aggregating factors. As a result, your page loads faster and appears smoother. It is ideal for speeding up your site or page, giving visitors an amazing experience.


Akismet Anti-Spam

If you are looking for the best handy WordPress plugin, then you can’t go wrong with Akismet Anti-Spam. It doesn’t show spam comments on your website and filters them very well. It keeps spam comments in the spam folder. So, this plugin will give your visitors an amazing experience on your site. Don’t forget to add this plugin. Your website will be protected with this WordPress plugin.



Undoubtedly, UpdraftPlus is one of the most amazing free WordPress plugins. This fantastic plugin lets you easily back up all your content or blogs. It automatically backs up all your blogs. So, you don’t require to store your blogs when you have this plugin. There is no shortage of backing up blog plugins on the internet, but UpdraftPlus leads the chart.


Pretty Links

Are you ready to monetize your site or blog? Do it in style by adding this free plugin. This plugin makes your links beautiful and hides ugly links. It protects your site from spammy links and keeps things simple but beautiful. This thing is essential if you are going to start affiliate marketing.


W3 Total Cache

If you have tried so many WordPress plugins but could find the best one, then W3 Total Cache is for you. This plugin is the best choice for newbie bloggers to speed up their websites. It reduces load time, which gives an amazing experience to visitors. Plus, it also offers better search engine optimization (SEO). Moreover, Google prefers those sites that load faster. In a nutshell, this plugin provides some of the best features. Although it is slightly daunting to set up this plugin, you can do it by watching videos on YouTube or reading blogs.


Rank Math

Search engine optimization is the key factor to drive blog traffic. For amazing on-page search engine optimization, everyone recommends it. This WordPress press is made to do this specific thing. There is no doubt Rank Math is one of the best SEO plugins. It monitors your keyword usage and how your blog appears in Google searches. It also helps in setting up sitemaps for your site. It also helps in redirecting. Bonus, it is easy to add and use.


Social Warfare

For blogs, Social Warfare is one of the most fantastic plugins. It allows your visitors or followers to share your content or blogs with their audience on Pinterest and other social media platforms. Every new as well as experienced blogger should use this WordPress plugin. This free plugin can put paid plugins to shame. Although its paid version is also available, a free version is suitable for newbies. It offers top-notch customizing features to place your blogs on social media. Plus, it is lightweight and very easy to set up.


EWWW Image Optimizer

This free WordPress plugin helps to load your site faster by shrinking the size of your photos. If your blog has a heavy image, then it compresses its size and your blog will appear quickly. There is no need to Photoshop anything when you have EWWW Image Optimizer. They do the job quickly and easily. The best thing is that this WordPress plugin is totally free and ideal for bloggers.


Broken Link Checker

If you are a busy blogger that posts blogs daily, then you must add Broken Link Checker. It protects your links from breaking available in your blog. It also gives SEO features and must have for every blogger. Plus, it also allows updating your blog links without any problem. Your blogging will become easier when you add this plugin.


Lazy Load – WP Rocket

Optimized blogs are ranked higher in Google searches. Speed up your site by adding this WordPress plugin because it compresses heavy images. If your content is image-heavy, then you should use this plugin. In short, it gives an amazing user experience to your visitors.


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