Tokyo Olympic 2020 Postponed To 2021 | Due To Coronavirus

by Shamsul
Olympic 2020
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Tokyo Olympic 2020 Postponed To 2021 | Due To Coronavirus


Coronavirus is affecting every corner of the world,  even the Tokyo Olympic 2020 games announced the postponement of the event. This decision announced last week by the International Olympic Committee and the local organizers.

It was surprising news because these Summer Games are the world’s largest sports event, a venture of multi-billion dollars which takes 4 years to happen. Thousands of athletes from all over the world participate in dozens of sports and millions of fans gather to support and join this event.

Here Is The Story Of What Happened And What Are The Expectations?

Tokyo Olympic 2020 is now postponed until 2021. If we look into the history and the importance of these games, we can only see them canceled during World War, other than that they never postponed.

Other Sports Events Postponed Too?

The majority of the spring sports events will not take place now. From all over the world major events like sports leagues, soccer, golf, and many others have announced postponement because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Tokyo Olympic 2020 new scheduled date is now 23rd July 2021. This decision announced after a conference call meeting between Tokyo 2020 president Yoshiro Mori and IOC President Thomas Bach. Announced by IOC last Monday.

By this postponement now healthcare authorities will exercise their maximum inputs to tackle the pandemic coronavirus disease. Moreover, all the governments are trying to control the Global spreading of the Coronavirus pandemic. New scheduled dates announced have an exact 1-year gap, which will give margin to the IOC management to handle any description caused by the changed schedule.

The Tokyo Olympic postponement gap has set to its minimum and it will be sufficient for or the qualification process for the Athletes. Also, heat mitigation was on the agenda while planning new dates.

Postponement of Tokyo Olympic 2020

After the postponement announcement of the Tokyo Olympic, World athletics championships supposed the decision in Oregon, Aug 2021, have moved their dates to 2022. This happened to avoid the dates clashing between these two events.

Postponement of the Tokyo Olympic 2020 decision appreciated by the national committee and athletes. It is due to the pandemic Coronavirus global spreading.


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