The Power of Nature over Our Body and Mind

by Shamsul
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The Power of Nature over Our Body and Mind

Research reveals that no one can deny the power of nature over our body and mind. Just being outdoors has a significant impact on our mood, as well as our mental and physical well-being. If you are still trying to convince, bring a ball, kite, bicycle, or drawing book and accompany your children to the park. You will be amazed at the power of the sun, light and nature in general.

Many scientific studies have examined the impact of nature and natural elements on our physical and mental well-being. Here we have collected some of the benefits you and your children (even the youngest ones) will experience from spending time outdoors.


Outdoor Activity: More Physical and Mental Energy

The body and mind are closely connected. They are neither the same thing nor two totally separate things. As a result, the benefits of the environment on our body also affect our mind.

Studies from the Universities of Kansas and Utah have highlighted how prolonged contact with nature and natural environments can help us:


Improve Our Mood and Muscle Tone

We are raising our attention threshold and increasing our ability to concentrate. With your children, observe the birds, and find mushrooms or wild strawberries. These activities will be a real treasure hunt (and they will discover that each season produces its specific fruits).


Nature Stimulates the Immune System

Whether you or your children, are you often prone to colds, sore throats or a feeling of general fatigue? Your immune system may need a boost! Numerous studies show that being in contact with nature increases the resistance of our immune system.

According to one such study, specific molecules produced by trees and plants have beneficial effects on the body when inhaled. Thus, the simple fact of taking a “breath of air” in a forest can have an immediate beneficial impact on our organisms. In addition, trees seem to have the ability to reduce heart rate and blood pressure by decreasing the production of stress hormones (but we will come back to this in the second part of the article, devoted to the beneficial effects of natural environments on the psyche and mood).


An Outdoor Outing Improves Our Physical Condition (In A Very Special Way!)

We are made up of a body and a mind. A simple 60-minute walk in the woods helps us burn calories, does a walk through town the same? Walking and all forms of physical activity are suitable for the body and keep you fit. But practicing an activity in the middle of nature is full of other virtues. Indeed, nature’s vitality and the well-being of our bodies are unique. It’s proven, but do not hesitate to test it! A pair of comfortable shoes and a little piece of nature will do the trick.


Let’s Live Nature and Respect It

Whatever outdoor activity you decide to do, remember that nature deserves all our respect. She is our friend and a source of blessings. By respecting the environment, its fauna and its flora, other generations will be able to enjoy and benefit from its generosity.

Stimulate your children’s curiosity and love for animals, plants and our planet’s precious resources by describing their surroundings.

After a family outing, make yourself comfortable and play with Adventerra Games. Your children will learn to respect the environment by adopting the correct gestures and discovering the importance of water, recycling, and many other things!


Nature Reduces Stress Hormones

Being in contact with nature helps us reduce stress. An American study showed that just 20 minutes is enough to reduce the cortisol level, a stress hormone significantly.

Being outdoors makes you happy and reduces gloom

Being in contact with nature helps us reduce “negative thoughts”.

Studies reveal that our way of thinking changes during a walk in the mountains, an outing in the countryside or a run on the beach. Negative feelings and dark thoughts disappear and give way to positive emotions.

If you are mulling over negative thoughts (which may be an aggravating factor for depression), quickly go and isolate yourself in a corner of nature. A natural ally for your moods!


Nature – The Cure for Our Digital Appetite

If you read this article, you are likely behind a screen. We consume a lot of time on our laptops, tablets and computers and experience information overload. In the long term, this can lead to stress, depression and a lack of concentration.

1- Time spent outdoors has the power to counteract the adverse effects of a hyper-connected and hyper-stimulated life, allowing us to reconnect with ourselves.

2- The Environment Frees Us from Information Overload

3- A notification, a news, a like, an alarm, a ringtone, a message. Never before have we been so blasted with information as today.

4- Often, this information reaches us in numbers far greater than what our brain is able to bear without deteriorating. This results in stress, restlessness, memory and concentration problems.

5- The fresh air, the plants, the water sources and the feeling of the sand under our feet are a real remedy for the problems associated with digital technologies. These elements bring us into contact with slower rhythms and physical sensations that bring us closer to who we really are: living beings deeply connected to the world in which they live.


Being in Nature Boosts Our Creativity

One of the most surprising observations about the effects of nature on our psyche is that of creativity. Spending time outdoors detoxifies the brain from information overload and allows it to rediscover its ability to focus, pay attention, and even be creative!

To develop creativity in children, ask them to draw or explain what they saw during their excursion: a flower, a mushroom, a squirrel; every encounter counts!

You now have many good reasons to devote some of your precious time outdoors.

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