The POSEC Method: Manage Your Time Better

by Shamsul
POSEC Technique
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The POSEC Method: Manage Your Time Better


Managing your time is one of the most difficult things these days. Whether you want to level up your professional career or want to spend some quality time with yourself or your loved ones, we face difficulty in time management. Like most problems we experience in life, there are numerous solutions like The POSEC Method this a person can apply to manage his time better. A purposeful time management method can help you in this case.

A lot of people can easily manage their everyday professional and private life but some people see it as very difficult. If you are not managing your time then it can decrease your efficiency, effectiveness, and happiness. It is even harder for remote workers to manage their jobs and homes. Fortunately, we have some proven time management techniques that can be utilized in both one’s professional and private life.


Time Management Technique:

The POSEC Method is a well-researched time-management technique in which you divide your project into multiple sections on the basis of their importance and urgency, and give a specific amount of effort and time to each section. POSEC stands for Prioritizing by Organizing, Streamlining, Economizing, and Contributing. Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is the foundation of this technique. Like other time management methods, POSEC reflects a person’s private needs. If you are a busy person surrounded by so much work, then you can apply this method to make your task or project an exciting process. After all, we are not robots and don’t want to spend our life like them.


The first process in this technique is to set priority for the tasks you want to achieve. After this, you can build a strong plan for tackling different tasks that happen in a daily routine. By doing so, you can bring harmony to your work and build an excellent routine. This process will give your routine the stability that you needed to accomplish your goals.


After setting priorities for each task, now is the time to organize your work. Organize each and every section of your task in the order of significance. After this, you need to streamline your important tasks such as tasks into our plan. Yes, the whole process till now looks less fun, but they are our daily requirements. By putting in all these tasks into a plan can reduce the impact on the entire project. Of course, no one wants to find themselves with messy clothes to wear as they are rushing to a crucial meeting.


Once you have taken all your imperative chores and work activities into concern, now you need to assign a particular amount of effort and time to each task. This process is known as economizing. In this process, you need to find out which task is important and which is not important. On the basis of this thing, you can give specific time and effort to each task. You can distribute your attention on important tasks easily.


Economizing helps to decide which area or section of work is highly important. It also helps to identify where deep effort is required. On the other hand, setting deadlines for each task can motivate you to become more productive and effective both personally and professionally.


Last, of all, you need to be socially active in order to make the entire process a little exciting. As a person, you can also contribute your kindness and love to ensure that you have the time and courage to grow as people. These social factors play a huge part in achieving our objectives, according to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

The effectiveness of the POSEC method is because of the contribution. It allows people to find their happiness by contributing love and kindheartedness. This also gives relief to their busy lives and they started feeling happiness. It also brings a work-life balance to a person’s life.

Before applying the POSEC method, it is critical to understand your priorities multiple times. It is because we give significance sometimes to those things that are less important. After applying the POSEC method, you have taken a crucial step towards a great and satisfying lifestyle.


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