Love to Know The Miss World Beauty Pageant (1951-1960)

by Shamsul
Start of Miss World
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The Miss World pageant is one of the oldest and most distinguished beauty pageants in the world. It was first held in 1951, and since then, it has become an international phenomenon, with contestants from all over the world vying for the coveted title. The pageant is famous for its focus on beauty with a purpose. All the ontestants are not only judged on their physical appearance but also on their intelligence, talent, and commitment to social causes. The winner of Miss World is considered a global ambassador for beauty, grace, and goodwill. Moreover, she has the opportunity to make a significant difference in the world through her charitable work and public appearances.




1951 – Kiki Håkansson

1952 – May-Louise Flodin

1953 – Denise Perrier

1954 – Antigone Costanda

1955 – Susana Duijm

1956 – Petra Schürmann

1957 – Marita Lindahl

1958 – Penelope Anne Coelen

1959 – Corine Rottschäfer

1960 – Norma Cappagli

Here are the complete details of the winners from 1951-2023

Miss World 1951 Kiki Hakansson

Kerstin “Kiki” Håkansson (June 17, 1929 – November 11, 2011), a Swedish model and a beauty queen. She was also the winner of the first Miss World beauty pageant hosted in London, UK. was crowned Miss World on July 29th, 1951. She was the first Beauty of World of the history. Previously, she also won the title of Miss Sweden in 1951. Since This beauty pageant was organized as a mid-century advertisement platform for swimwear at the Festival of Britain by Eric Morley, Håkansson was the first and only winner who wore a bikini during the crowning ritual. This eventually led to serious condemnation by the Pope and a ban on bikinis in beauty pageants in 1952. Although, later on, bikinis were reintroduced, Håkansson remains the only winner to have received her crown while wearing a bikini.  

Miss World1952 – May-Louise Flodin

On November 14, 1952, May-Louise Flodin (then 20 years old) was crowned as the second Miss World at the pageant hosted in London, UK. It was a consecutive win for Sweden at the beauty competition. She was also the title holder of Miss Sweden in 1952. Flodin’s victory was a very important moment in the beauty pageant’s history as it established its popularity and reputation worldwide. Flodin’s achievements beauty queen remain to be of notable importance in the history of the pageant. 

Miss World 1953 – Denise Perrier

Denise Perrier won the third edition of Miss World from France after defeating a total of 14 girls. The year emerged as a double celebration year for the country as France also won the Miss Universe competition, represented by Christiane Martel. Perrier’s victory further elevated the prominence of the beauty pageant globally and diverted the world’s attention towards France. Perrier pursued her career in modeling. However, she remained closely connected with the competition. She also served as one of the judges at the finals of the competition held in 2005, 2010, 2011, and 2013.

Miss World 1954 – Antigone Costanda

Antigone was crowned Miss World in London, UK, on October 18, 1954. The Greek-Egyptian beauty queen is a multi-talented woman. She was also the first lady to win Miss Africa. Alongside being a model by profession, Antigone also had excellent knowledge of English, Italian, Greek, and French. She was also amongst the judges of the Miss Egypt competition held in 2006. In her later years, Antigone managed an interior designing company successfully. The reign of Antigone marked a historic moment where grace and beauty from Egypt and Africa were showcased on an international platform. 

Miss World 1955 – Susana Duijm

A Venezuelan actress, model, television host, and beauty queen, Susana Duijm was titled the Miss World in 1955. Before winning the competition, Susana also competed for Miss Universe 1955 and was amongst the top 15 finalists. She was also the winner of Miss Venezuela 1955. She became the first Latin American to win the title and has worked in several films and television shows. Her win brought attention to Venezuela, contributing to the country’s reputation for producing talented, beautiful women. 

Miss World1956 – Petra Schürmann

 Petra Schürmann was the only German-based model to have won the Miss World title. She was placed in third position in the Miss Germany Pageant. Prtra was selected for the beauty pageant because of her excellent knowledge of English. She worked in films, television, and radio and authored several books. Petra’s daughter, Alexandra Freund, died at the age of 34 in a car accident, which became an unbearable loss for the winner. Later in 2008, her husband passed away, and following a long illness, Petra died on 14th January 2010. 

Miss World1957 – Marita Lindahl

Being the first Finnish model to win the title, Marita Lindahl got the Miss World crown on October 14, 1957, at the age of 18 years. Director of the beauty pageant, Eric Morley, explained Marita as having “the haunting beauty and intrigue of a Greta Garbo”. Marita was the first lady from Finland who won this prestigue title and was the third Nordin woman after Sweden, who won the first two contests. 

Miss World 1958 – Penelope Anne Coelen

Penelope Anne Coelen, a South African former actress, beauty queen, and model, became the first major international title winner of Miss World who belonged to Africa. An 18-year-old secretary, she garnered much attention and recognition after winning the title and engaged in many modeling contracts. She also started her line of clothing and beauty products, primarily perfumes. The pageant was hosted in America, and 20 countries participated. 

Miss World 1959 – Corine Rottschäfer

The first-ever Dutch beauty, Corine Rottschafer, received the beauty crown of Miss World in 1959 in London, UK. Corine also took participation in other beauty pageants and received Miss Europe Title in 1957. The successful international model was also amongst the top 15 list of finalists in Miss Universe 1958, where she won the Miss Photogenic award. Apart from her modeling career, Corine also had her modeling agency in Amsterdam. 

Miss World 1960 – Norma Cappagli

Argentine beauty queen and model Noma Cappagli won the Miss World title in 1960, becoming the first to win the title from the country. She was also named Miss Argentina in 1960. After defeating 39 contestants, she received 500 pounds and a sports car. After completing her reign, Norma pursued her career in modeling. She received the beauty crown by Stirling Moss, a racing driver who was also among the panel of judges in the competition.

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