The Highest Possible Speed of Electric Scooters

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Speed of Electric Scooters

How fast electric scooters go depends on several different factors! You can find e-scooters that offer a high speed of 10, 20, and 30 miles per hour. The highest possible speed of electric scooters is located in the more technologically advanced models that offer a maximum speed of 40 miles per hour. Other speed scooters fall under the moped or motorcycle category and offer up to 55 miles per hour of top speed. You may opt for a fast-speed electric scooter, which can facilitate daily commuting or a ride in the town.

What Affects Scooters Speed?

There are various factors that determine how fast scooters go. These factors include

  • The scooter’s motor wattage,
  • How powerful the scooter’s battery is,
  • What type of tires are being used,
  • The weather conditions in which the rider is riding,
  • The biker’s weight and
  • The type of terrain being driven on.

 It is possible to boost the highest speed of your scooter with the help of a scooter pro. It is not recommended that you try to modify your scooter’s speed yourself unless you have prior mechanical experience.

How To Make Electric Scooter Faster?

A common question is often asked, “How fast do electric scooters go?”The speed of an electric scooter highly depends on its motor and battery. A scooter’s battery is available in options ranging between 24 volts to 48 volts generally. Regarding the scooter’s motor, different models will range between 200 watts to 1,000 watts. But, the more influential the motor and battery of a scooter, the more its potential speed. It is, however, not as simple as it seems.

In electric scooters, there is a mechanism known as the controller. Evident of its name, it controls the speed and movement of the installed motor. The controller is responsible for providing the engine with the right amount of electric power. Suppose you attempt to establish a high-power battery, such as 48 volts, replacing the factory-placed 24 volts version to increase the speed of your electric scooter. In that case, you will end up only with an overheated scooter. There are two options that in such a scenario. You can reprogram your controller so that it can handle more speed. Or you can connect the powerful battery version directly with the motor. In any case, both these modifications are simple to execute; if done wrong, they can also be dangerous.

Boost the Speed of Your Electric Scooter

Another option to boost the speed of your scooter is to change its sprockets. Experts suggest that the scooter’s speed can be enhanced by changing the front sprockets to one to two sizes more significant and the rear sprockets to one or two sizes smaller. Sprockets are affordable and easy to install and uninstall, making them a valid and inexpensive way to enhance a scooter’s speed.

Another way to enhance the scooter’s speed is to rewind the motor’s coil to reduce the winding number of each coil. This offers a higher RPM to the motor, increasing its speed. This, however, should be done by an expert only, as it can severely damage a scooter if done wrong.

If you wish to use your electric scooter off-road, you will require changing most parts. You will require changing the deck, fork, controller, battery, motor, and many other things. The end result, though, will impress you to the core.

Things To Avoid:

When Improving Electric Scooters’ Speed

Before streaking your scooters to enhance their speed, you must consider the fact that these scooters are not workable on long-distance traveling or off-road riding. Electric scooters are environment-friendly, low-maintenance, and low-cost vehicles that can reach places. Following are some things that one should ignore if you want to increase your scooter’s speed.

Do not overload your scooter. Your scooter has a maximum load capacity, and irrespective of whatever you do to increase its speed, the result will be the same.

Insufficient tire pressure will also affect the speed of your electric scooter, like in any other vehicle.

1- Riding Uphill. Electric scooters are not for off-road traveling, and even after tweaking your scooter to maximize speed, traveling uphill will affect its speed.

2- Aggressive ride on the scooter.

What’s The Fastest Electric Scooter?

Among a wide range of electric scooters that offer varying speeds, the Qiewa Q1 Hummer is one model within the 1,000-watt motor category that can be termed the fastest electric scooter in the lot. The Qiewa Q1 Hummer offers

1- A top speed of 35 miles per hour,

2- A maximum range of 60 mile

3- Weighs 60 pounds and

It comes with an 800-watt motor installed.

Manufactured by a Taiwanese company, the Qiewa Q1 Hummer is a heavy-duty scooter that can easily give other scooters in the market a tough time. The model comes with full rear and front suspension, rear and front disc brakes, and lights on the head, tail, and side areas. Overall, this electric scooter offers the promised utility with the fastest speed.

Qiewa Q1 Hummer has high-quality aluminum and comes with an IP6 rating of being waterproof.

Conclusion | Electric Scooters

A wide variety of electric scooters in the market offer varying features. The top speeds of these electric scooters are based on the utility they offer. While some slow-speed scooters offer a range of 10 to 20 miles per hour, high-end models offer up to 40 miles per hour top speed. If you are well aware of the mechanics of your scooter, you can vamp up the speed of your scooter, or you can always get a professional to help. Whether you are comfortable with the regular top speed of your scooter or want it modify for higher speed, electric scooters are no doubt increasingly becoming a popular choice for day-to-day commuting.

Let us know what is your ideal speed choice for an electric scooter and how you vamp up your vehicle to match your taste. Please share your experience and let us know what is the top speed of electric scooter you enjoy!

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