The Four Directions to Enhance Your Skills in the CV

by Shamsul
Enhance CV
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Enhance Your Skills in the CV

Recruiters receive dozens or even hundreds of CURRICULUM VITAE (CV) for the same position, so the objective is to attract attention to stand out. Hence, you need to be punchy and concise and know how to highlight your professional skills. Is not that easy? Here are some tips to achieve this.

1- Clearly Define Your Key Skills in Your CV

First, designate 3 or 4 skills that you want to highlight in connection with the proposed job. Remember that you will need to justify each of them on the day of the interview. The skills you choose can be hard skills, such as project management or mastering a programming language, but they can also mention soft skills. Also, they are called behavioral skills such as listening skills, team spirit, creativity, a sense of service, or the ability to create. To highlight them, work on the form of your CV. What better way to prove your creativity than to submit an application that is out of the ordinary? Of course, you can also highlight these skills through your past experiences.

2- Be Practical to Detail Your Experiences and Qualities

This is an essential point of the CV. You must mention the detail of your experiences, training, and qualities on one page. Once the choice of skills has been made, summarize your experiences by placing them in your CV from the most recent to the oldest and selecting those that go in the direction of these skills. Concerning each experience, detail in a few words your main missions. The whole idea is not to be exhaustive but rather to quote a few elements which will be a basis for discussion and on which you can bounce back in the interview.

3- Prioritize the Information and Skills in the CV

Among the software you master, you prefer to mention specialized software corresponding to your sector rather than generalists, such as the office suite. They will support your expertise and will be one more argument in favor of your knowledge of the field. To present mastery of a technique, language, or software, avoid gauges, often subjective representations. It is better to favor real terms such as beginner, intermediate and advanced or figures such as your TOEIC results. Finally, be sure to prioritize the information and skills you register and consider creating categories to organize your CV and highlight specific elements.


4- Essential to Enhance the Right Skills in CV and Attract Attention

The recruiter must feel that the experiences and skills put forward have been adapted to the position offered. This is also essential to enhance the right skills and attract attention: modify your CV with each application. Also, remember when writing a CV that many companies use software to scan the keywords present in it. In this context, be sure to use the wording and keywords set out in the ad, in the description of your assignments, for example. Finally, work on the title of your CV, which explains the position for which you are applying. It will also allow your panelist to immediately have a first hook on your profile.

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