The First Few Months Of A New Romantic Relationship

by Shamsul
Romantic Relationship
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The First Few Months Of A New Romantic Relationship

The first few months of a new romantic relationship are magical, aren’t they? However, you have to be careful because, despite the magic, the first months of a new romantic relationship are also fragile. It is at the beginning that the relationship can become anchored or crumble… There are doubts and fears, and we wonder if this is really the right person for us. The idea is to adopt the attitude that you would like the others to have toward you.

You must know what you want to bring to the other and what you would like them to bring you in exchange, but without expecting too much from the start. Here are some tips for a successful first few months of a new romantic relationship.


Avoid Certain Topics In The Beginning of The Romantic Relationship

Remember that the words you use can have repercussions. And so there are bound to be subjects that I advise you to avoid. For example, avoid talking about politics and discussing sensitive topics where opinions can be very controversial. Go a little at a time for this kind of subject to make sure you are on the same wavelength.

I once coached a woman who talked about some Arab immigrants. The man she was flirting with had family in this country. He felt targeted by her words and told her that he did not appreciate these judgments, and suddenly, a cold settled between them during the appointment. He never contacted her again.


Reflect On Your Past Mistakes

In order to avoid repeating the same mistakes that could have led to a breakup, identify them and, above all, avoid repeating them. They say it’s important to learn from our mistakes; now is the best time to apply this saying 😉

Avoid lying even if you are at the beginning of your romantic relationship
The worst thing to do in a new relationship is to tell lies. Whether it’s about your tastes, your past, or your friends. You will only put your feet in the dishes! To start a relationship on lies is to reduce the chances of living a healthy relationship. It is better to assume who you are and present yourself in your true light. If the other doesn’t like what he sees of you, it’s always better to know it right away, even if it can hurt.

Do Not Invade The Bubble of The Other

Some people are very comfortable with hugs and closeness. However, for other people, it can take a while to feel comfortable, and sometimes, despite all the love they have to offer, they don’t like having their bubble invaded too much. or their personal space at any time! In short, be careful on this point because it can lead to friction quite quickly! The other might even think that you suffer from emotional dependence.

At the beginning of a romantic relationship, the attachment, you have to be aware that it has not yet developed and that time will do this work. This doesn’t mean that there is nothing between you, but rather, it is an attraction and not an attachment. Inevitably, because this is only the beginning, everything can quickly change, whether on one side or the other. Very often, it is the misunderstandings that ruin a budding love story. The fault with an idealization of the sentimental life. We have the feeling of knowing each other forever, so suddenly, we behave as if it were the case. Even if you have a lot of affinities, don’t forget that you are two very different people.

One Day At A Time To Build Your New Romantic Relationship

During the first few months of a new romantic relationship, it is best to take it one day at a time. To consider living together and having children after a few weeks of relationship could scare the other away and ruin your chances of success. Even if you think he’s the man or woman of your life, keep a little embarrassment and take it one step at a time! Taking your time to get to know each other is imperative. And it is only with time that this happens. When we try to skip steps by spreading loud and clear all our desires and feelings too quickly, it can scare the other. I strongly encourage you to live in the moment! Maintain the lightness of the first months, and have confidence in yourself!


A Big Mistake At The Start of A New Romantic Relationship

Love doesn’t have to be perfect. It should only be true. What you should avoid is getting inspired by Hollywood movies, Netflix series, and other or worse cartoons when you meet a new person. It’s often just a dream, it’s idealism, it’s not real life! It’s totally romantic! If you think about it, maybe even several times you have had such a romantic relationship fantasy or had a behavior taken from these films and series. There has been a lot of conditioning since childhood. It’s not your fault; we put that in your head, but it’s time to deprogram yourself from it! Fight this phenomenon because real life never plays out like a movie or a series!


Deal With Your Differences From The Start

Even when two people have known each other for a long time, for example, they frequent the same friends, to start a love story well, it is therefore necessary to know that many differences can arise and that there are misunderstandings. Even if there are many strong feelings at the beginning, if you want to get started quickly in the beginning of your romantic relationship, try to love what brings you closer but also what distances you. The loved one will feel understood but also accepted, and there is nothing stronger to start a relationship. Instead of saying to yourself: “we are too different,” you will say to yourself: “we are different but we complement each other well in spite of that.”


Know What You Expect From The Relationship

It’s good to know what you expect from a potential partner. You need to be clear about this. But it’s repulsive to put everything on the table right away. Do not establish your plan over 20 years from the first appointment. It can be intimidating for your partner. It also means that you have been denied the opportunity to see how things will develop naturally with this person.


Don’t Be Too Rigid In What You Want

It’s good to have an idea of the kind of person you would like to spend your life with. But being too rigid at the start of a relationship can kill promising romances. Think about what that other person is as an individual, not in terms of political beliefs or whether they are vegan or otherwise. Put away your checklist. It’s not a good idea to interview someone on a first date. Ask her how much she earns or what her ownership status is. This is not a natural way to get to know someone. You are a potential partner, not a recruitment consultant.


Be Authentic | Romantic Relationship

The first few months of a new romantic relationship are magical, aren't they? However, you have to be careful because, despite the magic, the first months of a new romantic relationship are also fragile.

At the start of relationships, you often want to put your best foot forward. Be the cool girl or boy who is ready for anything, never complains, and always looks fabulous. When you start dating someone first time, you can put on a bit of a show. You try to perform instead of being authentic. But it is an exhausting pretext to maintain over the long term. Why not just be yourself? I try to encourage people to realize that it’s cooler to be yourself. If you’re trying too hard to play with someone, they’re probably not the right person for you anyway.


Avoid Being Too Available

When you think you’ve found the right person, it can be tempting to reschedule all your earlier plans and hole up together. You stop contacting your friends and start planning your whole life around when you can see him. You put aside any hobbies or interests you have. But if you do that, you risk finding yourself isolated. In my experience, couples who spend all their time together don’t seem to work. It becomes toxic and Co-dependent. Instead, adopt a healthy distance. You must have friendships, hobbies, and interests outside of your relationship. Beware of the love bubble. It always breaks out, whether you like it or not.


Don’t Go Too Fast | Romantic Relationship

When you’re caught up in the dopamine of a new relationship, it’s tempting to want to hit all the big milestones as quickly as possible. Many of my clients make the mistake of going too fast in general. Telling someone that you think it’s them and that you’re deeply attached to them after a date or two is not good. Don’t meet your new partner’s friends and family for at least three months. It’s okay to take things at a slower pace sometimes. Your partner wants to meet your friends and relatives after a very short time. But it’s good to take it at a slower pace. If you rush and everything falls apart after three months, you may feel helpless.


Posting Too Much of Your Life Online

Be careful what you post on social media. It can be wonderful to think that you have met your soul mate. But remember that if the relationship is going to be important, you don’t have to rush things. For now, hold off on the loving romantic tributes. If you post, “I’m in a fabulous relationship, I think this is it.” Your new partner might see it, and if it’s not you that’s on his mind, he’ll dump you before it even starts. If the relationship isn’t working out, you might feel embarrassed.


Set Clear Boundaries Early On

The first 3-4 months of a romantic relationship set a clear tone for the rest of your time together. If you’ve permitted the relationship to be on your partner’s terms, you’ll have a hard time getting over it. You need to have some respect for yourself and have very clear boundaries when it comes to dating. Be brave enough to set your limits and say, This is what I need and want. Many people are afraid to express themseleve how they want to be treated for fear of being rejected. But it is better to know now than later.

Also, people are respected to those people who know their own worth rather than accepting the crumbs and leftovers of bad behavior. Because they think that’s all they can get. You must be brave enough and don’t be afraid to negate or challenge your partner or blame them for their behavior during these first few months. If you let things slide now, it will be difficult for you later.


Do not reveal all of your past in a few meetings. Go gradually and learn to reveal yourself slowly but surely! In addition, it is normal not to agree on all the subjects of life, but give yourself the time to discover them so that it does not push you away from each other. beginning of a romantic relationship, avoid subjects that may raise too many questions. It is better to have a more united couple to talk about a subject of disagreement.

To make sure you have all the tools in hand to build a great story, whether short or for life. We have best wishes for a new love relationship and for having lasting love.


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