The 80/20 Rule In Love

by Shamsul
80-20 Law In Love
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The 80/20 Rule In Love

Understanding the 80/20 rule in love means giving yourself a chance to be able to have a successful romantic relationship. Let me explain… Many people would like a romantic relationship to be perfect. This is probably where the biggest mistake lies, and it is also one of the reasons why so many people break up and end up single. Because there is no relationship without gaps, it is a utopia. The human being is quite wrong to think that the grass is always greener in the neighborhood and that there can be better elsewhere… This is where the famous law of 80/20, the Pareto law, comes into play in love.

80% Positive, 20% Negative

Many researches in psychology show that in a normal and stable life as a couple, we would obtain 80% of what we are looking for in the other, which in my opinion is a more than interesting percentage! The remaining 20% would be summed up in what we consider more negative or what we cannot have. Unfortunately, people tend to focus more on what they can’t have, the 20%, which leads to disagreements, frustrations, arguments, and separations.

How To Perceive The 80/20 Rule in Love In Real Life

You have met a person who suits you… In addition to being to your taste physically pleasant, this person has several interests and values in common. However, unlike you, who likes to go out and meet friends, this person is more reserved and prefers evenings at home with you rather than frequent outings. This bothers you greatly… Despite all the qualities you may have perceived, human nature always tends towards the negative, towards what annoys it. The famous 20%! Rather than focusing on the 80% of qualities that you could find in this person, you remain fixed on the 20% of negatives or what you like less.

Then one day you meet THE PERSON who loves going out, just like you! You jump at the chance, thinking this is what you were looking for… Everything looks perfect; now you have what you were looking for…. But no. You will quickly realize that the 20% you found will not compensate for the 80% you had, your already established happiness.

Even if this rule seems obvious, it is not because the majority of people do not apply it. The proof is that many people let go of a person who suited them in almost every way for a single inconvenience.

80/20 Rule For Happy Life as A Couple

To have a happy life as a couple, you have to accept that perfection does not exist! As much in love as in friendship or even at work, there is no perfect world. You have to know how to appreciate what you have and put water in your wine for what suits you a little less.

The next time you think your partner is the wrong person, skip the argument and think about this law again. If you receive 80% positive in your life and 20% negative, is it really worth risking everything to look elsewhere? Forget the 20%, which is definitely not that bad after all!

80/20 Law In Love (the Pareto law in love)

By applying this 80/20 law in love (the Pareto law in love), you will see that your couple will be much better off and that you will be happier!

Would you like to elaborate more on the matter and understand all the key elements in order to be able to have a healthy romantic relationship?

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