Tenaga Nasional SWOT Analysis, USP and Competitors

Tenaga Nasional SWOT Analysis

by Shamsul
SWOT Analysis of Tenaga-Nasional
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Tenaga Nasional SWOT Analysis, USP and Competitors

Tenaga Nasional is the most popular Malaysian multinational electricity company. In this post, we will carry out the Tenaga Nasional SWOT Analysis. The company has earned immense success since its beginning. It is imperative for marketers and Tenaga Nasional’s managers to conduct a critical analysis of the company. For this purpose, SWOT is the most important tool. This tool helps to identify the company’s major factors such as its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. These factors have a huge impact on the business performance of this electric and power company.

Using a SWOT analysis, Tenaga Nasional can benchmark its performance and business. We will also talk about Tenaga Nasional’s competitors, unique selling proposition, segmentation, and much more. This article is going to be very productive for the students of marketing and business administration. Let’s get started!

Company Name: Tenaga Nasional

President: Baharin bin Din

Founded: September 1, 1990

Headquarters: Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Parent Company: Khazanah Nasional

CEO: Baharin bin Din (Mar 1, 2021)

Type: Electric Utilities

Sector: Energy and Power

Tagline: Powering the Nation

Unique Selling Proposition: Provide maintenance, repair, and support services regarding electricity.

Customers: Companies looking to buy electricity

Target Consumers: Wholesale and retail consumers

Revenue: MYR 19.14 billion (2022)

Net Income: MYR872.2 million (2022)

Strengths of Tenaga Nasional | Tenaga Nasional SWOT Analysis

The biggest reason behind the success of Tenaga Nasional is its strengths. They have several strong points which help them to maintain their competitiveness. It has a prominent financial position in the electricity sector. They have talented employees that work hard to earn revenue for the company. Here are some of the biggest strengths of Tenaga Nasional:

1. Tenaga Nasional is one of the largest power producers in Malaysia,

2. The company has vertically integrated systems, one of its biggest strengths.

3. They have advanced power equipment, experienced staff, and efficient resources.

4. Tenaga Nasional provides consultancy and production technology regarding maintenance, electric construction, and repair.

5. They have a rich capital market in Malaysia.

6. According to the latest reports, the company has more than 34,000 employees.


Weaknesses of Tenaga Nasional | Tenaga Nasional SWOT Analysis

Weaknesses in certain areas of a company can disturb its growth or expansion. However, weaknesses can be converted into strengths with planning. Weaknesses are referred to as those factors in which Tenaga Nasional is not there. Want to know the weaknesses of Tenaga Nasional? Keep reading.

1. As an electricity company, Tenaga Nasional has a huge impact on the environment as it produces a large amount of greenhouse gas every day.

2. Tenaga Nasional does not have a diversified portfolio.


Opportunities for Tenaga Nasional | Tenaga Nasional SWOT Analysis

Every company or brand has a lot of room for improvement. Tenaga Nasional has many opportunities in the country as it is one of the largest electricity producers. They can improve their product portfolio, geographic expansion, and customer services to get a lead. Below, we have mentioned some growth opportunities for Tenaga Nasional:

1. The company can focus on wind power production.

2. They can also focus on other energy generation sources.

3. They should plan to reduce their CO2 emission.


Threats for Tenaga Nasional | Tenaga Nasional SWOT Analysis

Threats are those factors that can destroy the business operation of a company. Legal factors, government policies, exchange rates, and other similar factors are one of the biggest threats to Tenaga Nasional. The following are some threats for Tenaga Nasional:

1. The increasing material and production cost makes it difficult for Tenaga Nasional to maintain its business operations.

2. The increasing demand for green energy and economic recession are two major threats for Tenaga Nasional.

3. The changing dynamics of energy and power.

4. The strict rules and regulations regarding the environment.

5. Increasing competition from competitors is another threat to the company.


Competitors of Tenaga Nasional

International Power plc

CLP Holdings Limited

Sime Darby Berhad


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