SWOT And PESTLE of Lenovo – Get to know Organization’s Vision

by Shamsul
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SWOT And PESTLE Analysis of Lenovo


Lenovo Organization Overview

Lenovo belongs to the Chinese Fortune Global 500 organization carrying on with work in 180 countries and has a strength of 71,500 workers (2021). The organization’s vision is to make personal gadgets that individuals are inspired to claim, a culture that individuals have desires of joining, and a believed business that is regarded around the world. There are two business sectors: Intelligent Devices Group manufacturing PCs, Mobiles, Smart gadgets, and the Data Center Business Group delivering management, servers, programming, administrations, and capacity building. The Incubator Group and Lenovo Capital uphold the organization and drive development through interests and incubation in new businesses that are in arrangement with the Intelligent Transformation procedure of the organization.

Company: Lenovo Group Limited

Romanized Name:      Liánxiǎng Jítuán Yǒuxiàn Gōngsī

Native name:   联想集团有限公司

FounderLiu Chuanzhi

Founded:  1 November 1984; Beijing

Main Headquarter: Beijing, China

Sub Headquarters:     

Hong Kong: global headquarter

USA: Operational headquarters Morrisville, North Carolina

CEO:  Yang Yuanqing (Chairman and CEO)

Products: Personal computers, servers, smartphones, supercomputers, printers, scanners, peripherals, televisions, storage devices

Type:  Public

Number of Employees: 71500 (2021)

Revenue: US$60.742 billion (2021)

Net IncomeUS$1.313 billion (2021)

Lenovo’s keen gadget sector drives the organization’s solid management even in 2021. Under this business category, Smartphone and PC Devices are the star units that keep on generating gigantic benefits. Lenovo holds a portion of 24.4% of the Personal Computer industry holding its #1 status in PCs.

Additionally, Lenovo further developed by utilizing its advancement as exhibited in the release of ThinkBook Plus. This device offers a top cover e-ink display. The ThinkPad X1 Fold is a laptop having a foldable screen, and the world’s first 5G connectivity – Yoga 5G, in 2020.

Lenovo Group Mission:

Besides, the release of Motorola Razr in 2020 is a reemergence of the organization in the exceptional versatile category, continuous attention in the coming days. Lenovo’s corporate plan of action is hybrid and one more critical aspect of the organization. The plan of action is a blend of both organization-possessed creational abilities and unique plan makers that effectively develops imaginative items productively while making the control of item improved and supply network activities more compelling and simple.

Lenovo Group Mission is very clear and is to be the Leader. It also wants to be an Enabler of Intelligent Transformation. It has a USP or Unique Selling Proposition that contributes to being the world’s biggest PC developer by selling more units in 2021. Lenovo is likewise one of the biggest hardware organizations around the globe.

SWOT Analysis of Lenovo:

Lenovo is named as the world’s biggest PC Vendor, third-biggest cell phone organization, and one of the biggest hardware manufacturers internationally. Obviously, Lenovo’s main abilities present the organization with an upper hand over its adversaries. In this manner, the SWOT device assists with recognizing all interior and outside factors that impact the business and its tasks. The SWOT analysis reveals a conversation on the way that the organization expands on its assets to beat root risks and interior weaknesses in its large-scale scene. The analysis likewise provides relevant options in the outer sector. It can be consolidated to additionally reinforce the organization.

Lenovo remains as a top player in the PC and hardware manufacturing industry because of a portion of its faultless assets like a main situation in the PC market, enormous and creative item portfolio, broad openness in Chinese and other developing business sectors, uncommon advertising and appropriation procedures, solid items with practical estimating, and so forth.

Lenovo’s Versatile Business:

In any case, the organization needs an additional expansion on its assets to beat a portion of its inborn risks like the absence of brand discernment in large economies, successive item reviews, slow development of market share because of high rivalry, and copied items. Business developments, vital coalitions and management, entrance into more up-to-date markets, and more are useful learning experiences that let Lenovo win outside competition. Also, 2022 will keep on being a time of additional interest in Lenovo’s versatile business to animate current and future learning experiences in novel and rewarding business sectors.

Exceptional rivalry from global and nearby players, clone market, value wars, quickly evolving innovation, programming piracy, and so forth are dangers that can ruin Lenovo’s development and productivity.


Here is the Lenovo Group’s SWOT analysis with detailed analysis and findings:

Solid financial management across the group. International leader in the conventional PC industry. Successful initiatives for brand building.Geographically versatile revenue mix.Interest in supporting abilities as a manufacturer of end-to-end solutions. Changing conventional serve business into a diverse portfolio database setup.Weak smartphone strategy compared to rivals. Data breaches and cyber-attacks.
Developing Smart Home industry globally. Options in database setups in India.Solid market ability to develop IoT business.Trade rivalries and wars against China by the USA. Economical risks due to the international scale of operations.Disturbance in supply chain services, systems, and components. The risk associated with the management process and quality. Strong competition. Quickly changing trends in markets.
Here is the Lenovo Group’s SWOT analysis with detailed analysis and findings:


PESTLE Analysis of Lenovo

In 2021, organizations working in the electronic field are profoundly controlled by tech patterns like Virtual Reality, Internet Of Things (IoT), Augmented Reality, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Blockchain. Consequently, organizations require a talented cutting-edge labor force having experience in the latest technological sectors. Subsequently, the PESTLE analysis is used to show a conversation on such patterns, variables, and exterior powerhouses especially political, economical, social, innovative, natural, and legal, their result on the PC and equipment industry and widely on Lenovo brand.

The PEST/STEEP/ PESTLE analysis report is a pictorial design to investigate the result of outside factors on the large-scale factors that impact the service of Lenovo organization. It is to be sure, a valuable method to concentrate on the effect of forces to be reckoned with Lenovo’s plan of action, business contextual investigation, market procedure, and development direction.

Evidence of Innovation:

Industry-based organizations are tested by worldwide economical elements that incorporate never-ending international vulnerabilities, shortages in the supply chains, and recently the flare-up of the Corona Virus. In any case, the eagerly awaited tech pattern of 2021 is evidence of innovation in the medical sector and the usage of 3D image technology. These points provide Lenovo with gigantic business options in cutting-edge prosthetics. Present in 180 countries, Lenovo is significantly impacted by different worldwide political and legal variables. Since Lenovo is settled in China it fundamentally needs to comply with the laws and guidelines imposed by the Chinese government for international and national setups.

Likewise, Lenovo should guarantee it follows both public and worldwide standards to control environmental contamination and decrease energy utilization. Especially the Chinese government empowers Green IT organizations that insignificantly affect the climate. The Lenovo holdings isopsophic index is under 30dB making it a Green IT service in the noise pollution sector. It takes up its natural and social obligation too severely and requests its network to follow something very similar. The organization utilizes bio-based materials like sugarcane and bamboo to decrease its package utilization, waste, and fossil fuel emission levels.


Find detailed analysis of the Lenovo Group and its PESTLE/STEEP/PEST analysis report:

Influence of China-US trade conflict. The intervention of Chinese nationalist factors in business.Global macroeconomic scenario.
Expectations of Generation Z and Millennial.Technological advancement in the latest gadget-friendly world. Intelligent transformation solutions.Strategic partnerships.
Intellectual asset rights in the technology sector. Data privacy problems in this sector. Sustainable packaging and transport. Corporate struggles to get sustainable development targets set by the UN. Facing the risk of climate change.
Lenovo Group and its PESTLE/STEEP/PEST analysis report:

Aside from SWOT and PESTLE Analysis we Likewise Do:

  • Value chain analysis.
  • Five powers of porter.
  • BCG Analysis.
  • Key Success Elements.
  • Competition Analysis.
  • Positioning Analysis.
  • Different models and investigations such as segment target.

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