SWOT Analysis of Yves Saint Laurent, Competitors & USP

YSL SWOT Analysis

by Shamsul
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SWOT Analysis of YSL, Competitors & USP

The SWOT analysis of Yves Saint Laurent highlights its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. It is a remarkable strategic tool to analyze the internal as well as external factors of a company. This SWOT analysis of YSL shows the working and business performance. There is no doubt that YSL is an admired brand in the lifestyle and retail department. We will also discuss some important factors like its positioning, segmentation, and USP (Unique Selling Proposition).

Founders: Yves Saint Laurent, Pierre Bergé

Founded: Paris, France, July 1961

Parent Company: Kering, Kering Holland NV

CEO: Francesca Bellettini (Sep 1, 2013–)

Type: Apparel & Accessories

Sector: Lifestyle & Retail

Tagline: “Rive gauche”

Unique Selling Proposition: Pioneer of Designer Wear

Customers: Upper-Class Men and Women

Target Consumers: Fashion-Conscious Men and Women

Revenue: Approximately 1.74 billion Euros (2020)

Net Income: €1,744.4 million (2020)

Strengths of Yves Saint Laurent – SWOT Analysis

Yves Saint Laurent has a strong presence in three continents and 10 prominent countries with more than 70 stores worldwide.

It is considered as the reviver of couture. Moreover, the brand has a long history and a revered name in the lifestyle and retail sector.

The product portfolio of YSL is really vast as it offers footwear, handbags, and other accessories to men and women. They have developed their own reputation and image with their high-quality offerings.

YSL was on the verge of bankruptcy but Gucci group saves the brand by acquisition.

Weaknesses of Yves Saint Laurent – SWOT Analysis

Yves Saint Laurent has not used its monogram on their items which is the biggest weakness for the company. It is hard to identify their products at first sight.

The change of creative director due to several allegations are putting the brand into trouble. This kind of thing creates problems for the company, and it is currently in the transition stage.

Opportunities for Yves Saint Laurent – SWOT Analysis

The brand does not have a presence in Asian markets, so they have a wonderful opportunity to expand their business into these markets to earn more fame and revenue.

There is no doubt that Yves Saint Laurent’s vintage collection is still in demand, so they can revive this section to attract more consumers.

Yves Saint Laurent can adopt more green initiatives to attract nature-conscious users. They can give a new direction to the company by taking CSR activities into account.

Threats to Yves Saint Laurent – SWOT Analysis

The main consumers of Yves Saint Laurent are from the upper class because it is a luxury brand. Other brands are effectively targeting middle and lower-class customers with their attractive offerings at handsome prices. It is a big threat to the revenue of YSL.

Due to the recession in big markets and countries, the brand also faces severe consequences regarding loss of sales and revenue.

The competitors of YSL are really big such as Louis Vuitton (LV) and Gucci. Even though Gucci group is a parent company, it is really profitable and identifiable compared to YSL.

Competitors of YSL:

Louis Vuitton


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