Need to Read SWOT Analysis of Walgreens

by Shamsul
Walgreens SWOT Analysis
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Want to Learn from SWOT Analysis of Walgreens

In this article, we will perform a comprehensive SWOT analysis of Walgreens. It is a big company in the USA that sells medicine and other stuff in their stores. They’re also one of the top companies that sell prescription drugs. In 2020, they were one of the biggest companies in the world by how much their company is worth. Walgreens is a big company around the world because they use smart ways to tell people about their products. This is important for any business because most people are online these days, so it’s easier to reach them.

This makes us curious about why Walgreens is doing so well in its business. To find out, we will study the SWOT analysis of Walgreens. But before we do that, let’s first find out about Walgreens as a company, what it sells, who its competitors are, and how it’s doing financially.

About Walgreens

Walgreens started way back in 1901 by a man named Charles Rudolph Walgreen in Chicago, Illinois. Its main office is now in Deerfield, Illinois, in the United States. They run more than 9,000 stores all over the United States and have a huge team of over 300,000 employees. Walgreens really wants to help people stay healthy and feel better. They want to be the top choice for making healthcare and well-being better in your neighborhood. They’re famous for filling prescriptions, selling health and wellness stuff, sharing health information, and offering photo services.

Company Name: Walgreens

Founder: Charles Rudolph Walgreen

Founded: 1901

Headquarters: Deerfield, Illinois, United States

Parent Company: Walgreens Boots Alliance

President: John T. Standley

CEO: Rosalind Brewer (2021-)

Type: Pharmaceutical Retail

Sector: Lifestyle & Retail

Tagline: “Trusted since 1901”.

Unique Selling Proposition (USP): Walgreens is one of the biggest stores for medicine and healthcare stuff in the United States.

Customers: Pharmaceutical companies and drug retail firms.

Target Consumers: Middle and upper class people.

Revenue: 132.703 billion USD (2022)

Net Income: 4,337 million USD (2022)

Products Offered by Walgreens

  • Health products
  • Wellness products
  • Photo services
  • Filling prescriptions
  • Health information

Competitors of Walgreens

  • Rite Aid
  • Walmart
  • Shoppers Drug Mart
  • Kroger
  • Target
  • CVS Caremark

The SWOT analysis of Walgreens will help us see what parts of the business are doing good and what parts are not doing so well, so we can make them better. Strengths and Weaknesses are the things inside Walgreens that it’s good at or not so good at. Opportunities and Threats are the things outside of Walgreens that could be good chances or challenges for the company.

Strengths of Walgreens | SWOT Analysis of Walgreens

This SWOT analysis of Walgreens highlights its strengths. Here are some things that make Walgreens a strong and successful company today.

  • Loyal Suppliers

The company has lots of good suppliers for the stuff it needs, so it doesn’t run into problems with getting things it needs for its business.

  • Strong Brand Portfolio

Over time, Walgreens has invested in building a strong collection of brands. This collection is really handy when the company wants to start selling new types of products.

  • Strong Distribution Network

Walgreens has set up a strong system for getting its products to the people who might want to buy them.

  • Successful Acquisitions and Mergers

The company has done a good job of using technology companies to make its work smoother and build a strong way of getting things it needs.

  • Good Returns on Capital

Walgreens does a pretty good job of starting new projects and making money from the money it spends on them, by creating more ways to make money.

  • Strong Bonding with Dealers

Walgreens has created a culture among the people who sell its products. These sellers not only talk about the company’s products but also teach their salespeople how to show customers the best ways to use the product to get the most out of it.


Weaknesses of Walgreens | SWOT Analysis of Walgreens

Weaknesses are things that slow down Walgreens’ growth. These are problems inside the company that it needs to fix. This section of the SWOT analysis of Walgreens shows its major weaknesses.

  • Poor Feedback System

Walgreens struggled to handle the competition from new companies in certain market areas, and as a result, it lost a bit of its market share in those specific categories. To overcome these challenges, Walgreens needs to set up a way for its sales department to get feedback from the field.

  • High Attrition Rate

Compared to other companies in the same industry, Walgreens loses more employees and spends more money training and helping its workers grow.

  • Low Ratios

Walgreens doesn’t make as much profit compared to other companies in the same industry, and its net contribution is also lower than what’s usual.

  • Failure to Consolidate Firms

Walgreens has trouble making small companies work well together because they sometimes fail to bring together different ways of doing things from these companies.

  • Poor Product Forecasting

This means that Walgreens misses more chances to succeed compared to other companies. One reason for this is that Walgreens is not very good at predicting how much of its products people will want to buy, so it keeps more products in stock both in its stores and in the supply chain.

  • Shortage of Products

The lack of choices can give new competitors a special place in the market.


Opportunities for Walgreens | SWOT Analysis of Walgreens

In this part of the SWOT analysis of Walgreens, we will talk about the opportunities that the company can exploit to enhance its market share and position. These things help Walgreens get more customers and make its business better.

  • Capture New Markets

Because of new technology rules and government agreements on free trade, Walgreens can now be a part of a new growing market.

  • Revise Pricing Strategy

With the new technology, Walgreens can use a special pricing plan in the new market. This way, they can keep their loyal customers happy with great service and get new customers by offering them some good deals.

  • Target Online Customers

The company has spent a lot of money on its online program, and now it has a new way to sell its products. In the future, they can use this opportunity to learn more about their customers and use fancy computer analysis to help them with what they want.

  • Introduce New Product Line

The new chances will make things fair for everyone in the industry. This is a good chance for Walgreens to become a leader in new technology and get more customers in the new product area.

  • Market Progression

The growth of the market will weaken what the competitors have and help Walgreens become even better at competing against them.

  • Lowering Transportation Costs

If Walgreens can make it cheaper to transport their stuff, they can also make their products cheaper. This can help them make more money or get more customers by giving them better deals.


Threats to Walgreens | SWOT Analysis of Walgreens

Threats are bad things that can harm Walgreens’ successful business. Here are some of the things from this SWOT analysis of Walgreens that could hurt Walgreens:

  • Increasing Pay Levels

If Walgreens charges 15 dollars for an hour of work and raises prices in China, it can really hurt their ability to make money.

  • Increasing Cost of Raw Materials

This could be a problem for Walgreens because if they raise the prices of the materials they use to make their products, they might have to charge more for the finished products, which could make it harder for them to make money.

  • Economic Isolationism

If the United States becomes more isolated in its economy, other countries might do the same. This could lead to a drop in Walgreens’ sales around the world.

  • Lack of Innovative Products

The company has made a lot of products over time, but usually, it’s in reaction to what other companies are doing. Also, the supply of completely new products is not steady, so sometimes they sell a lot and sometimes not as much.

  • Strong Competition

In the past two years, as more companies in the industry started making money regularly, it has caused prices and the total amount of stuff sold to go down.

  • Liability Laws

If Walgreens can make it cheaper to transport their products, they can also make their products cheaper. This can help them make more money or attract more customers by offering them better deals.


To Sum Up

Despite facing challenges, Walgreens has become one of the strongest and top companies. They have reliable suppliers and a great way of reaching customers through marketing. They can make their business even better by adjusting their prices and getting more online customers. But, there are some problems that are slowing them down. They don’t get enough feedback from customers, and their profits are not as high as other companies in the market. Also, they face competition from other companies and the tendency of the US to isolate itself. These are some of the things they need to deal with. And that’s the conclusion of our analysis of Walgreens. This study helps Walgreens make its plans better and do better in its business. Other marketing people can also from the SWOT Analysis of Walgreens.


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