SWOT Analysis of Under Armour

Under Armour SWOT

by Shamsul
Under Armour SWOT
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SWOT Analysis of Under Armour


In sports apparel, Under Armour is an excellent brand with various offerings. Kevin Plank founded it in 1996. It is an American brand that also offers casual wear and accessories. It has several outlets globally, including the Middle East, Europe, North America, Africa, and Asia. In this post, we will review the SWOT Analysis of Under Armour to benefit ourselves.

The current CEO of Under Armour is Patrik Frisk. It is an unbeatable name in sportswear. Their product portfolio is really innovative. They manufacture products according to the weather demand. Currently, they have more than 16400 employees.


Company Name: Under Armour

Founders: Kevin Plank

Founded: Sep 25, 1996

Headquarters: Baltimore, Maryland, United States

Parent Company: 

CEO: Patrik Frisk (Jan 2020-)

Type: Clothing, Footwear, Accessories, Sports Equipment

Sector: Lifestyle and Retail

Tagline: I Will… Protect This House

Unique Selling Proposition: To bring innovation in its products to make fitness professionals and athletes feel comfortable. 

Customers: Sports enthusiasts and athletes

Target Consumers: Professional sports persons and individuals who prefer comfort and style.

Revenue: $5.7 billion  (2021)

Net Income: 397 million US dollars (2021)

Strengths of Under Armour:

Strong Product Portfolio:

The strong product portfolio has strengthened the company and its overall standing in the competitive market. They do not rely on a specific product. They are dealing in sports clothes, footwear, every type of gear, and casual wear. Such extensive range makes it a market leader. Nearly every product category of Under Armour is bestselling and helps the company to generate huge revenue every year.

Supply Chain Network:

The company has stunned its competitors and investors with its amazing growth in the previous years. It was only possible because of effective policies and timely decisions. They have a strong distribution network that helps the company earn immense revenue and popularity. They sell its products all over the world through direct channels, online platforms, and licensing. Such a strong factor will also help the company expand its operation in the future.

Adoption of Latest Technologies:

The company has created various useful fitness apps such as Endomondo, MapMyFitness, and MyFitnessPal. They like to adopt the latest technologies which assist them in securing amazing revenue every year. They are trying to create more apps in order to expand their operation.

Brand Recognition:

The company has won many international and local awards. It was the most valuable player in the market, according to Interbrand. These factors have helped the company to increase its brand recognition globally. This thing also erases the doubts from the mind of investors. So, they invest in the brand aggressively.

Strong Ecommerce:

According to Under Armour, they are accelerating their sales channels by introducing a new ecommerce site. They have a strong ecommerce presence and customers can buy its products from anywhere without any hassle.

Weaknesses of Under Armour:

Limited Global Reach:

As compared to Nike, Adidas, and other sports brands, the company does not have a strong global presence. It is heavily dependent on the American markets. It is a weakness of the brand and can disrupt its revenue in the future in case of any trouble. They generate most of their revenue from local markets. However, such overdependence on American markets can lead to several uncertainties for the company.

Risky Investments:

In previous years, the company has made several risky and big investments. These were totally unnecessary investments, and the company should think about them. They need to spend money wisely in order to make new acquisitions.

  1. Late Adoption of Ecommerce:

The company’s adoption of ecommerce has been really slow as compared to competitors. They generate most of their revenue from online channels, so they must enhance ecommerce technology.

Pitiable Expansion Policies:

The company has made various poor expansion decisions that are the biggest weakness of the brand. Certainly, these decisions or policies can make the brand weaker in the competitive market. Finally, they should resolve this issue and hire some experts to make effective expansion strategies.

Opportunities for Under Armour:

Increase Products:

Under Armour only deals in sports products such as shoes, clothes, and accessories, but they have the potential to introduce more products in eyewear, watches, casual wear, and much more. It is a useful method to attract more customers. It will give Under Armour a competitive advantage over competitors. Moreover, they must introduce modifications in their existing product portfolio in order to retain existing consumers. It is a big opportunity for the brand, and they can earn more revenues.

Collaboration and Partnership:

The company should make useful partnerships and collaborations with other brands. They have collaborated with Macy’s, Kohl, and Dillard’s. These retailers not only sell their products but also promote the brand. They should think about more collaboration in order to expand their growth and reach.

Focus on Emerging Markets:

Under Armour should target emerging markets to sell its products. Countries in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa have so much potential for the brand. Indeed, they can help to increase its profitability and global operation too.

Introduce More Women’s Apparel:

The brand must bring new products in women’s apparel because of the growing demand for women’s products. From casual to undergarments and other categories, they can introduce new products to attract women.

Threats to Under Armour:

Political Affiliation:

The company was in the headlines due to the association of CEO Kevin Plank with President Donald Trump. For this reason, the company faced a huge backlash from people as well as brand ambassadors. However, such controversies and scandals can hurt the business of Under Armour.

Stiff Competition:

Nike, Adidas, and Reebok are some of Under Armor’s biggest giants and competitors. Indeed, they are continuously disrupting the sales and profits of the company by offering innovative products at attractive prices. They can also disturb the customer base of the company.

Product Capabilities:

Many athletes and fitness devotees have criticized the company due to its poor chin straps and athletic cups. Certainly, they caused some serious injuries. However, such news could damage the reputation of the brand.

Uncertainty in the Market:

Recent events such as Covid-19 and the economic recession have gravely affected the brand’s profitability. Its annual sale has dropped and they can face more losses.


This SWOT analysis of Under Armour shows a bright future for the company. Surely, they have earned immense popularity all over the world through aggressive publicity and media coverage. Moreover, its revenue is booming day by day, which opens the door of expansion. It has a strong presence in the US markets, but they have the potential to target other international markets. However, they just need to cut unnecessary expenses to avoid any risk.


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