SWOT Analysis of TSMC | A Leading Semiconductor Manufacturer

by Shamsul
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SWOT Analysis of TSMC – A Leading Semiconductor Manufacturer from Taiwan

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) is a leading semiconductor manufacturer in Taiwan. It is a leading firm in terms of revenue and sales. This SWOT Analysis of TSMC will show its internal and external business environment. Its business strategy and model mainly depend on the semiconductor needs of enterprises and tech companies. Therefore, TSMC has always placed a high priority on the success of its consumers. The company highly focuses on the expansion of its manufacturing capabilities. The recent event of Covid-19 has affected the business of TSMC, just like other players. This factor has changed the overall challenges and dynamics of the semiconductor manufacturing industry.

Today, we will conduct a comprehensive SWOT Analysis of TSMC and figure out its market competitiveness in comparison to other players. Before we start our analysis, let’s look at its important factors such as history, competitors, financial position, and offerings.


An Overview of TSMC | SWOT Analysis of TSMC

Headquartered in Hsinchu, Taiwan, TSMC was founded in 1987. The company launched its business model by specializing solely in producing semiconductors for companies like Marvell, AMD, MediaTek, Broadcom, Apple, and ARM. Because of its foundry business structure, TSMC has become one of the top semiconductor foundries in the world since it was founded.

Automotive electronics, high-performance computing, mobile devices, and the IoT are just a few examples of the end markets where TSMC’s semiconductors are used. As a result, TSMC is able to keep up a higher level of productivity and earn respectable returns on its investment in the future.

To support customers, partners and to draw in top talent from around the world, TSMC started construction on a semiconductor fab in the US in May 2020. South Korea, China, Europe, Japan, and North America are among the regions where TSMC has offices. The business is additionally registered on the TWSE (Taiwan Stock Exchange).

Company Name: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC)

Founder: Morris Chang

Founded: February 21, 1987

Headquarters: Hsinchu, Taiwan

CEO: C. C. Wei (2013-)

Type: Semiconductors

Sector: IT and Tech

Tagline: We Tell The Truth

Unique Selling Proposition (USP): World’s leading semiconductor manufacturer.

Customers: Companies that need semiconductors.

Target Consumers: Tech companies, PC and laptop manufacturers, and electronic companies.

Revenue: $75.881 billion (2022)

Net Income: $34.072 billion (2022)

SWOT Analysis of TSMC

SWOT represents Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. It is a useful strategic planning tool that aids companies like TSMC in finding out where it is doing well, where it has weaknesses, what possible factors can damage its business, and how it can achieve success. This analysis is a combination of internal and external business factors. TSMC can take a competitive lead over its competitors by conducting this analysis. Continue to read the complete SWOT Analysis of TSMC:


Strengths of TSMC

The elements of the company’s success rely on its strengths. Strengths are those characteristics and crucial areas where the business outperforms its rivals. The TSMC’s strengths are as follows:

1- Product Quality

Because its products, semiconductors and chipsets, are of high quality and improve user experience, consumers continue to value it and show greater brand loyalty. This enhances their performance in the cutthroat market and contributes to customer satisfaction because they perceive it to be a good value for the money they spend.

2- Market Value

In terms of market value, TSMC is one of the market leaders. It has surpassed many big corporations in its industry such as Intel. After surpassing many giants, the company achieved the status of being the world’s most valuable firm.

3- Advantage of Being First Mover

The company enjoys the advantage of being a first-mover. It was the first and currently is a leading semiconductor manufacturing foundry in the world. It is one of the key strengths of TSMC.

4- Robust Financial Condition

The financial position or condition of TSMC is exceptional. It has the ability to invest in new ventures to increase its profitability and revenue stream.

5- R&D

The business is constantly innovating and increasing its production capacity and R&D operations. To meet the high market demand, the company has invested so much in its R&D to enhance its manufacturing capacity and market demand.

6- Intellectual Property Rights

TSMC owns numerous intellectual property rights, including trademarks and patents. As a result, rival companies need help to copy or reverse engineer the company’s products.

7- Sells to Eminent Corporations

Nvidia, Apple, MediaTek, AMD, Marvell, Broadcom, and many other giant corporations are the main clients of TSMC. These corporations are highly popular around the world due to their tech services and products.


Weaknesses of TSMC | SWOT Analysis of TSMC

Weaknesses are those factors of a company that put it at the difficulty in comparison to competitors. The weaknesses prevent the business from operating at its highest potential and act as obstacles to accomplishing objectives.

1- Rival’s R&D

There is no doubt that TSMC is investing so much in research and development, but it is not enough compared to competitors’ investments. Its rivals are spending more money and resources on R&D. As a result. They are also able to manufacture and sell innovative products. They can damage the market image and share of the company.

2- Shortage of Chipset

The Covid-19 wave has caused the company to experience a chipset shortage. According to the company, by the end of 2024, it will still be dealing with this problem.

3- Lack of Talent

As it struggles in the area of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), TSMC needs help finding employees with the necessary technical expertise.

4- Low Rate of Return on Investment

TSMC has the strongest balance sheet, but despite this advantage, it should pay attention to one metric, “Return on Invested Capital,” which subtly suggests a low rate of returns on investment.

5- Environmental Track Record

The company records more serious environmental concerns as a result of the carbon emissions produced during semiconductor production. This poor track record regarding the environment is the major weakness of TSMC.


Opportunities for TSMC | SWOT Analysis of TSMC

TSMC can outperform all of its competitors by exploiting opportunities in a better way. This will help the company to boost its profits and performance.

1- Financial Resurgence

After years of recession and sluggish industrial growth, the economy is finally recovering, and consumer spending is increasing. TSMC can take advantage of these trends to gain market share and attract more clients.

2- Gaming Industry’s Boost

The usage of gaming consoles has considerably increased, including the brand-new Xbox, and PS5, which demand cutting-edge gaming graphics, drivers, and chipsets. This allows TSMC to produce the necessary quality and win the installation contract.

3- Make New Subsidiary

The company plans to establish Japan Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing (JASM) in Japan as a subsidiary. Correspondingly, the semiconductor industry may undergo a revolution due to their plans to produce 22 and 28-nanometer processes.

4- Work on Its Digital Marketing

As one of the top manufacturers of semiconductors worldwide, TSMC must exploit the opportunity of the rapidly developing digital era and use digital marketing strategies to forge stronger relationships with its clients online. A powerful online presence makes a positive first impression and attracts new clients.

5- Innovation in Technology

The development of chipsets and semiconductors using the most recent technologies should be the main focus of TSMC to increase its efficiency and reduce its cost as machine learning. Artificial intelligence (AI) is completely changing the tech industry.


Threats to TSMC | SWOT Analysis of TSMC

The unfavorable elements that could harm a company’s ability to operate in its sector are known as threats. The major threats to TSMC are given:

1- Patent Disputes

Three years ago, TSMC was embroiled in numerous patent conflicts. GlobalFoundries has accused the company of filing bogus patents. For the next ten years, the dispute is, however, settled.

2- Customer Experience

With its products such as chipsets and semiconductors, TSMC is working to enhance mobile device performance and customer experience. If customers experience any hanging and lagging problems, TSMC’s responsibility is directly called into question.

3- Rising Cost of Doing Business

Environmental regulations are mounting up the cost of TSMC’s chipsets and semiconductors on a daily basis. The cost of logistics and packing also rises as a result of higher environmental taxes levied by the government.

4- Global Geo-Political Variables

The organization should pay close attention to different events that have an impact on global trade and incorporate them into strategy formulation, such as the Venezuelan Inflation, the Russian Sanctions, and the Foreign Exchange Crisis.

5- Increase in the Number of Commodities

The need for a more educated and labor workforce may threaten the company’s profitability. A lack of necessary resources in some international markets threatens the potential for continued earnings growth for TSMC in the market.


Products Offered by TSMC | SWOT Analysis of TSMC

  • Semiconductors
  • Computer hardware
  • GPUs
  • Consumer electronics
  • Graphics cards


Competitors of TSMC

  • Foxconn
  • MediaTek
  • Qualcomm
  • Intel
  • Samsung


The Bottom Line | SWOT Analysis of TSMC

One of the leading semiconductor manufacturers in the world is TSMC. As mentioned, the company prioritizes its customers, contributing to its success. TSMC continues to maintain its strong position in the IT industry despite being up against stiff competition from numerous other businesses, including Samsung, MediaTek, Qualcomm, Intel Corporation, and many others. TSMC has outperformed nearly all of its rivals, and the credit goes to its successful marketing approach. This SWOT analysis of TSMC will help you to give useful information about the company.


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