SWOT Analysis of Saudi Aramco

Saudi Arabian Oil Company

by Shamsul
Saudi Aramco
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SWOT Analysis of Saudi Aramco – A Leading Oil and Gas Company in the World

In terms of market capitalization, Saudi Aramco is one of the leading crude oil producers in the world. In this post, we will do the SWOT Analysis of Saudi Aramco for those who are intrested toknow the working of the biggest oil and gas producing company in the world.

A petroleum-based enterprise and state-owned company, Saudi Aramco or Saudi Arabian Oil Company, was founded in 1933 and its main office is in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. The company is trying to dominate its market position in the industry by tackling all the important issues happening in its business. This vision enables it to remain the global player in the oil and gas sector. They carry this vision by innovating things and making significant investments in the industry.

Saudi Aramco is the country’s most significant source of economic progress, employment opportunities, sustainability, and environmental awareness. In other words, it has been growing day by day. But, it can get more traction in its sector by implementing the right marketing strategies. This is how Saudi Aramco can fulfill the demand of a large number of customers. To know what we have included in the SWOT analysis of Saudi Aramco, you have to read this post from start to finish. This tool helps to understand about the company, its financials, products, services, and competitors.

Company Name: Saudi Aramco

Founders: Standard Oil Co. of California

Founded: 29 May 1933

Headquarters: Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

Parent Company: Saudi Refining, Inc.

CEO: Amin H. Nasser (September 2015- )

Type: State-Owned Enterprise

Sector: Oil and Gas

Tagline: Energy is opportunity

Unique Selling Proposition: To become a sustainable oil and gas company in the world with ultimate diversity.

Customers: Companies and households

Target Consumers: Big enterprises, organizations, and households

Revenue: 552.25 billion dollars (2022)

Net Income: 130,342 dollars (2022)

Major Products of Saudi Aramco | SWOT Analysis of Saudi Aramco

Right now, the company is delivering a wide variety of products to its customers in its segment. We have listed some of its major products or offerings in the oil and gas sector:

  • Natural gas
  • Petroleum
  • Petrochemical derivatives

Competitors of Saudi Aramco

The oil and gas sector in the country is very saturated. There are several companies that want to get a leading position by putting Saudi Aramco’s position in danger. We have mentioned some major competitors of the company:

  • ExxonMobil
  • Shell
  • BP
  • MPC (Marathon Petroleum Corporation)

So, you have a clear idea about Saudi Aramco. Let’s conduct its SWOT Analysis.


SWOT Analysis of Saudi Aramco

There is no doubt that SWOT analysis is a valuable method that companies like Saudi Aramco can utilize to figure out its internal as well as external factors. Strengths and weaknesses represent internal factors, whereas opportunities and threats are external factors. SWOT analysis will help the company to unearth its current market position by providing a complete overview of its industry.

Let’s begin with its SWOT analysis by highlighting the strengths of this global oil and Gas Company.


Strengths of Saudi Aramco

A company like Saudi Aramco can only maintain its position in the competitive market on the basis of its strengths. They are the most important factors for Saudi Aramco and help it to retain its market share and position. Let’s have a look at the main strengths of Saudi Aramco:

1- Incredible Refining and Production Capacity

When it comes to production and refining raw materials, Saudi Aramco leads the chart because it has an amazing capacity. So, it is the strength of the company to cater to a large number of customers with its offerings in the industry.

2- Technological Advancements

The company uses highly innovative technologies and machinery in production, refining, and management. As a result, they are very efficient in their industry and have the highest production capacity.

3- Cost-effectiveness

Globally, Saudi Aramco has the lowest cost per production of a barrel. Due to this reason, most of its products are cost-effective because of affordable production costs.


Weaknesses of Saudi Aramco | SWOT Analysis of Saudi Aramco

One of the biggest hurdles in the growth of Saudi Aramco is its weaknesses. They prevent the company from achieving its business goals and desired position in the oil and gas sector. It is imperative to find these flaws or weaknesses and work hard to solve them ASAP. We have listed some major weaknesses of Saudi Aramco:

1- Over-dependence on a Particular Product

There are many products that Saudi Aramco offers in the industry. However, it depends on only one product and that is crude oil. This type of over-reliability on a single product can harm the company’s growth in the future. It can impact its profitability and product offering.

2- Pressure from Transparency Companies and Government Departments

The company faces stiff regulations from the government and corporate companies over its transparency.


Opportunities for Saudi Aramco | SWOT Analysis of Saudi Aramco

In the Saudi oil and gas industry, Saudi Aramco has many growth opportunities in gaining market leadership and product innovation. By utilizing the strengths, the company can accomplish its business objectives. It will strengthen its financial statement and help capture markets other than Saudi ones. Keep reading to discover some major opportunities for Saudi Aramco:

1- Worldwide Financial Growth

The ever increasing demand for oil and gas products in the world is a big opportunity for Saudi Aramco. They can increase their production and offerings to fulfill consumers’ growing demands.

2- IPO of Saudi Aramco

The company can bring financial transparency in its operations by releasing its IPO (Initial Public Offering). In this way, they can find out the real valuation.


Threats to Saudi Aramco | SWOT Analysis of Saudi Aramco

Threats are the main factors that can destroy Saudi Aramco’s business. It can affect its growth, finances, and revenue stream on a huge scale. The company must find out about these threats and take necessary precautions. The given are some of the main threats to Saudi Aramco:

1- Assessment of New Products

If other companies successfully explore new ways of production and refining crude oil products, then they can negatively impact Saudi Aramco’s growth. So, the company should focus on the exploration of new developments in order to avoid this threat.

2- Environmental Concerns

The dependence on non-conversational and renewable energy sources is increasing day by day. It could hurt the global production and sales of the company’s products. The company should invest in renewable energy and environmentally-friendly fuel products.

It is the end of Saudi Aramco’s SWOT analysis. According to this analysis, the company can increase its market share, cap, and growth by streamlining its business.


Summary | SWOT Analysis of Saudi Aramco

Based on this SWOT Analysis of Saudi Aramco, we clearly have an idea that Saudi Aramco is a global oil and gas company. It is unbeatable when it comes to production and refining capacity. The company uses advanced technologies in order to make its production cost-effective. These factors can produce so many growth opportunities for Saudi Aramco in its industry. However, there are some flaws that should be fixed. The major disadvantage of the company is that it heavily depends on more than one product. By improving this, they can capture other markets in other parts of the world. On the other hand, they should invest in research and development to find the latest ways to explore new products


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