Work On The SWOT Analysis of Pfizer

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Pfizer's SWOT Analysis
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SWOT Analysis of Pfizer

Before working on SWOT Anaysis of Pfizer, Let me provide brief information about Pfizer Company. Pfizer Inc. is a big pharmaceutical and biotechnology company. It’s based in New York City and started a long time ago, in 1849, by two guys named Charles Pfizer and Charles F. Erhart. They make medicines, vaccines, and things you can buy in stores to help with health. Pfizer has been coming up with new ideas for healthcare for a really long time.

Pfizer needs to keep coming up with new ideas to stay ahead in the medicine business. They spend a lot of money on scientific technologies like gene therapy and mRNA treatments to make better treatments for people. A good example of this is the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine, which uses mRNA technology to help protect against the virus.

Company Name: Pfizer

Founders: Charles Pfizer, Charles F. Erhart

Founded: 1849

Headquarters: New York, New York, United States

CFO: Dave Denton

CEO: Albert Bourla (2019-)

Type: Pharmaceutical

Sector: Pharma & Healthcare

Tagline: “Breakthroughs that change patients’ lives”.

Unique Selling Proposition (USP): Pfizer finds, creates, makes, and sells important prescription medicines.

Customers: Customers dealing with different types of diseases.

Target Consumers: Big businesses and customers.

Revenue: 58.5 USD (2023)

Net Income: 2.119 billion USD (2022)

Strengths of Pfizer | SWOT Analysis of Pfizer

  • Market Leader

Pfizer is doing really well compared to other companies. It’s one of the 50 biggest companies in the world, and among the top 3 pharmaceutical companies.

  • Great Performance During the Pandemic

Pfizer did something amazing during the COVID pandemic. They made a vaccine really quickly, got approval for it fast, and made a lot of it for people to get vaccinated. Their work was like no other, especially during this pandemic time.

  • One-Stop Shop

Pfizer began a long time ago as a small business. But now, after many years, it has become a huge company with a hundred years of experience and knowledge. This is a big advantage that has helped Pfizer become successful in the competitive market.

  • High Brand Value

The company makes many popular medicines and vaccines that people all over the world use every day. Some of them are Xanax, EpiPen, Viagra, Advil, and more.

  • Research and Development

The company broke a record by spending around 10 billion dollars each year on research and making new medicines and vaccines for different things. This is one of the biggest investments of its kind.


Weaknesses of Pfizer | SWOT Analysis of Pfizer

  • Mismanagement of DrugsLearn from

Pfizer’s brand value might go down a lot because they are being accused of illegally promoting their medicines.

  • Reliance on the United States

For a pharmaceutical company to do well, it’s important to sell its products in many countries around the world. But Pfizer relies a lot on the United States market, which might not be the best plan for the company’s success.

  • Legal Problems

Pfizer has been facing a lot of legal issues, and this can really hurt the company’s business. Having trouble with the law could be a bad situation for the company.

  • Unsuccessful Acquisitions and Mergers

Even though Pfizer teamed up with some big names and had some wins, it wasn’t quite good enough. The company didn’t work well with others to make the mergers a complete success.


Opportunities for Pfizer | SWOT Analysis of Pfizer

  • Make Successful Acquisitions and Mergers

Pfizer is going to join with other companies, and this will help them reach more customers and do business all around the world.

  • Growing Demand of Healthcare Products

As people become more concerned about their health, and with more diseases like epidemics and pandemics happening, Pfizer, which is one of the top pharmaceutical companies, has a lot of customers all around the world.

  • Manufacturing of Vaccine

The pandemic allowed Pfizer to make a new vaccine, and it did really well. This helped Pfizer become even more famous around the world.

  • Limited Global Expansion

Because Pfizer relies a lot on the United States, it has a chance to expand and do more business in different countries, especially in places that are still developing.


Threats to Pfizer | SWOT Analysis of Pfizer

  • Economic Recession

Because of the pandemic, the world is going through a tough time with money. All types of businesses, whether they are big or small, and almost every industry are having money problems because of the pandemic and the recession it caused. So, this can be a big problem for the growth of company.

  • Resignation Issues

When the top bosses of a very successful company like Pfizer leave their jobs, it can make customers worried and wonder if something is wrong. This can harm the company’s reputation and image.

  • Problems in New Products

Pfizer has been having some problems making new things. It’s not a huge disaster, and it doesn’t happen all the time, but a well-known company like Pfizer can’t afford to make these kinds of mistakes because it might harm its business in the long run.

  • Rising Competition

Pfizer is a big company, but it has to deal with just as much competition as any other pharmaceutical company.


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