SWOT Analysis of Nintendo – A Complete Perspective in 2022

Nintendo SWOT Analysis

by Shamsul
Nintendo SWOT Analysis
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SWOT Analysis of Nintendo – A Complete Perspective in 2022


Nintendo is a worldwide organization that has its underlying foundations in Japan. It is notable for exchanging gadgets and video games. Nintendo has its central command in Kyoto, Japan. It was established in 1889. In any case, it was known as Nintendo Karuta. The one who established it was Fusajiro Yamauchi. In those days, they used to sell homemade Hanafuda Cards. Since the time then they have not thought back. Nintendo’s business has now advanced into selling gaming consoles, computer games, and numerous other gadgets. In this post, we are analyzing the SWOT Analysis of Nintendo.

Nintendo is one of the best gaming organizations out there. Numerous renowned games like Pokemon, Mario Kart, Kirby, and so forth were a result of the difficult work of this present organization’s workers.

Company Name: Nintendo, (Nintendō kabushiki gaisha)

Native name: 任天堂株式会社

Founders:  Fusajiro Yamauchi

Founded:  September 1889, Kyoto, Japan

Head Quarter:  Minami-ku, Kyoto, Japan

CEO:  Shuntaro Furukawa

Type:  Public

Sector:  Video Game / Computer Electronics

Area Served:  Worldwide

Number of Employees: 6574

Production Output:

  • Hardware: 28.83 million  (2021)
  • Software: 230.88 million  (2021)

Revenue: US $15990 million (2021)

Net Income: US$ 4,367,000 (2021)

Nintendo SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis is recognized as a system for recognizing and listing an association’s assets, weak points, potential options, and dangers – that is what is called the SWOT abbreviation. The primary objective of SWOT analysis is to help associations in expanding attention to the elements in making a business choice. SWOT achieves this by investigating the inward and outer factors that will affect a choice’s feasibility.

A Nintendo SWOT Analysis manages the cost of an essential SWOT assessment of the business endeavor and activities of the organization. The Nintendo SWOT analysis has been gathered through the author to present to you a spotless and unbiased perspective on the essential qualities and shortcomings of the business undertaking and the capacity prospects and risks.

Strength of Nintendo in SWOT Analysis

Qualities of this Nintendo SWOT analysis are capacities and sources of Nintendo that one might use to build a reasonable advantage in the commercial center. Qualities are recognized from the enormous elements of 5 critical sources and capacities: actual sources, which incorporate land, structures, surveys, and accomplishments. Past exercises and processes, monetary and human sources. The following are a couple of central elements of Nintendo SWOT analysis:

Variety in Market:

Nintendo has turned its geological market into totally various areas, and individual regions work autonomously, and it’s to bring down the risk factor. For example, Nintendo has separated its activity into Frankfurt, Kyoto, and Richmond. It assists the company with bringing in money or taking advantage of the most lucrative market.

Compelling Pricing Strategies:

Although Nintendo items are costly when delivered, costs drop rapidly as they draw in more players. This valuing technique allows Nintendo the opportunity to fight it out against free portable games.

Blended Selling Points:

By mixing selling focuses (POS), Nintendo ensures that game aficionados can gain advantageously admission to its product. Nintendo sells through retailers, stores, wholesalers, and online shops. During the initial period of 2020, 48.5% of their product programs were offered online as downloads blast in income by 41%.

Variety in the Gaming Sector:

Nintendo has delivered various assortments of computer games in the commercial sectors after some time, beginning from sports, instructive, racing, recreation, educational and gaming procedure, and riddles to experience. Its aim probably targets extraordinary assortments of game players applicable to their side interests and moods. Nonetheless, Animal Crossing pulled in more prominent than eleven million people to play the sports (virtual reality) on the island for the term of the lockdown in 2020.

Brand Name Advantage:

According to a survey by Interbrand, the symbolic charge of Nintendo in 2020 transformed into $7,296 million, and it has improved with the guide of utilizing 31%. The gaming seal positioned on the 76th of the top Global Brands in 2020. Notwithstanding, the commercial capitalization of Nintendo in 2020 transformed into a $49.7 billion income item and is positioned by Forbes at the 87th of the World’s Most Valuable Brands.

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Weekness of Nintendo in SWOT Analysis:

Shortfalls of Nintendo SWOT analysis are the regions, abilities, or capabilities wherever Nintendo needs. Shortcomings return from lack or nonappearance of five vital resources and capabilities – exercises and cycles, substantial resources along with land, building, human resources, monetary resources, and past surveys on strategies and triumphs. It restricts the ability of the company to build a property and stupendous benefit.

Heavy Reliance on Some Products:

Switch is an extremely renowned and well-adorned case of Nintendo. To such an extent that it produces approximately 85% of their yearly benefit. This implies that this single item is liable for around ten billion dollars of income. This is awesome for the organization for sure. Yet, assuming a circumstance was to emerge where Nintendo Switch is, as of now not on the top, it will be destroying the organization. It will be an extended period of time before they can guarantee their situation in the gaming business.

The Executives of Inventory:

Based on the information prepared from Nintendo’s violent Strategy: Implications for the digital game exchange contextual analysis, we’ll sum up that Game Nintendo is not effectively adapting to the stock and cash cycle. According to Havovi Joshi and Ali Farhoomand, there is a colossal extent of advancement in stock management.

Fruitless New Product:

Wii U Console turned into Nintendo’s biggest disappointment. It became overhyped, bad quality, overrated, and publicized conflictingly, prompting item disappointment of amazing magnitude legitimate from the initial launch. Wii U’s disappointment dissolved thought and Nintendo’s notoriety.

Bad Organization of Some Branches:

It looks that the authoritative culture of Nintendo stays overwhelmed by turf battles among various divisions, bringing about administrators keeping information close to their members. According to Havovi Joshi and Ali Farhoomand of Nintendo’ tempestuous Strategy: Implications for the business of contextual game analysis, this could bring about genuine detours in future development as data in storehouses might bring difficulties in the commercial markets.

The chances of the Nintendo SWOT analysis are full-scale environmental components and qualities that Nintendo can use both to unite present commercial jobs and utilize them for comparable development. Options can rise up out of various factors, such as changes in buyer inclinations, mechanical developments, political attributes, inclusion changes, monetary development, and development in buyer disposable cash.


Opportunities for Nintendo in SWOT Analysis:

New Markets to Develop:

Since Nintendo has effectively occupied an enormous commercial status in Europe, Japan, and the US, it could target ventures into India, China, and diverse business sectors in Latin America, Asia, and Africa.

AR and VR Games:

Nowadays, increased reality and augmented reality games are the most current expansion to the universe of gaming. The gamers additionally very welcome it. So this may be another region Nintendo can venture into. This may likewise bring about new customer bases.

Increasing Consumer Disposable Income:

Nintendo will utilize the expanding pay to make a fresh plan of action for clients to start paying increasingly more for the exploitation of its items. According to Havovi Joshi and Ali Farhoomand of Nintendo’ wild policy: Implications for the game exchange contextual analysis, Game Nintendo can utilize this pattern to grow in adjoining regions Strategy, Technology.

Online Based Business Models:

E-commerce business forms can help Game Nintendo to rival neighboring suppliers and operational organizations in the worldwide commercial centers. The web-based media can help Game Nintendo reduce the cost of coming into new commercial points and accomplish a considerably diminished marketing spending plan to customers. It can also bring about publicly supporting assorted contributions and client-orientated promotion fundamentally based on the data and purchase conduct.

Treats to Nintendo in SWOT Analysis:

Dangers of Nintendo SWOT analysis are full-scale environmental components and patterns that can crash Nintendo’s undertaking rendition. Dangers can arise out of various factors, for example, – political patterns and inclusion changes, monetary development, mechanical advancements, drop in customer cash, and changes in customer inclinations.


Piracy sites such as Torrent and Imitation games are an approaching risk to the business venture of Nintendo. The piracy attempts have sped up with the blast and improvement in innovation.

Expanded Bargaining:

Over the years, the dealing power of customers of Nintendo has sped up drastically. This is setting a lower weight on costs. Moreover, the company can seek after flat reconciliation to unite and deliver efficiencies anyway. We trust it will be a short time or period of alleviation. Indeed, Nintendo wants fundamental adjustments to business venture forms in response to magnificence changes.

Expanded Making Cost:

Game Nintendo needs to adapt to those costs as states are hoping to impose better ecological assessments to sell purifier choices. Thus, for Game Nintendo, it could wind up bringing about better coordinated operational costs and better packing costs.

Geo-Political Issues:

Since the election in the USA (Trump administration), geopolitical components have taken a flip for creating protectionism. Improvements include forex emergency, Russian assents, Brexit, expansion in Venezuela. Moreover, fluctuations in oil prices, etc are affecting the overall venture. Indeed, game Nintendo needs to painstakingly identify these exercises and push them to the basics to move toward making.

Overview Template of SWOT Analysis:

Recommendations for Nintendo:

  • The specialists can further develop their stock management program.
  • Workers ought to be prepared so they can battle against the expanding haggling force of the majority.
  • They must also think about the revenue allotment for marketing, promotion, and other causes. Following are a couple of suggestions for the Nintendo SWOT analysis:


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