The SWOT Analysis of Lowe’s

by Shamsul
Lowe’s SWOT Analysis
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SWOT Analysis of Lowe’s

In this post, we will do the SWOT Analysis of Lowe’s and learn their marketing approach and other related information. Lowe’s is a big American company that sells things to improve your home, like tools and stuff. It’s the second biggest store for these things in the United States, even though it has to compete with other companies like Target and Home Depot. Lowe’s is still an important business in the home improvement sector. Lowe’s did really well during the pandemic because more people were at home. People started thinking about improving their homes and adapting them to work from home. So, Lowe’s made some changes to help with that.

Even though Lowe’s is doing okay, it’s not getting much bigger, and it’s making its employees unhappy. Many employees are leaving the company, and Lowe’s isn’t coming up with new ideas or plans to grow. This could be a problem for Lowe’s in the future.

Key Points about Lowe’s

Even though Lowe’s made more money because of the pandemic, some important things could stop it from growing and doing well in the future. Some of the big issues include many employees leaving, a company culture that doesn’t promote new ideas and growth, and not offering competitive prices on their products compared to competitors like Target and Home Depot.

Lowe’s could have been more creative with their products and how they run the company, but they’re still successful because people know and trust their brand. Lowe’s can use technology to come up with new ideas and do more things in different areas. They can also think about doing business in other countries. Most of their money comes from North America, and they only have a few stores in Canada.

But Target, Home Depot, and other similar companies are always a big challenge and danger for Lowe’s in the home improvement business.

Overview and History of Lowe’s

Lowe’s is the second biggest store for tools and stuff in the United States and the whole world. Home Depot is the only one bigger competitor. Lowe’s story started in 1921 in North Wilkesboro. A person named Lucius Smith Lowe owned that store. While he was alive, the store didn’t get much bigger, and when he passed away in 1940, he passed it on to his daughter, Ruth Buchan.

Ruth Buchan handed over the store to James Lowe (Ruth Buchan’s brother). During WWII, James Lowe and Carl Buchan (James Low’s brother-in-law) started to make the store bigger. They mostly sold hardware and building materials because they were in high demand then.

Over the years, the store expanded and opened more shops in places like Durham, Charlotte, and Asheville. By 1955, Lowe’s had 6 stores in total. In 1962 they had 21 stores, and in 1979, the company began trading on the NYSE. But in the 1980s, they lost money because the economy was not doing well. Home Depot, a newer company in the home improvement business, started doing better than Lowe’s.

Lowe’s has about 2,355 stores in the United States and Canada. They used to have stores in Mexico, but those were closed in 2019. Now, you know pretty much everything about the company. Let’s begin the SWOT analysis of Lowe’s.

Company Name: Lowe’s

Founder: Carl Buchan

Founded: 1921

Headquarters: Mooresville, North Carolina, United States

President: Marvin Ellison

CEO: Marvin Ellison (2018-)

Type: Home Improvement

Sector: Lifestyle & Retail

Tagline: “Let’s Build Something Together. Improving Home Improvement

Unique Selling Proposition (USP): Lowe’s offers better service and great deals for home appliances.

Customers: People looking for tools and equipment to beautify their homes.

Target Consumers: Middle and upper-class people living in urban areas.

No. of Employees: 300,000 (2023)

Revenue: 970.59 billion USD (2023)

Net Income: 6.416 billion USD (2023)

Now, let’s closely examine what makes the company successful and what Lowe’s is doing well in its business. We’ll also discuss the chances Lowe’s has to grow in the future and the challenges it needs to watch out for, including competition and problems from within the company itself.

Strengths of Lowe’s

  • Strong Brand Image

Lowe’s is doing really well because people know and trust their brand. They have stores across the region, a good way to get their products to customers, and everyone knows they are one of America’s biggest stores. This makes Lowe’s a strong player in its sector. Lowe’s has always cared a lot about helping customers. They might not be the cheapest choice, but they are still one of the best places to go when you need stuff for your DIY projects because they give good service.

  • Robust Supply Network

Lowe’s can save on transportation costs because they have their own group of suppliers and a good way of moving things around. They also give customers choices like low-cost shipping with live tracking. Lowe’s supply system lets customers get their stuff in different ways, like picking up in the store or getting it delivered to their home. Because Lowe’s has a good way of getting stuff, they can do two things with the money they save. They can either give customers lower prices or keep the money to make their own profits bigger.

  • Diverse Product Portfolio

Lowe’s has lots of things to buy in its stores, and people know it’s the place to go when you want stuff for DIY projects, whether you’re changing your living room or working on your garden. Because Lowe’s has so much stuff and helps many different kinds of people, so it brings in customers from all sorts of backgrounds. They also care about helping customers, so when you need help and supplies for a project, you can rely on them to provide both.

SWOT Analysis of Lowe’s

  • Effective Marketing

Lowe’s is really good at marketing. They are famous for helping their communities, and they did even more of that during the pandemic when life changed for people. Lowe’s started a lot of marketing campaigns that made customers like them more. They also changed their marketing to reach more kinds of people. Due to its strong marketing, the company is highly popular in its region.

  • Excellent Customer Support

Lowe’s often changes how many people work for them to ensure customers have a good experience. They make sure there are always plenty of staff working in their stores. This makes customers happier and helps Lowe’s sell more because the staff can suggest things that customers might not have thought of for their projects. Even though it costs a lot to train employees, Lowe’s makes sure they know how to help customers and sell stuff.

Weaknesses of Lowe’s

  • No Global Reach

Lowe’s makes most of its money from selling things in North America, especially in the United States. They also have a few stores in Canada, but in 2019, they closed all their stores in Mexico. So, Lowe’s really relies on North America to make money.

  • Decentralized Business Operations

Each Lowe’s store has its own set of products, and they don’t have much control over how well these products are made. This can make it so that people don’t have the same experience when they go to different Lowe’s stores. Also, some customers might not be sure if a specific product they want is available at Lowe’s, even if they’ve seen it there before. The way Lowe’s operates, with different stores having their own products and control, isn’t always the best for giving customers a good experience. This is a big deal for the company because they care a lot about making customers happy.

  • High Turnover and Attrition Rate

Employees at Lowe’s have often been unhappy. The company tries to make changes in how stores are operated and how employees are paid, but they don’t always do it in a way that makes employees happy. The bosses at the company say these changes are good, but the workers are not so sure, and their spirits seem low.

Changees in HR Department

In 2017, Lowe’s made big changes to its HR department and got rid of many middle-management jobs, which seemed a lot like a hidden layoff. Lowe’s said that employees had the choice to find other jobs in the company and had enough time to look for work elsewhere, but the employees were not happy about it. Then, in 2019, Lowe’s did something similar by ending its commission program for salespeople, which hurt the income of many employees.

Because of these changes and others, employees at Lowe’s have to deal with a lot of different things all at once. The constant changes, not knowing what will happen next, and not seeing chances to grow in their jobs have made workers feel insecure about where they stand in the company. Many employees are leaving, and new employees are coming in a lot, costing Lowe’s more money than they save and making customers unhappy.

  • Expansion Failure

Lowe’s doesn’t like to change or come up with new ideas. In recent years, things like big changes across the whole company, even though they seemed good on paper, have made employees unhappy, and many have left the company. When workers are concerned about their jobs and rules that can impact their chances to move up in the company, there is not much room to improve the company culture or handle any change.

Also, it didn’t work out when Lowe’s tried to open stores in other countries like Mexico, and they had to close those stores. They have very few stores in Canada, which is the only international market where they exist.

Opportunities for Lowe’s

  • Online Presence

Lowe’s has begun to make more new and helpful things for customers, like using augmented reality on their website to help people figure out how much building stuff they need for their projects. Right now, Lowe’s customers can order things online and pick them up at the store or have them delivered to their homes, and they can even track their orders in real time.

Lowe’s thinks that users and the company would do better if they had better search tools and product suggestions. But there’s still a lot they can do to make these things even better, and they can keep working on their online shopping websites to reach more people.

  • Reduce Shipping Costs

Lowe’s has a strong system for getting things to their stores, and it helps them save money on transportation. If they put more money into this system, they can save even more, and then they can either make more money or give their customers lower prices.

Right now, Lowe’s and its main rival, Home Depot often charge very similar prices for their products. Many customers think that the things they sell are priced almost the same, and if Lowe’s lowers their prices a bit, it could help them do better than Home Depot.

SWOT Analysis of Lowe’s

  • Better CRM

Lowe’s is good at making customers happy and helping them, but recently, they’ve been losing some of their regular customers. This might be because they keep changing how their stores are set up, so the people who help customers sometimes have to work extra hard to cover for these changes. In 2017, Lowe’s got rid of many middle managers in most of their stores to have more workers directly helping customers.

However, this change made employees feel less happy at work, and it didn’t guarantee that they were more eager to assist customers. These things make it hard for Lowe’s to keep customers coming back. If they fix these problems, they can make more money.

  • Remote Working

Because of the increase in people working from home, more and more folks will want to make their homes better. This doesn’t just mean adding desks and workspaces but also making their living spaces look nicer since they will be spending more time there. The expected increase in the home improvement industry will bring more money to businesses like Lowe’s.

Threats to Lowe’s

  • Duplicate Products

Even though companies like Lowe’s sell good home improvement stuff, there are many people and sellers who copy those products and sell them for less money, even though they might not be as good in quality. This can really hurt Lowe’s profits.

  • Innovation from Competitors

Even though Lowe’s works hard to make customers happy and say good things about their company, other big stores like Walmart, Target, and Home Depot are doing the same. These competitors are always coming up with new ideas and making better products. It could be a problem for Lowe’s if they don’t do the same.

SWOT Analysis of Lowe’s

  • Employee’s Growing Demands

Movements like the “Great Resignation” from the workers and any others that might happen in the future could create difficulties for Lowe’s. This is especially true because training employees costs a lot of money, and Lowe’s is thought to already save money by not paying employees as much. In 2019, they even ended a program called SPIFFS, which used to give workers extra money based on their sales in many Lowe’s stores. Considering all these things and how fast Lowe’s is growing, these movements from workers advocating for better rights could be a problem for Lowe’s.

  • End of Covid-19 Pandemic and Lockdown

Now that lockdowns are finished around the world and in most parts of the United States, it’s possible that people will spend less on home improvement stuff. This could mean less profits for Lowe’s.

To Sum Up | SWOT Analysis of Lowe’s

Even though Lowe’s has tough competition, it stays ahead for a few reasons. They do good advertising and care about their customers. Plus, they have more stuff to choose from compared to their competitors. Their stores are also bigger and more spacious, and they put their products differently than others. Lowe’s stores mostly look the same, which makes shopping there easy for customers. When you compare it to Home Depot, Lowe’s has more of its workers working full-time. These full-time workers know a lot about the things they sell, so customers get better assistance at Lowe’s.

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