SWOT Analysis of Fevicol, Its USP and Competitors

by Shamsul
Fevicol SWOT Analysis
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SWOT Analysis of Fevicol, Its USP and Competitors

Fevicol is one of the most famous Indian brands in the chemical and industrial product sector. The company manufactures a variety of adhesive products and solutions. Its main customers are carpenters, students, and industrial companies. The company has been in the business for over 50 years. This SWOT analysis of Fevicol will unearth its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

A SWOT is a proven strategic planning tool that helps a company like Fevicol to identify its competitiveness. As a result, the company can re-adjust its business strategy to stay competitive. Read on to learn more!

Company Name: Fevicol

Founders: Balvantray Kalyanji Parekh

Founded: 1959

Headquarters: Andheri, Mumbai, India

Parent Company: Pidilite Industries Limited

Key People: Madhukar Parekh

Type: FMCG and Adhesives

Sector: Chemicals and Industrial Products

Tagline: The Ultimate Adhesive

Unique Selling Proposition: The most renowned adhesive-selling brand in India

Customers: Users looking for high-quality and affordable adhesive products and solutions

Target Consumers: Retailers, carpenters, students, stationery stores, and wholesalers

Revenue: (2021)

Net Income:  (2021)

Strengths of Fevicol | SWOT Analysis of Fevicol

Being a strong Indian adhesive product brand, there are so many strengths that make Fevicol a famous brand. Its remarkable financial position, brand awareness, and product innovation are major factors in this regard. The company has a clear competitive advantage over its competitors. The following are some key strengths of Fevicol:

In India, Fevicol is no doubt a popular brand. Its association with adhesive products is quite remarkable. In a nutshell, it is the best-selling adhesive brand right now in the Indian market. The company’s exciting marketing campaign is one of its major strengths. Most of its ads have gone viral due to its innovation. This has helped the brand to get the customers’ attention without any effort.

The supply chain and distribution network of Fevicol are very strong. They have strong connections and relations with 65,000 retailers and dealers.

The company’s eco-friendly packaging and ease of use are some major advantages.

The market reach of Fevicol is remarkable. It operates in Thailand, Indonesia, South Africa, Japan, China, and Singapore.

The company accounts for the largest market share in the Indian adhesives sector.


Weaknesses of Fevicol | SWOT Analysis of Fevicol

The weaknesses are those factors that can impact the business of the company. They can hinder the success and overall growth of the company in the long run. The company must overcome its weaknesses to become a market leader. Here we have mentioned the major drawbacks of Fevicol:

The company doesn’t offer many products to carpenters, a vast customer segment of Fevicol. It is a weakness of Fevicol.

Fevicol has no prominent presence in America, Middle Eastern, and European nations. As a result, they don’t have a huge market share and revenue stream.


Opportunities for Fevicol | SWOT Analysis of Fevicol

Opportunities are one of the major factors in SWOT analysis. They are basically growth chances for companies like Fevicol. They can support the company in expanding its global reach and enhancing its product innovation. Here are some important opportunities for Fevicol:

The company should target children and carpenters in order to enhance its market share and sales. They should promote their products through exhibitions and campaigns.

Fevicol should introduce variation and diversity in its offerings. They should produce adhesive products that can be used underwater. In this way, the company can enhance its image and profit margin.

These days, people love to purchase wooden furniture instead of others. They should target this segment in order to boost their sales.


Threats for Fevicol | SWOT Analysis of Fevicol

The threats are those factors that can negatively impact the company’s business. Fevicol needs to identify its threats. They should develop an effective strategy to cope with their threats. Below, we have listed threats for Fevicol:

The new entrants in the market can eat the company’s market share and profit.

The current economic slowdown and recession have greatly impacted the company’s growth and revenue.

The company needs to invest more in advertising due to certain issues. This could decrease its recall value.


Competitors of Fevicol





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