SWOT Analysis of DoorDash

DoorDash SWOT

by Shamsul
DoorDash SWOT
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SWOT Analysis of DoorDash

DoorDash is an American online food ordering and food delivery company. It delivers a variety of your favorite food from your desired restaurants and stores to your doorstep without any hassle. You get freshly prepared food quickly just because of this amazing food delivery platform. It is headquartered in San Francisco, California. It was founded in 2013 but went public in 2020. Tony Xu, Stanley Tang, Andy Fang, and Evan Moore are the founders of DoorDash. We will do a proper SWOT analysis of DoorDash to find out its business environment, working, and other aspects of its operations.

SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. It is a great tool to analyze the external and internal business factors of companies like DoorDash. Let’s get into it!

Company Name: DoorDash, Inc.

Founders: Tony Xu, Andy Fang, Stanley Tang, Evan Moore

Founded: January 12, 2013

Headquarters: San Francisco, California, United States

CEO: Tony Xu (2013-)

Type: Public

Sector: Online Food Ordering and Food Delivery

Tagline: Delightful Delivery

Unique Selling Proposition (USP): Extended base of customers, cost-effective transportation, fast, cheap and easy way to deliver.

Customers: Customers who don’t have time to cook and don’t like cooking.

Target Consumers: Younger individuals from the millennia and Gen-Z age groups and parents.

No. of Employees: 19,300 (2023)

Revenue: $8.63 billion (2023)

Net Income: $558 million (2023)

SWOT Analysis of DoorDash

Strengths of DoorDash

1- Unarguably Industry Leader

Since its inception, the company has maintained a prominent position in its sector. Its drivers and investments in the online food ordering and delivery sector give it a huge business advantage. DoorDash is undoubtedly a market leader in the US, with around 59 percent of the market share. UberEats has 24 percent and Grubhub has 13 percent market share in the United States.

2- Pioneer with a Substantial Customer Following

DoorDash is the first online food ordering and delivery service to enter the United States market. So, it has enjoyed the advantage of being the first mover. That’s why its recall value is very high and it is equally popular among people. They love the service because they are now emotionally attached with the platform. It has allowed DoorDash to achieve new heights of success. The company caters to up to 20 million people in Australia and North America.

3- Platform That is Easy to Use for Users

The overall user interface of the DoorDash app is very easy to use. This has contributed much to the success of the company. Its user-friendly feature allows users to order food with no problem. They can quickly navigate their favorite restaurants and order their favorite meal. It takes just a few to order and get your item delivered. There are so many features of the app that attract plenty of customers. They can easily figure out what they should or can eat.

4- Reliability of the App and Website

Customers heavily rely on the app and website of DoorDash because of its reliability. The company regularly maintains the app and website to provide users with an amazing experience. This reliability has helped the company maintain its good industry reputation. Customers know that their orders will be delivered on time due to the amazing service of DoorDash. You need to see if your desired restaurant or store is open within your premises.

5- Extensive Base of Riders

The company offers amazing support, packages and flexibility to its riders. This has benefited them as they help attract a large audience. They have established connections with the customers and they only like to get their orders delivered from them. This dynamic and huge network of riders allows DoorDash to deliver food to different places and locations. They also provide their services in those regions or areas where their competitors need more visibility. On average, DoorDash has more than one million dashers (riders) per month in the United States, Australia and Canada.

6- Robust Connections with Stores and Restaurants

DoorDash’s status as a pioneer of food ordering and delivery service allows it to entice restaurants and stores to join its platform. With over 450,000 stores and restaurants providing a range of cuisines, the company caters to its new and loyal customers. Its extensive market network enables the brand to provide users with an amazing experience.

7- Membership Program

DoorDash has also launched membership programs for both new and loyal customers in the form of Dashpass. Enrolling in this membership program allows users to place unlimited free orders on meals priced above 12 dollars at entitled restaurants. For a monthly fee of 9.99 dollars, with a complimentary 30-day trial, Dashpass is very beneficial for both users and the company. This proved really beneficial for the company in terms of its growth and customer base.

8- Worldwide Business Operations

If you think DoorDash is just a local food delivery platform, then you are absolutely wrong. It has targeted many countries, so it has global operations too. This has enabled the brand to increase its customer base by attracting more customers. Right now, DoorDash is operating in various global markets such as Australia, the USA, Japan, and Canada.

By prioritizing customer satisfaction, the company is able to deliver high quality service. It exploits the power of its extensive network to allow users to order from their preferred franchises, restaurants, and cuisines. On the other hand, customers have the option to place and order for pickup at a restaurant or a grocery store.

9- Regular Donations to Charitable Causes

The company’s overall financial position is very strong. Due to this reason, it contributes to nonprofits and charities. DoorDash recently publicized plans to give away one million to nonprofits and Dashers. The concept involves 10 dollars receiving 500,000, and the other half being donated to a nonprofit community of their desire. This shows how DoorDash is committed with the people.

10- Network Effect That Has Been Established

By exploiting its current network and connection with merchants, the company can entice other businesses, brands, and grocery stores to enhance the options available on its platform. This will result in higher sales and increased customer satisfaction and engagement. Moreover, the brand has also successfully established a profitable sequence of monetization, with average sales per customer of 323 dollars in Q1 2022. This figure surpasses the average sales per customer for Postmates (195 dollars) and Uber Eats (246 dollars).

11- Strong Customer Allegiance

DoorDash benefits enormously from its subscription and membership plan. As reported by Bloomberg, the brand subscription boasts amazing one month retention of up to 69 percent. It indicates a strong sense of customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. It is one of the biggest competitive advantages of DoorDash.

SWOT Analysis of DoorDash

Weaknesses of DoorDash

1- Continues to Incur Losses

Despite being a global presence, DoorDash still faces losses in its profits and revenues. The company has been facing these losses since its inception in 2013. The company faced 452 million dollars of loss in 2021. These losses have shattered the confidence of customers and stakeholders. Due to this factor, the risk of collapsing is very high. These factors will also negatively impact customer satisfaction and experience.

2- Has Not Yet Expanded Globally

Undoubtedly, the company has tried its best to expand its operation in different parts or regions of the world. But, they didn’t get encouraging results yet as they have a minimal global presence. It is only operational in a few countries, including the United States of America, Australia, Japan, and Canada. The company failed to generate money from growing markets because these markets can help get a much-needed boost. DoorDash’s overall revenue generation heavily relies on the United States market. Its approximately 98 percent of its total revenue comes from the US market.

3- Mounting Delivery Costs

More and more people are registering on the platform, but only a few people order food. It is a sign of worry for DoorDash. The reason behind it is the rising cost of delivery. Customers have to pay some money to get their food delivered. It forces them to avoid ordering food and visiting the store or eatery alone.

4- High Commissions

It has been costly for DoorDash. The company introduced a commission system on its launch. Based on the delivery location and restaurant, the company typically charges 15, 25, or 30 commissions on each order which is hard for a new restaurant. Restaurants or stores that are facing dire times can’t maintain their commission structure, so they switch to other platforms.

5- Other Online Food Delivery Platforms

There are so many competitors of DoorDash offering similar services in the food delivery sector. So, customers have options to switch to other food delivery platforms. This is because of the need for more innovation in the service of DoorDash. They should try new things to keep their customers intact with the platform.

SWOT Analysis of DoorDash

Opportunities for DoorDash

1- Diversification into New Business with DashMarts

The company has several growth opportunities in its sector. They have introduced virtual DashMarts that can help DoorDash to achieve new heights of success. These stores offer different food items from various restaurants, grocery items, and snacks. The concept of a virtual kitchen is another big thing; its credit goes to the pandemic. These kitchens can offer amazing takeout services to users.

2- Acquisitions and Mergers

One of the best ways to get a competitive advantage is acquisition. DoorDash can acquire small companies, which can help them to maintain a business advantage in its sector. It has allowed the company to expand its reach and operations globally. In 2022, they acquired Wolt, a Finnish food delivery company.

3- Worldwide Expansion

At this time, DoorDash has only a global presence in just 4 country: the USA, Australia, Japan, and Canada. However, they have the potential to open their offices in other countries as well to diversify their revenue stream and profitability. No doubt, DoorDash is a market leader in the United States. But, they should also invest in other international markets to become a reliable global company. These markets will offer multiple growth opportunities to the company.

4- Possibilities for Monetization

The company can revise its commission fee as needed by utilizing its fantastic customer base and extensive network of restaurants registered on its platform. This will help the company improve its monetization chances, ultimately boosting its profitability and revenue system.

SWOT Analysis of DoorDash

Threats to DoorDash

1- Increasing Costs

The rising political tension in the world is a significant threat to DoorDash because it operates in more than 4 countries. This factor can impact its global operations and overall business plan. On the other hand, the company heavily relies on its Dashers (Drivers). This dependability is also a threat to its profitability. The company has announced essential measures to address the crisis by providing refunds to its Dashers to mitigate the risk of increased prices and offering a 10 percent cashback incentive for Dashers who use the company’s debit card for gas purchases.

2- Decreased Demand as a Result of Economic Downturn

The ongoing recession has reduced the demand for online food delivery in different countries due to the higher delivery costs. It happens due to the constricted disposable income of people. This factor will directly impact the company’s overall productivity and revenue.

3- Strict Regulations

As the food delivery industry gains popularity among users, it has become subject to different regulations related to industry practices and food safety. The FTC, FDA, and CDC are responsible for noticing these trends. In 2020, DoorDash settled a case for 2.5 million dollars after being accused of using tips to supplement Dashers’ pay. As the company plans to expand its business globally, it will likely face stringent rules and regulations.

4- Stiff Competition

There are so many competitors in the food delivery sector. The major competitors of DoorDash are Uber Eats, Postmates, GrubHub, Blue Apron, and so on. They continuously hurt the company’s profitability by offering quick and innovative services. They can also affect the customer base of DoorDash. The company must invest in its technological sector to improve its website and app. Technological advancement can help the brand to increase its customer base and customer experience. They should also invest in research and development to boost their performance in other international markets.

After reading the SWOT analysis of DoorDash, you can read more in the SWOT and Pestle Section.


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