SWOT Analysis of BHP Billiton, Its USP and Competitors

BHP Billiton SWOT Analysis

by Shamsul
BHP Billiton SWOT
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SWOT Analysis of BHP Billiton, Its USP and Competitors

BHP Billiton is one of the pioneers in the engineering and heavy equipment sector. It is an Australian natural resources company. It is a leading company in the mining sector. The company mainly produces diversified metals such as aluminum, oil and gas, silver, copper, iron, and steel. Keep reading to know more about BHP Billiton! Read on SWOT Analysis of BHP Billiton.

SWOT is an excellent framework for analyzing the brand’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. For such a big company, it is imperative to do SWOT analysis to identify the brand’s external & internal business environment. In SWOT, internal factors are considered strengths and weaknesses, while on the contrary, external factors are opportunities and threats. On the basis of this strategic management tool, a company like BHP Billiton can benchmark its position in the heavy equipment and engineering sector. We will also talk about the company’s unique selling proposition and competitors.

Company Name: BHP Billiton

Founded: 1885

Headquarters: Melbourne, Australia

Parent Company: BHP Group Limited

CEO: Mike Henry (Jan 01, 2020-)

Type: Diversified Metals and Mining

Sector: Heavy Equipment and Engineering

Tagline: Resourcing the Future

Unique Selling Proposition: One of the largest producers of diversified metals such as iron ore, copper, coal, aluminum, uranium, silver, and more along with oil and gas.

Customers: Industrial segmentation

Target Consumers: CSG (Customer Sector Groups)

Revenue: 37.4 billion USD (2021)

Net Income: 11.30 billion USD (2021)

Strengths of BHP Billiton | SWOT Analysis of BHP Billiton

Strengths are the key aspects of BHP Billiton. They give a massive competitive advantage to the company in the competitive market. The company’s growth and success are highly based on its strengths. Experienced workforce, product innovation, strong financial resources, and more are some of the greatest strengths of BHP Billiton.

The excellent market position of BHP Billiton is because of the assets that it owns. This is one of the key strengths of the organization.

The incredible financial position and revenue stream are some of the key strengths of the brand.

The organization focuses on customer service groups for the purpose of marketing.

Being an international brand, BHP Billiton has a strong brand name across the globe which makes it a famous brand.

BHP Billiton has more than 45,000 skilled and experienced workers.

BHP Billiton is one of the leading names in the mining and petroleum sector.

The company is further enhancing its brand name across the world through its CSR activities.


Weaknesses of BHP Billiton | SWOT Analysis of BHP Billiton

Weaknesses are the brand’s weak areas that hinder its future growth and success. The company lacks in various segments in which its competitors are doing great. The company can improve its weaknesses to convert them into strengths.

The intervention from the government and semi-government sectors is influencing its growth. They are hindering its success in the long run.

The company has faced extreme backlash in the past over several issues. This can destroy its overall reputation in the market.


Opportunities for BHP Billiton | SWOT Analysis of BHP Billiton

There are so many improvements and growth chances for the company. They need to discover these opportunities to utilize them for the company’s success. They can increase their revenue stream by improving their products, expansion, and customer experience.

The company should make new acquisitions in order to expand its business.

BHP Billiton should focus on coal and copper. They can produce these metals to gain a competitive edge.

The organization should make partnerships and tie-ups with other small and large brands to gain a competitive advantage.


Threats for BHP Billiton | SWOT Analysis of BHP Billiton

The negative factors of a company that can ruin the business at any scale are called weaknesses. Increasing competition, rigid rules and regulations, and changing policies are some of the biggest threats to BHP Billiton.

For in-house production, the company heavily relies on extreme financial resources. Any reduction in resources can harm its global operation.

The increasing competition in the market is another significant threat for BHP Billiton.


Competitors of BHP Billiton

Exxon Mobil


Nippon Steel


Anglo American

Nippon Steel

Chevron Corporation

ThyssenKrupp AG



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