SWOT Analysis of BDO Unibank

by Shamsul
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SWOT Analysis of BDO Unibank ADR (United States)


This SWOT analysis of BDO Unibank ADR (BDOUY) includes four major factors such as strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. It is a combination of internal (strengths and weaknesses) and external (opportunities and threats) factors that impact the business of BDO Unibank ADR mainly in the United States and other international markets. BDOUY is registered on the OTC Markets stock exchange.

SWOT is a proven strategic management tool that helps to analyze different factors of the company briefly. It is a useful tool to utilize while developing a business strategy because it helps to give a complete overview of the market changes and competitors. It provides complete insight into all these four factors. Strategy makers can use this tool to optimize performance, manage competition, amplify resources, and look for new growth opportunities.


Strengths of BDO Unibank ADR | SWOT Analysis of BDO Unibank (United States)

These factors represent the brand’s resources and capabilities that it can exploit at any time to sustain, develop, and design products or services to give tough competition to other companies.

  • Organization Catering to Various Customer Segments within Segment:

The brand has an extensive range of products to offer that have allowed the company to penetrate different customer segments within segments. This particular factor has also helped BDO Unibank ADR to increase its revenue and market cap.

  • High Margins:

It is a fact that BDO Unibank ADR is currently under pressure due to the active presence and good performance of competitors, but its margins are still high. It shows the biggest strength of the brand.

  • Skill Management:

The main role in the success of the brand is its talent management team and human resources. They are an integral part of their success and successfully managing talent and employees.

  • Strong Presence:

The company has an extensive associates network as well as a dealer network that supplies efficient products or services to the users. They also help the company in managing competitive challenges.

  • Market Position:

BDO Unibank ADR has a strong market presence and it is a leader in the industry. That’s why its products are highly popular among customers and successful too.

  • Revenue Models:

The company has ventured into several business sectors outside the main sector. As a result, the company is earning strong revenue from different sectors and segments.


Weaknesses of BDO Unibank ADR | SWOT Analysis of BDO Unibank (United States)

Capabilities and resources in BDO Unibank ADR lack. This shows the weakness of the company because the overall market position is very competitive due to the presence of competitive players. With strategic planning, a company can convert its weaknesses into strengths. How? See the following factors,

  • Operating and Gross Margins:

These two factors can put pressure on the company and its financial position. But, they can be improved with proper planning.

  • Low Loyalty among Suppliers:

The level of loyalty among BDO Unibank ADR’s suppliers is low because of the adoption of innovation which decreases the prices in the supply chain.

  • High Employee Turnover:

At the lower levels, the employee turnover rate is high. This is really alarming for the company and dangerous for its long-term sustainability. It is hard to maintain talent with higher salaries.

  • Increasing Cost of Replacing Existing Professionals:

The growing cost of replacing or retaining existing experts is another big concern for the company. Some people are very important for BDO Unibank ADR and it is nearly impossible to replace them in the current situation.

  • Decreasing Market Share:

Even though BDO Unibank ADR’s revenue is increasing but its market share is declining. It means the market is growing more rapidly than the company. In these conditions, the company should carefully analyze the market trends and find suitable ways to drive future growth.

  • Business Model:

The company’s business model can be imitated by the others easily. In order to deal with this weakness, they should build a platform model that can help to mix vendors, end-users, and suppliers.


Opportunities for BDO Unibank ADR | SWOT Analysis of BDO Unibank (United States)

They are potential areas that BDO Unibank ADR can utilize to drive future growth, market share, and profits. It is imperative to learn how to exploit opportunities in the right way to amplify revenue.

  • Fast-changing Customer Preference:

Rising disposable incomes, fast adoption of new technologies, and quick access to information are some factors that can influence the performance of the company. It means customers are ready to try new services or products. BDO Unibank ADR can carefully analyze all these factors to enhance opportunities.

  • Growth Chances in Online Space:

The wide use of the online platform by customers is another big opportunity for the brand. The company can target these customers by offering more products in the online space.

  • Increasing Government Regulations:

The governmental regulations are getting stiffer day by day, especially for unorganized players of companies. Being an organized player in the market, BDO Unibank ADR can use these regulations in its favor by developing policies accordingly.

  • Local Partnerships:

In order to boost the business and growth, BDO Unibank ADR should collaborate with local players or companies. They can also target international markets as well to achieve maximum growth. Such collaborations or partnerships can be beneficial for the company.

  • Launching New Products:

Launching new products through third-party providers or companies is another key opportunity for BDO Unibank ADR. They can introduce new products with the help of retailers and other players which ultimately decreases the cost of doing business.

  • Customer Base:

The company can increase its customer base by targeting customers from unorganized players. It will amplify the growth of the company and allow it to expand its operation globally.


Threats to BDO Unibank ADR | SWOT Analysis of BDO Unibank (United States)

They are the real danger for BDO Unibank ADR, especially for its revenue stream and profitability. It is hard to control threats but they are manageable.

  • Distrust of Institutions:

The growing restrictions from WTO and other institutions are also creating trouble in the performance of the company. Legal proceedings are too costly and time-taking. This will lead to low investment by BDO Unibank ADR which results in stagnant growth.

  • Trade relations between China and US:

The trade relations between China and US are another big threat to the sustainability and profitability of the company. Indeed, this will hurt the revenue stream and profitability of BDO Unibank ADR.

  • Commoditization of the Product Segment:

The increasing commoditization of the products in the market is also a major problem for BDO Unibank ADR and other players.

  • Competitors:

There is no doubt that BDO Unibank ADR is a market leader but any innovation from competitors can disrupt the demand of the company. There are so many players in the market that hurting the market share of the company.

  • Growing Technology:

The latest technology can be beneficial for the company but it is also disrupting at the same time. The IPR framework is not so robust in China and other emerging markets.

  • Changing Demographics:

The role of demographic is really huge in the success of a company. These days, young people are more open to experimentation. Moreover, they are also less loyal to any brand which is a sign of threat for BDO Unibank ADR.

This SWOT analysis will give a better understanding of competitors, markets, and organizations to managers of BDO Unibank ADR. Moreover, you can learn to take the right strategic decisions for your organization after reading the SWOT analysis of BDO Unibank ADR.


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