SWOT Analysis of Asian Paints, Its Competitors, and USP

Asian Paints SWOT

by Shamsul
Asian Paints SWOT Analysis
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SWOT Analysis of Asian Paints, Its Competitors, and USP

Asian Paints is an Indian multinational company. It is one of the prominent paint companies that manufacture, sell, and distribute its products. They also offer bath fittings, home décor, and other related products and services. The company is headquartered in Mumbai, India. This SWOT analysis of Asian Paints will highlight the company’s strengths and weaknesses (internal) and opportunities and threats (external factors).

A SWOT is one of the greatest strategic planning tools that help to determine the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. This framework enables the brand to scale its competitiveness in the market. They can also analyze their current performance and develop an effective business strategy to enhance the business further. That’s why SWOT analysis is a great tool for analyzing the business at a competitive scale. Keep reading to know its unique selling proposition and competitors.

Company Name: Asian Paints, Ltd.

Founders: Champaklal H. Choksey, Suryakant C. Dani, Chimanlal N. Choksi, Arvind R. Vakil

Founded: February 01, 1942

Headquarters: Mumbai, India

Parent Company: Berger International

CEO: Amit Syngle (April 01, 2020-)

Type: Paint Industry

Sector: Industrial and Chemical Products

Tagline: Merawala Blue; Har Ghar Kuch Kehta Hai Ki; Ask Aparna

Unique Selling Proposition: One of the biggest brands in the paint industry in India.

Customers: Caters to all types of customers including the premium segment.

Target Consumers: Home-owners, automobiles, government buildings, healthcare, hotels, education, and more.

Revenue: 294.8 billion INR (2022)

Net Income: 30.53 billion INR (2022)

Strengths of Asian Paints | SWOT Analysis of Asian Paints

The main factors of the company are its strengths. Strengths are those factors that give a huge competitive advantage to Asian Paints. A diversified product portfolio, skilled workers, and a strong financial position are some key strengths of the brand. The following are the major strengths of Asian Paints:

1- In Asia, Asian Paints is the third largest paint brand. In India, it is the number one largest paint brand. These factors make the brand highly competitive.

The company leads the chart in decorative paints by taking over 50 percent of the market share. Kansai Nerolac Paints is considered one of the biggest rivals of Asian Paints in this segment. But, the brand has successfully defeated it in terms of market share and revenue.

2- The company has a strong worldwide position. Currently, it is operating in more than 17 countries. Moreover, they provide manufacturing facilities in more than 65 countries globally. They have more than 24 manufacturing facilities right now.

3- The company has made successful acquisitions in recent years. They have penetrated into international markets due to their four successful subsidiaries. Taubmans, Apco Coatings, Berger International Limited, and SCIB Paints are its four major subsidiaries.

4- Undoubtedly, Asian Paints is one of the most popular brands in the Indian paint sector. They have a strong base of loyal customers. This is because of its innovative products and approach.

5- The supply chain network of the company is very strong, which gives it a huge competitive advantage. They have so many regional distribution centers that make its supply chain system very effective. This is the reason the company has maintained a strong competitive edge in the paint industry.

6- The marketing and advertising efforts of Asian Paints are extremely unique and eye-catching. This has helped the brand to increase its brand awareness and image. The famous Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan is the brand ambassador of Asian Paints.

7- The overall financial strength of the company is strong. This is another major advantage of Asian Paints.


Weaknesses of Asian Paints | SWOT Analysis of Asian Paints

The weaknesses of the brand are hindering its success. These weak areas of the company stop them from achieving the number one position. The company is lacking in so many factors. All they need to do is fix their weaknesses to retain their position and revenue stream. Here are some important weaknesses of Asian Paints:

1- The company hasn’t had any significant success in the industrial paint segment. It doesn’t have any strong market share in this sector. Its competitors, such as AkzoNobel and Kansai Nerolac, are doing great in this segment and have successfully captured the major market share.

2- The paint and decorative paint sector is a fast-evolving sector. The new trends come and go, making them old or obsolete. This is because of the changing preferences and tastes of consumers. This is why the company needs to manufacture new products with the passage of time to fulfill the customers’ needs.


Opportunities for Asian Paints | SWOT Analysis of Asian Paints

Every business environment has some growth opportunities for every company. India’s paint sector can offer many growth chances to companies like Asian Paints. All they need to do is to recognize these opportunities and create ways to utilize them properly. In this way, Asian Paints can enhance its growth and profit margins. Below, we have listed some major opportunities for Asian Paints:

1- Being an international paint brand, Asian Paints should focus on other regions such as Africa, Europe, South America, and even North America. They have so many expansion chances in different locations of the world.

2- The company must diversify its offerings in every sector, especially industrial paints. This will provide a great chance for the company to achieve its business goals and market position.

3- Asian Paints should invest in research and development. Moreover, they should also invest in technology to enhance their manufacturing capabilities. In this way, the company can produce more innovative and customer-centric products.


Threats for Asian Paints | SWOT Analysis of Asian Paints

The threats for any company or brand can be fatal to its business operation, expansion, and growth. Threats can negatively harm the company’s business at the global level. The changing business policies, demand for innovative products, and competitors’ offerings can affect the company’s business growth on a huge scale.

1- The current economic slowdown has affected the company’s operation globally.

2- Rigid government rules and regulations are one of the major threats when it comes to manufacturing innovative and high-quality products.

3- The increasing cost of raw materials and labor are also some major threats to the brand.


Competitors of Asian Paints


PPG Industries

Nippon Paint

Kansai Nerolac Paints

Sherwin Williams

Jenson and Nicolson India, Ltd.


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