SWOT Analysis of AmBank Group, USP, and Competitors

by Shamsul
AmBank Group SWOT
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SWOT Analysis of AmBank Group, USP, and Competitors

AMMB Holdings AmBank Group is one of the most trusted banking and financial services companies. For academic purposes, we will do a SWOT Analysis of AMMB Holdings AmBank Group in this post. This Malaysian banking group is mainly known for its retail banking. On the other hand, it also offers Islamic banking, insurance, and wholesale banking services. This SWOT analysis will analyze the company by its internal and external factors. SWOT is the mirror for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

With this proven management framework, a company like AMMB Holdings AmBank Group can benchmark its position and business in the competitive sector of banking. If you want to know the company’s success story, then this SWOT analysis will provide all the information about the brand. So, let’s get started!

Company Name: AMMB Holdings AmBank Group

Founders: Hussain Najadi

Founded: August 5, 1975

Headquarters: Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Parent Company: AmBank

CEO: Dato’ Sulaiman Mohd Tahir (Nov 23, 2015-)

Type: Regional Banks

Sector: Banking and financial services

Tagline: Service 1st our promise

Unique Selling Proposition: To become a leading bank with Islamic banking services.

Customers: Corporate and personal banking

Target Consumers: Individuals and businesses

Revenue: (2021)

Net Income: RM 4,552.5 million (2021)

Strengths of AmBank Group | SWOT Analysis of AmBank Group

No doubt, there are so many strengths behind the success of AMMB Holdings AmBank Group. The strengths are those factors that give a company a competitive advantage in the industry. The brand’s biggest strengths are the overall financial position, workforce, and innovative products. Keep reading to find out some important strengths of the brand:

If we talk about the top 5 banking groups in Malaysia, then AMMB Holdings AmBank Group will definitely fall in this category.

The company has more than 200 branches across the country.

They offer amazing Islamic banking services.

They have a good brand image in Malaysia and in the world as well.

The brand has a strong financial status when compared to its competitors.


Weaknesses of AmBank Group | SWOT Analysis of AmBank Group

The weaknesses represent the areas in which AMMB Holdings AmBank Group is lacking. They prevent the company from improving its position in the competitive market. These particular factors can be dangerous for the company’s growth. But, they can be converted into strengths with planning. The following are some of the biggest weaknesses of the company:

Successful acquisitions from competitors are putting huge pressure on the company. It is a significant weakness of AMMB Holdings AmBank Group.

The brand is currently facing integration problems.

The biggest concern for the brand is the bad performance in fixed loans.


Opportunities for AmBank Group | SWOT Analysis of AmBank Group

For any brand, opportunities are those factors that they can use to become a market leader. In the Malaysian banking and financial service sector, there are so many opportunities waiting for AMMB Holdings AmBank Group. The company can enhance its global operations by using opportunities in the right way. Let’s talk about some important opportunities for AMMB Holdings AmBank Group:

AMMB Holdings AmBank Group can think about expanding its business. They can expand in Asian countries like China, Thailand, and Singapore.

The company can collaborate with emerging economies like Thailand and Singapore.

The current economic status of the Malaysian market is excellent, and it can provide excellent growth chance for the company.


Threats for AmBank Group | SWOT Analysis of AmBank Group

Threats can negatively impact any business like AMMB Holdings AmBank Group. Several factors can affect the business performance and position of the company. Below, we have listed some important ones:

The trade disagreement between the US and China can affect the economy of Malaysia.

The Malaysian government is facing slow GDP growth, which could be a big concern for the banking sector.


Competitors of AmBank Group

The Malaysian banking and financial service sector is very competitive. The following are the major competitors of AMMB Holdings AmBank Group:

EON Capital

Alliance Financial Group


Public Bank

Hong Leong


RHB Bank



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