Relationship of Sun Exposure to the Coronavirus

by Shamsul
Sun Exposure to the Coronavirus
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Relationship of Sun Exposure to the Coronavirus

Written on April 09, 2020, 16.56 GMT on Coronavirus

Nowadays everybody is worried and looking for a way out from Coronavirus, recently I have received an email from my friend which explains the relationship of Sun exposure to the Coronavirus. This article is very helpful so I will recommend forwarding this article to your family and friends so they may have a better understanding too.


As the clock is ticking for the coronavirus situation, some mysteries and treatments are unfolding. Here I would like to take the opportunity to inform you of some tips that I have concluded after a long discussion with doctors and doing some research on helpful articles.

In the present worldwide scenario as of 9th April, 1,506,936 cases are reported positive for Coronavirus. Recovered 340,630 and the total death count has reached around 90, 057, where it affected 214 Countries, areas or territories with cases. This pandemic has caused the entire US shutdown; all businesses, restaurants, gyms, bars, and shopping malls are temporarily closed.

I was visited by a team of really smart doctors and we had a long and informative discussion regarding the Coronavirus situation. We concluded some very useful tips that people should follow in this situation.

Sun Exposure To Coronavirus

  • The first and the most important thing is to get some sun, in this situation please don’t stay indoors or just lock yourself up because sunlight is very necessary for you. By locking yourself up will make it worse for your immune system. Sunshine and Fresh air intake are the most important for you but you will need to avoid the crowds. As March is about to end, North Europe and America will be getting sunnier and warmer so these places for your immune system activeness are ideal.
  • The sunlight exposure reduces Vitamin D in your skin but the other aspect of the sunshine is that it boosts the immune system.  Benefits of Sunlight include serotonin, improvement of mood and balancing of hormones. The intake of vitamin D from the sunlight is far better compared to a supplement. So it is highly recommended to go outside and do some exercise in the sunlight, try to keep your skin uncovered so you take more benefit from sunlight.

Take Necessary Precautions while Go Out

  • When going out you need to take some precautions, avoid going to crowded places and don’t do risky things at all. You can go outdoors while playing safe and can perform activities that can boost your immunity. While breathing fresh air there are no chances that you may get infected from Coronavirus. The concentration of this virus is observed only in Indoor areas where people are already infected on the other hand outdoor areas are safe. An interesting fact that is observed regarding coronavirus is that it has affected north of 30° N latitude, But the southern areas are not affected. According to many doctors and in my opinion, Sun is a major reason behind that because comparatively sunlight is stronger in the South as compared to North. That sunlight has benefited the people residing in the South with a better immune system as compared to people residing in the North.
  • According to another theory that Coronavirus doesn’t multiply or grow in warmer temperatures, this also justifies the situation in the south.  So after summing up all the facts, sunlight is important for your immune system and can be a way out from Coronavirus.

Boost Immune System to Coronavirus

  • There are a lot of discussions about boosting the immune system by using nutrition and herbs. Where most of these Herb or nutrition doesn’t tend to eliminate the Coronavirus but only they make your immune system more healthy and active. But surely a better immune system will help to not get infected from Coronavirus. It may reduce the intensity or duration of the illness if you get infected. An important point here is to not rely on supplements even if the studies have proven them beneficial for the immune system; it’s always a better choice to take nutrition and Herbs which come naturally.
  • A high dose of Vitamin C is recommended for starters, it will be beneficial and don’t have any side effects. Recently I have come to know about Liposomal Vitamin C Which is high in vitamin C and was recommended by some doctors.
  • Use other nutrition to boost the immune system has some antiviral properties too zinc, garlic, Olive leaves, and astragalus is one of them.
  • I studied many articles on infectious diseases written by senior doctors. They informed us that people having overweight issues can have chances to get Coronavirus if compared with persons having a normal weight. So it’s a high recommendation for those people who are overweight they should make their best efforts to reduce it down. In the current scenario, almost all bars and restaurants are closed. It is a good time for eating and developing healthy food habits.

Healthy Food to Coronavirus

  • Because the restaurants and cafes are closed so here is another thing you wanna grab, check this website This will enable you to make tasty and healthy foods at home which will help you to lose extra fat
  • The people having smoking habits can easily be infected from Coronavirus, as this virus attacks on your lungs. So it’s the best time you quit smoking.
  • People with type 2 diabetes and are on insulin resistance can face severe complications from this virus so they need to take precautions very seriously. They can get all the information about how you can reverse type 2 diabetes.

The Latest USA Report on Coronavirus

The US has reported until April 09, 2020, 16.56 GMT Coronavirus cases 449.555 with death 15, 826 and recovered 24,562. The situation can get worse only if this virus keeps spreading but we should realize that the infected and the deaths of the people happened are a very tiny percentage of our overall population, as sunnier weather is about to come which will improve people’s immune system. Also, a major slow down for this virus growth and reproduction will be observed.

In the end, I must say to stay calm and don’t panic, Take all the precautions and avoid going into crowded places.  Go outdoors and expose yourself to sunlight and breathe fresh air. Try to think about how this time is best for you to cut off all and applying healthy habits.

Keep spreading this good message to your friends and family and ask them to share it with everyone.

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