Success Stories of Famous Celebrities Who Are Great Examples

Famous Celebrities Who Are Great Examples of Success and Effort

by Shamsul
Harry Potter
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Famous Celebrities Who Are Great Examples of Success and Effort


“Never Give Up” is a great saying. It is a common Cliché phrase everyone hears in life. However, success never comes without effort. It requires sacrifices at different stages of a professional career. We know it is hard to believe, but several people set real-life examples. Would you like to see these names? Success stories of these famous people are present to inspire their followers. Many people know the names of J.K Rowling, Stephen King, and Sarah Jessica, but we will list others. These are household names. Rejection after rejection discourages everyone. It is tough to continue with life having frequent rejections from different fields. Whether it is a professional or personal life, we must remember these people’s success stories to “Never Give Up.”

J.K Rowling’s Success Stories

"Never Give Up" is a great saying. Success stories of these famous people are present to inspire the followers. Many big names are here.
J.K Rowling

 J.K Rowling is a popular name, and everyone knows her for Harry Potter. However, no one knows that she has a tough past. She faced household as well as professional failures in life. Recently, she got divorced and is now living as an independent. She was a poor woman who tried hard to get “The Philosopher’s Stone” and “Harry Potter” published. Surprisingly, the Harry Potter novel was rejected by dozens of publishers in London. Finally, it was accepted for publication by Bloomsbury, a small business publisher in London. The most exciting point about this acceptance was that it was a second chance by the publisher because Bloomsbury CEO’s younger daughter liked the novel and asked his father to let it be displayed.


Stephen King Success Stories

Novelist Stephen King walks outside a court on the day he testifies in an antitrust case against a publisher merger, at the U.S. District Court in Washington, U.S., August 2, 2022. REUTERS/Tom Brenner

Most people know that Stephen King struggled hard in his life. He was broken and tired after writing a few novels. He lived in a small tent (trailer house) with his wife (also a writer), and they used to work different part-time jobs to run the family. They were poor and had clothes in bad condition. His first story was “The Glass Floor,” which was rejected at least 60 times by different publishing houses. “I never give up because I know that each rejection is a nail in the wood, and it will provide support to climb up,” King said. He sold “The Glass Floor” for only $35. The academic world knows Stephen King for “Carrie, ” a best-selling book. This book also received multiple rejections.


Jim Carrey Success Stories

Jim Carrey

Jim was only 14 years old when his father lost his job. This was a tough time for Jim’s family. He started to write some comedy stories. He sent his first story resume to The Carroll Burnett Show while he was working at a factory after finishing school. This was to make money necessary for him and his family.

At the age of 15, Jim got his first comedy performance chance on stage. In this show, he was underrated because of his poor clothing. At the age of 16 years, he decided to leave school forever and focus on comedy acting. He shifted to Los Angles, where he spent the nights in Mulholland Park. In L.A, he got his first hit job as a comedian with Dumb and Dumber. This was the start of his successful career in the industry.


Tyler Perry Success Stories

Tyler Perry

Tyler had a tough childhood. He was kicked out of the school, physically and sexually abused, and decided to give up when he was a preteen. He committed suicide twice at the age of 22. Soon after recovering from the shocks, he moved to Atlanta, where he did some odd jobs.

In 1992, Tyler produced “I Know I’ve Been Changed,” a small theatre show. This show was about his childhood. He invested all his savings in this show, but the result was miserable. The show failed; only 30 people bought the tickets in three weeks. He produced more shows without losing hope. To find money for shows, he worked as a part-time laborer in different construction companies. After seven rounds of failure, Tyler got her first successful show, making him a popular director, actor, and writer. In 2011, Forbes named him among the “Highest Paid Men” in the industry.


Sarah Jessica Parker Success Stories

Sarah Jessica Parker

 Sarah was born in rural Ohio, where her family used to work in coal mines. Her mother divorced when she was only 2 years old. Soon after, her mother remarried a truck driver. Sarah started to act in different dancing, and acting shows to support her mother. She had eight siblings, so a family of ten persons.

Despite hard times, Sarah’s mother never let her down. She always encouraged her to continue with dancing and acting. Later on, the family shifted to Cincinnati where she got admission to a Theater School of music and ballet dancing. She gave her first audition at the age of 11 for a Broadway Play in New York during a family visit to this city. Surprisingly, Sarah and her brother were selected for the show, and the family decided to settle in New York permanently. Sex and the City is a famous example of her work in top Hollywood TV shows and movies.


Colonel (Harland) Sanders Success Stories

Colonel (Harland) Sanders

Sanders had a nasty working record. He was fired from several companies and services for different reasons. Finally, he started his own chicken frying business at a gas station in 1930 at the age of 40. This was the time of the great depression. The gas station was not a prominent place, so Sanders used to serve the guests in small living quarters.

For next year, Sanders improved his chicken frying method with the help of a “secret recipe” and pressure cooking technique. He decided to start a business in different areas. Food Critic Duncan Hines praised the quality and taste of his fried chicken even in the media; he was getting famous. In 1950, his restaurant was closed due to road construction, leaving him with no hope. No doubt, he had a pension of $105 per month, but it was not enough to spend a month. He tried hard to find a partner who could invest in a new restaurant business with his secret recipe. At least 1000 restaurants or persons rejected him before he finally managed to get his partner.


Shania Twain Success Stories

Shania Twain

Shania’s parents separated when she was only two. After the divorce, she saw his father only a couple of times in life. Her mother and stepfather could not make enough to support the growing family. At the young age of 8 years, Shania started to sing songs in a local bar. This gave her some extra money to support her life.

She remembers how her mother supported her in her singing career. Unfortunately, her mother and stepfather died in a roadside accident when she was only 21 years old. She quit singing to take care of the family of 3 younger siblings. After some time, she started singing again in some resorts to make money. She moved to Nashville when her younger brother completed high school.


Emily Blunt Success Stories

Emily Blunt

We have known her for different movies and Golden Globe awards. She played on stage as well as on the big screen. Do you know Emily had a bad stutter in her childhood? “I was a smart kid and had so much to say but I was unable to speak due to a bad stutter,” she told W Magazine. “It would haunt me, and I thought I would never be able to speak, sit and talk to anybody in my life,” she added.

However, this changed when her Junior school teachers encouraged her to participate in a school show. “This was very unappealing for me, but my teachers pressed me to do it with the help of different accents, and it worked,” Blunt told the magazine. With the passage of time, she corrected the stutter and became a successful speaker letting her pursue her career in the industry.


Oprah Winfrey Success Stories

Oprah Winfrey

 As you know, she is not slim and attractive like most of Hollywood actresses, but she has something special in her personality. In early childhood, she faced massive criticism for her figure and weight, especially racism. However, this was nothing for her because she wanted to achieve her dreams in life.

Her childhood was not a pleasure because some relatives frequently molested her. She was molested by her uncle, a cousin, and a family friend. At the age of 14, she became pregnant and gave birth to a baby who passed away after two weeks. She finished high school and got a college scholarship. She also started to work for television as an anchor in Nashville. This is her inspiring story that forces others to never give up even if the conditions are not favorable and people around you are unfriendly. After having a successful career as a news anchor, she started her own network in Nashville. This local network became international after a few years, giving her a big name in the industry.     


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