Strategy Implementation for Better Performance and Competitive Advantage

by Shamsul
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Strategy Implementation for Better Performance and Competitive Advantage


Meaning and Steps

Strategy Implementation is a process that involves translating selected strategies into organizational moves to obtain strategic objectives and goals. It is a method in which an organization must utilize, combine, and develop an organizational framework and trends to follow strategies. As a result, these factors lead to better performance and competitive advantage.

Organizational structure plays a huge role in developing roles and tasks for the employees. It is necessary to correlate tasks and roles in order to enhance customer satisfaction, quality of the products, and efficiency. But, it is not enough to motivate the workers. It requires an organizational control system. It plays a big part in motivating employees. Organizational structure is also referring to beliefs, norms, and attitudes shared by groups and members of the organization. The following are some important steps that play a huge role in implementing a strategy.

  • For strategy implementation, developing an organization is a must.
  • Distribution of resources to strategically-important activities.
  • Developing policies that encourage strategy.
  • For regular growth, utilize the best programs and policies.
  • Building incentive structure to increase the success rate.
  • Utilizing strategic leadership.

Strategy Implementation

If the strategy is excellent, but its implementation is not exemplary, you can’t achieve success. Moreover, strategy implementation is not achievable without the stability of organizational dimensions and strategy as mentioned above.

There are some chances that strategy implementation may pose some threats to managers and employees. Thus, the employees and managers can employ conflict behavior with any change in status, roles, and beliefs. There are so many other things like formal and informal groups, beliefs, attitudes, and values that are also important in implementing a strategy.


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