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by Shamsul
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Stop Spreading Coronavirus

World health organization (WHO) has issued some recommendations for people against coronavirus exposure and spreading/ transmission.

How the Coronavirus Spreads!

Research on Coronavirus is still in progress, but scientists assume that the COVID-19 virus spreads with coughing and sneezing droplets.

When a person who is infected coughs or sneezes this virus travels by droplets of mucus released in the air. Individuals sitting in the surrounding can get affected by direct inhaling or by landing those infected droplets on their skin. Also, this virus can be transferred by touching infected hands on the face. According to some hospitals, 6 feet radius is the area in which a person can get infected by the virus source.

This Coronavirus can also be transferred while traveling on a bus or sitting on a school desk if you came in contact with an infected surface. As still study on COVID-19 is ongoing so the life cycle of this is assumed from hours to months.

How to safeguard yourself and others from Coronavirus

  • Wash your hands in running water while applying the soap and make sure you rub your hands continuously for 20 seconds. Then clean your hand with a dry towel.
  • While sneezing and coughing cover your mouth with a tissue, then make sure that you dispose of that issue in the bin.  If tissue is not available then use your elbow for coughing and sneezing but avoid using your hands. This will help to restrict the expansion of Coronavirus.
  • Face masks also safeguard you from infected liquid droplets by inhaling. But they fail to block smaller particles which can easily pass through from the material of the mask. Additionally, they do not cover eyes and there is some evidence that people have received this infection from their eyes.
  • Seek medical attention if you are having a cough, fever or difficulty while breathing. Also, you need to share your traveling history with the medical staff to stop spreading the Coronavirus.
  • If you need to visit livestock markets then try to avoid direct or unprotected contact with animals or with the surfaces which remain in contact with animals.
  • If you have visited the affected area then you may stay at home for at least 14 days and avoid contact with the people. In c case, you have developed a cough, runny nose, temperature or sore throat you should not leave your home until you receive any medical advice.

These actions certainly will be helpful to stop spreading the (COVID-19) Coronavirus.

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