Side Effects – CBD Users Are Reporting

by Shamsul
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Side Effects CBD Users Are Reporting

The USA legalized the use of hemp (cannabis that contains lesser than 0.3% of THC, the psychoactive component in marijuana). Since then, it has been increasingly used in a variety of medications. CBD, or cannabinoids, has gained rapid popularity, offering significant health-related benefits. With claims of CBD having revolutionary health benefits in treating chronic pain and several other symptoms and diseases. However, with several small types of research underway, there is very little clinical proof of the benefits of CBD, whichever form it may be used in. This leads the arguments to its possible side effects on those who are using it.  

It is important to mention at this point that since the benefits have yet to be proven, there is also no solid proof of its side effects, and the component is in the initial stages of being researched currently. CBD side effects have been medically divided into three types:

1- The general side effects that are noticeable at some point by all.

2- Side effects are caused when CBD is taken in high quantities.

3- Side effects appear by taking substandard CBD products.


General Side Effects Of CBD

The general side effects or risks associated with CBD include

1- Digestive system-related issues, including diarrhea and loss of appetite

2- Changes in mental alertness or feeling of drowsiness

3- Mood swings such as agitation and irritability


Side Effects of Taking Higher Quantities of CBD

Some patients may use higher doses of CBD for a more extended period of time. Besides having severe long-term health risks and side effects, the higher dosage of CBD is ineffective in treating the symptom or diseases. A study revealed that when CBD is most effective when taken in the right dose, higher or lower than the appropriate dosage, it tends to make its healing properties ineffective. Intake of higher CBD doses poses the following side effects

1- Liver failure

2- Severe reactions occur when interacting with other medications occur

3- Internal injuries when mixed with depressants or alcohol


Side Effects Associated With the Use Of Sub Standard CBD Products

Substandard CBD products are referred to as products that are unreliable due to 1) the use of heavy metals and pesticides as wrong farming procedures in the harvesting of cannabis, 2) products containing a higher level of THC than recommended or allowed, 3) constitution of synthetic cannabinoids, and 4) holds other contaminants, e.g., bacteria, mold, etc.

In such a case, the health benefits and side effects of using such a product are unimaginable and can pose serious threats to the user.

An example is of using a CBD product that contains higher levels of THC may cause

1- Anxiety and paranoia

2- Dryness of the mouth

3- Redness and dryness in eyes

4- Increase in appetite

5- Lethargy and sleepiness

6- Impaired memory


Final Words

CBD is a safe product when prepared following the guidelines of the FDA. The side effects mentioned here are possible outcomes of the ingredients present in most Cannabidiol products and their impact on the human body. When used safely, CBD is the best cannabis-based product to use, compared to other components of cannabinoids. Since it is still being researched, we can expect a lot of new findings related to its health benefits and side effects in the future.


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